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Final Fantasy XI Online is an information resouce fan site all about the MMORPG from Square-Enix: Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI is set on the world of Vana'diel which stands on the brink of war. Three nations united against an all powerful enemy, the beastmen. Final Fantasy XI is the first of the Final Fantasy series to be totally online. There is no offline game, it is a true MMORPG with every bit of Final Fantasy that there is. Create your own character and choose its race, choose a job and start making your way through Vana'diel. Final Fantasy XI is playable on both the PC and the PlayStation 2 allowing for a huge number of players on both platforms. What are you waiting for, get into the game today!

Final Fantasy XI features:Create a customized character from a host of physical attributes and jobsExperience missions by yourself or join up with other party members to form alliancesExplore the incredibly vast environments that make up Vana'dielConnect and communicate whether playing on a PlayStation2 computer entertainment system or a PCAside from PlayOnline Viewer, players can use PlayOnline Chat and PlayOnline Mail

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postedJuly 25, 2021 9:52 AM EDT ( )
You can now submit your FFXI Guide to us on our Add Guide page. Special rewards for unique and thorough guides. Please submit your personal work only, do not copy someone else's guide.

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