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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has become more popular over the past few years thanks to its resilience, durability, and versatile options especially in Industrial spaces. Epoxy flooring and similar concrete coatings are more durable than concrete and concrete paint and require less maintenance then traditional flooring types!

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Warehouse floors can be exposed to more chemicals, foot traffic, and heavy machinery than anywhere else; therefore it is crucial for them to have high durability. Epoxy flooring is ideal for these areas as it is the best rated flooring option in many industrial spaces! It is easy to maintain, simple to clean, chemical resistant, and above all else super durable.

Food and Beverage Epoxy Flooring

Food and beverage processing plants need to be as clean as possible; making epoxy flooring the best possible solution for its cost efficiency, appeal, non-slip characteristics, and overall durability for high traffic areas! Make the switch to epoxy flooring so that you can focus on what really matters!

Auto Manufacturing Epoxy Floor

Car manufacturers need durable, lasting floors that won't cause accidents or harm to those walking on it. Epoxy flooring is a good option for this application. Not only auto manufacturing but repair shops and showrooms can also benefit from concrete coatings as well making your space more functional, easy to clean, and more appealing!

Food Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring

Food manufacturing areas need to be extremely clean. A food factory worker may have to walk on the flooring for hours at a time, so it needs to be durable, long lasting, and won't break down. Our epoxy floor coatings are meant to be easily cleaned and provide your business a better flooring solution so that you can focus on business. Give us a call today for more information!

Electronics Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring

With all of the employees and components that are being used in electronics production areas your manufacturing area needs durability, safety, and appeal. Therefore, Epoxy flooring is the best choice for your business! Our concrete coatings will not chip away, crack, or be difficult to clean!

Server Room Flooring

Server rooms need to be clean and safe and static free. The importance of Server Room operations warrants the use of the best floor coatings available. Epoxy flooring is the best option for server rooms and similar businesses due to their anti-static nature and ease of maintenance.

Cannabis Industry Epoxy Flooring

Cannabis Industry leaders all agree that epoxy flooring is the best choice for their businesses flooring. Cannabis growers and sellers are always looking for effective ways to protect their floors too, and by using epoxy in your grow, distribution, or retail outlet you can easily protect your product, flooring, and provide appeal to employees and customers.

Medical Industry Flooring

Hospitals and nursing homes need to be clean and require a highly durable flooring option. As these are high traffic areas with constant movement and heavy equipment being moved often medical facilities are in need of a durable flooring option. Epoxy flooring provides a durable, long lasting option that is easy to clean compared to traditional flooring.




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Epoxy flooring can be used as a decorative or functional coating for cement and concrete in any Industrial, commercial, or residential space. There are a number of different kinds and types of epoxy used for various purposes. Epoxy floor coatings can be used as an added protective layer against chemicals, oil spills, stains, cracks, and more. It is extremely easy to clean making it great flooring when you need durability!

Epoxy Flooring

There are several types of metallic epoxy colors that can be applied to floors... There really is no limit! They all provide a way to create long lasting durable floor with a great metallic sheen making it the perfect addition to any commercial space! Metallic Epoxy is a great option for people looking to add a little character to their spaces.

Epoxy Flooring

Flake epoxy floor coatings are a textured version of epoxy floors. This means it is more durable, but not only that the flake in Epoxy Flooring can add a little bit of pop to any floor. It also provides an anti-skid surface so people don't have to worry about slipping and falling on your new epoxy floors.


Concrete resurfacing is a great option for people looking to add functionality and beauty to their existing concrete floors. This process involves removing up to 1/4 inch, cleaning the flooring deeply, priming it with an adhesive, applying your top layer of choice and letting it cure before applying any traffic. You can apply any of the concrete micro toppings available for any area!

Epoxy Flooring

Industrial areas are extremely hard on flooring. It is very easy for industrial areas to wear out their flooring quickly, but with epoxy floors you can easily add a protective layer making it easier to clean and maintain. In addition to this, epoxy floors also offer anti-skid properties so people won't slip and fall when walking on them! Epoxy Flooring is a great option here!

Commercial & Retail
Epoxy Flooring

Commercial and retail areas like food establishments, bars, restaurants, and more need durable long lasting flooring. Epoxy Flooring is the perfect option for this application; we can use different top coats of commercial epoxy flooring to make it easier to clean or add a little color while still keeping the toughness you need!

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