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Our Milo hates taking baths! Hes a border collie mix and absolutely refuses to hop in the tub. Hes prone to dry skin and normally has a lot of dandruff. We came across Mousse Bath Bar and their Bath Shots and saw they used all-natural ingredients that are also good for dogs! (Make sure you do your research because so far weve only checked some!)

We poured a bath and fought Milo hand and foot to get into the tub, but finally got him in! We poured Mousses Bath Shots into the tub which gave off an incredibly soothing and relaxing scent. Milo instantly calmed down and allowed us to bath him! His first time allowing us to do so in 6 years!

We pulled him out of the tub, towel dryed him off, then used a cool air hairdryer to finish drying his coat.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! He no longer has dandruff and his coat is incredibly silky smooth! Although Mousse Bath Bar doesnt advise their products are good for dogs, we saw the all-natural non-harmful ingredients and decided to give it a try and boy were we pleased with the results!