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Your Gateway to Successful Crypto Investing

Community Members: 2,500+Projects Supported: 230+Average 2021 Peak ROI: 40xBuy BD TokenLaunch App

Why do I need $BDT?

BlackDragon token ($BDT) is the backbone of our community-based fundraising platform. It will grant you access to our fundraising platform that will provide you exceptional user experience with no gas wars. Through the platform, we provide our users with a fair pro-rata allocation model, which is based on the percentage of tokens staked.

Buy BDTLock your BDT to get guaranteed ProRata allocationInvest and have fun
Enter The Dragon

How to join?

To become a part of the BlackDragon community, and gain access to our platform, you need to buy and hold the corresponding amount of BlackDragon tokens (BDT) shown below:

White Dragon250+BD TokensAccess to 60% of DealsGreen Dragon1,000+BD TokensAccess to 90% of DealsYellow Dragon5,000+BD TokensAccess to 95% of DealsBlack Dragon10,000+BD TokensAccess to 100% of DealsBuy BD TokenLaunch App

Why BlackDragon?

Unique Platform

Exclusive access to early-stage deals, high-level discussions, actionable information, and research reports provided by our dedicated team.

Fair Allocation System

No more gas wars. Our pro-rata system guarantees members access to deals and allocation sizing based strictly on how many BlackDragon tokens (BDT) you hold.

Strong Community

Our community is the foundation of everything we do. It’s a space for serious investors looking to share insights and learn from each other in a supportive environment.

An Innovative Investing Platform

The BlackDragon App

Premium UX/UI paired with minimal transaction fees is what makes investing via BlackDragon a truly seamless experience.

Buy BD TokenLaunch App


Kudos to the BD team on the platform! Love being able to see my contributions, available raises, pledges etc…


The platform looks and feels great. Awesome job guys!

Diablo | $ARRR

Yeah, I can say the platform is much better than using Discord. Looking forward to pledging, contributing, and pledging on the platform from now on. Amazing work team!


Perfect thanks! finally migrated. PDFs on the docs page helped a lot and the platform looks sick. Great job guys!


Just earlier I contributed for the first time using the platform. Very smooth, very well done team!


Awesome! Got it in through the platform. The SWAP worked like a charm, got xUSDT in seconds, and it only cost me 20$ in fees. Thanks a lot for this workaround!

Benny B

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