Software for cleaning companies, attendance management personnel

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Software for cleaning companies, attendance management personnel



Serdata, Software for cleaning companies

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Management Control

Management Control

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Waste Material Management

Ecology - Waste Material Management

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Financial statement

Index financial statement analysis

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New software

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Project Informatica Srl

Project S.r.l. is a company situated in Brescia and operating since many years into supplying of software, being outstanding and specializing in particular as for detection and personnel management. The firm was borne 23rd January 1993 for the will of a group of people having in the past different experiences in this sector.
Project S.r.l. was borne at the beginning as software house only, now they are able to provide their customers a range of services which are essential for the business management.

Among the products of excellence, it stands SER_DATA, as it provides to cleaning firms an ideal software from each point of view. Besides, also MIO, a powerful attendance detector tool fitting for any business need.

Project S.r.l. has also at his disposal external consultants allowing to work in different sectors than the usual ones.

Organization of the software

Serdata is a system allowing to develop with absolute quiet your company, as it is one of the best software for cleaning firms. It is a supplemented solution that, together with the computer, allows the management of cleaning firms in all its aspects, as accurately and fast as possible.

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PROJECT Mobile – It is the best solution that will allow to check your moving operators, in the safest and easiest way.
Through an Android iPhone smartphone, at their first enter your operators will have to certify themselves with data provided by the personnel department.

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Gare d'Appalto

Software for tenders allows you to develop sophisticated budgets for public entities but also for offices and small companies. Inside it is possible to find 2500 yields of cleaning firms processed by 20-years-experienced companies in the sector.

Software Gare d'Appalto »

Gestione Rifiuti

The software that we introduce manages any waste materials and their disposal, household waste, USED, SPECIAL, TOXIC AND HARMFUL OILS. As below an example of utilization of our software for waste materials.

Software Gestione Rifiuti »

Rilevazione Presenze

Attendance detection is one of the main points for a service company, as a good check of attendances allows to reach these following aims: Optimizing the time that the operators utilize saving money but in particular optimizing your time

Software Rilevazione Presenze »

Controllo di Gestione

Management control is a powerful tool that allows you to enter into the folds of the balance, extract data and divide them into subsections that, read individually, allow you to understand the real trend of your company.

Software Controllo di Gestione »

Analisi di Bilancio

The financial statement activity providing the extraction and the incorporation of the balance data through formulas with which it is possible to carry out surveys to get information about the management and the company

Software Analisi di Bilancio »


Serdata is a system allowing to develop with absolute quiet your company, as it is one of the best software for cleaning firms. It is a supplemented solution that, together with the computer, allows the management of cleaning firms in all its aspects, as accurately and fast as possible. In this way, the entrepreneur gets always in real time all up-to-dated data concerning his activity, in order to be acquainted with the health of his company. It is very simple to utilize, and besides it does not require software or hardware knowledge, as we provide with a complete training course by your firm.

It works in the network, allowing to connect different offices simultaneously using simply a MODEM. It is besides tele-assisted, so that probable corrections or updating of the programme in any part of Italy are possible

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MIO is an attendance detector that can be utilized in two different ways:

1) It can be provided directly to the worker
2) It can be fixed to wall in the yard

In the first case, a transponder will be installed. A detector will read it at worker’s entrance and exit. In the second case, the worker has got a smart card to clock in and to clock out.

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Project S.r.l, Attendance management personnel

Via M. d'Azeglio, 17 - 25128 Brescia (IT)
Tel.: +39.348.2266171 / +39.030.390495 - Fax: +39.030.3387812

P.IVA / C.F. 3215910179 - Numero REA 343401
Indirizzo PEC - Capitale sociale versato Euro 15.300,00 €
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