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All blogs Acne Aging Pigmentation Rosacea 4-n-butylresorcinol Vitamin A


Acne Menopause Pigmentation Perimenopause Rosacea Sensitive Skin

One size does not fit all

Every skin is unique and great skin starts with knowing your skin type. Get comfortable in your own skin by taking our quiz and find out which products are best suited to care for your skin.

Personalise your skincare

Ultimate A

Vitamins A and B. High strength. Effortlessly improves skin texture and tone for skin that is soft smooth and supple. Also effective in managing acne.

Read more

Driven by evidence and proven results

We worked with doctors, dermatologists and scientists to formulate and manufacture a range of skin care products based on the best available published scientific evidence.

Our philosophy

Want better skin?

Use evidence skincare

ESK’s Australian-made skincare products have been formulated using evidence-based ingredients to effectively repair and slow down skin aging while managing a range of common skin concerns.

Evidence-based Backed by customers Made in Australia Cruelty-free

Product highlights

19 reviews

Teenage Acne Kit

¥1,151 ¥1,277 ¥673 ¥747 56 reviews

Rosacea Skincare Kit - Anti Redness

¥1,192 ¥1,325 ¥598 ¥665 25 reviews

Ageless: Microneedle Patches

¥170 ¥608 33 reviews

C Forte

¥413 ¥198 131 reviews

Mature Skin Anti-Aging Kit

¥1,603 ¥1,781 ¥802 ¥891 76 reviews

Ultimate A

¥456 ¥228

Browse by regimen

Skin Quiz

Great skin starts by using the right products tailored for your skin. Discover how you can personalise your skincare kit with ease.

Take the quiz





'Normal' Skin

Dry Skin

Oil control




Menopause Kit

After menopause, your mature skin becomes drier, rougher and more delicate. The result? Hello itchy skin, feeling sensitive to everything and dry patches along with more fine lines and wrinkles. Well, luckily, this kit has you covered! We’ve carefully crafted this bundle with evidence-based ingredients, to renew and restore your skin!

Wake up with brighter, glowing and younger skin.Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet.Hydrate and repair your skin. ¥2,141 ¥2,380 ¥1,147 ¥1,273

Our philosophy

Driven by evidence and proven results

When you're looking to buy skincare, you want a product range that priorities quality, effective ingredients without the need for bells and whistles. At ESK, our approach to skincare is based on a simple philosophy – Evidence and Integrity. We worked with doctors, dermatologists and scientists, to create a skincare product range that was evidence based, effective, easy to use and ethical.

We are committed to using only ingredients which have been scientifically proven to be effective in protecting, nourishing, targeting and repairing signs of ageing, acne, rosacea and managing sensitive skin.

The result is an evidence-based skincare range that works without the hype. So, for a product range that simply works, shop ESK skincare online today.

About ESK & Dr Ginni

On the blog

September Science Wrap 2022

5 Years of ESK

Women’s Health Week 2022

Body acne: What is it & how to treat it?

August Science Wrap 2022

The Acne TikTok hacks you should scroll past!

How to tackle hormonal acne

Acne eBook

July Science Wrap Up 2022

Science Wrap Up June 2022

Your ultimate guide to that PIMPLE

How to get rid of shaving rash

As seen in...

Ready? Let's go shopping!

Buy ESK skincare online

For the best range of skincare with proven results, shop ESK’s product range today. Buy online and get free delivery on purchases over $50AUD in Australia, New Zealand and United States. Spend over $250AUD for free international delivery.

Shop at ESK online store

Customer reviews

Before After

Anika S

Spotless: Microneedle Patches

Really enjoyed these acne microneedle patches! I always have random breakouts so I will definitely will be carrying these around for those emergency breakouts...

Before After

Emma S

Spotless: Microneedle Patches

I absolutely loved spotless patches!! I get some super stubborn hormonal acne and adding spotless as an additional product was perfect in my regime! I saw immediate results overnight, major reduction to size and colour. I loved how easy and unnoticeable they are!!

Before After

Braydon R

Spotless: Microneedle Patches

Results after 1 application.

Before After

Jade B

Spotless: Microneedle Patches

I noticed a massive difference in the redness and protrusion of my pimple. It make the breakout completely flat against my skin and heal way faster than my pimples usually do! Usually the bump from a pimple is raised for a while, but spotless made the bump go back to normal overnight.

Before After

Kim C

Hydroxy Cleanser, C Serum Lite, Zinc Shade, Smooth Serum, Ultimate A, Pigmentation Kit, Mature Skin Anti-Aging Kit, Mature Lighten & Tighten Kit

"I've been using the pigmentation products for a month now, I'm very happy with the results, my brown spots have certainly faded, my overall skin is looking much better, and I'm looking forward to even greater results as I continue on using this fabulous skin care regime. I love the way my skin feels after each use and my makeup glides on to give a nice dewy effect which I haven't been able to achieve for some time. I'm feeling more confident in being able to reduce my makeup usage overall."

Before After


Ageless: Microneedle Patches

ESK eye patch trial. Super easy to use. Once applied the patch blends in well against the skin. I applied the patch at night after my normal evening skincare routine (using ESK 4 & 5+) and left it until morning. As a 60 year old with sun damaged skin, I found this product to be brilliant with noticeable results to skin tone and pigmentation after the 12 day trial.

(Part of a user trial prior to launch)

Before After


Ageless: Microneedle Patches

Please find attached my before and after pics for the patch review. Left eye before, right eye after 12 days of every second day applying a patch to my under eye.

I found the patches easy to use and I think they added more moisture to the fine skin under my eye.
They made the under eye more plump and my dark circle didn’t seem so dark.
Thanks for the opportunity to try these, I love trying your new creations.

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