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So what about the contact book?

Posted on by Joanna3

If I were a smart journalist just making my way in the industry, I’d be trying to find a way to distinguish myself from my peers – something to give me a competitive edge.

With all this talk about journalists embracing digital media, I’d start having a look at where – up to this point – technology hadn’t much impacted on what I was being told about journalism. By finding this, and by exploiting it with new digital ideas, I might find a good way to make a name for myself.

So… what would I choose if I was a reporter now?

Well, I think it would be the contact book. We are all told when we’re starting out that one of the most important thing for a journalist to do is build up their contact book. Nowadays, we’re also told about building up our social media profile too.

But, whilst it’s immensely useful having a lot of interesting people following you on Twitter, the most effective thing about a contact book is that you can contact the right people directly when you need them.

So, if I were a smart journalist trying to build up my contacts, I’d first read up on the basics of the Data Protection Act.

Then I’d start trying to understand how to use a database. I’d develop a way for both me and other people to add to it. If I’ve had a great conversation or got information from someone on social media, I’d politely ask if they give me their email address so we could stay in touch. I’d also ask them if I could drop them a line every so often to let them know what I’m working on.

I’d try and add fields of key words that would mean I could search for relevant people later (even if I’ve forgotten their names).

I’d also figure out how I create email lists out of this database, so when I need to I can contact a range of people who may know something about a topic I’m writing about.

I’d realise this whole process was an utter pain in the arse but, in the long term, what i’m doing is establishing long-term direct contact with potential sources. It would also give me something that a lot of journalists don’t have and brands will potentially pay a lot of money for: a large, direct-contact database. That’s something that could give me the competitive edge in tracking down the right person for my story in the future. It could, done right, also give me one of the most organised, useful contact books in the industry.

Which has to be useful… right?

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Rupert Murdoch quotes

Posted on by Joanna6

Over the years I’ve read an awful lot of things about the future of newspapers in a digital age… and I mean an AWFUL lot.

Every so often though, someone utters a nugget that chimes so clearly with me that it lodges in my brain and becomes part of the structure of my own arguments and thoughts on the topic.

I realised today that two examples of these are from Rupert Murdoch.

They are:

“I can’t tell you how many papers I have visited where they have a wall of journalism prizes – and a rapidly declining circulation. This tells me the editors are producing news for themselves – instead of news that is relevant to their customers. A news organization’s most important asset is the trust it has with its readers – a bond that reflects the readers’ confidence that editors are looking out for their needs and interests.”

— Rupert Murdoch Before the Federal Trade Commission’s Workshop: ”From Town Crier to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?” [PDF]
December 1, 2009


“What I worry about much more is our ability to make the necessary cultural changes to meet the new demands. As I said earlier, what is required is a complete transformation of the way we think about our product. Unfortunately, however, I believe too many of us editors and reporters are out of touch with our readers. Too often, the question we ask is “Do we have the story? rather than “Does anyone want the story?”

— Speech by Rupert Murdoch to the American Society of Newspaper Editors
April 13, 2005

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Arduino-powered subscription bell

Posted on by Joanna2

It chimes every time someone buys an online subscription to The Times.

It was built by Peter MacRobert from News International‘s R&D Lab. Peter explains a bit more about how it works in the video below:

“The subscription ringer is an Arduino circuit developed in the News International R&D lab. The battery-powered circuit polls an API regularly via a Wifly wireless shield. When the daily subscription count has increased it pulses a solenoid against a bicycle bell.”

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links for 2011-09-26

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Achieving Sustained Cost Reduction – Brad Power – Harvard Business Review(tags: shared)Dagbladet Information launches crowd-sourced think tank – Editors Weblog(tags: shared)New Statesman – The path to "ethical journalism" starts hereIt should be a source of shame that big online publishers — including one of the biggest, the Mail Online- – are as a matter of course not linking to sources.(tags: journalism hhldn ethics)Who does all the text messaging? Young adults by far.(tags: shared)A network infrastructure for journalists online | Online Journalism Blog(tags: shared)GeekWire » Four ideas from news geeks that all geeks should know about » GeekWire(tags: innovation, tools)
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Have you ever re-tweeted a link without reading it first?

Posted on by JoannaReply
OK, be honest, who here has ever re-tweeted a link on Twitter based on the headline and without actually reading the article it links to?timesjoannaSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna may or may not have done that once or twice!RobChesworthSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I have in the past, but am now more careful and read before retweeting.iantilsedSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna nope, never. I only retweet if I think it’s an unmissable article – difficult to gauge from a headline, regardless of source.CCDigitalSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I will sometimes retweet if I like the look of the article and trust the source before actually reading it in full.niltiacSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I genuinely don’t think I ever have. Definitely before fully reading it thoughDRMacIverSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I bookmark many links in twitter favourites file to read later.garethoconnorSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I make a point to make sure the link is good before retweeting. And I do either read the article or star them to be read later.niltiacSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna When training people in writing for social media I always stress the importance of describing the content in the tweet…..sookioSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna …otherwise they have no reason to open it, read it or share it. People will RT on the strength of text alone.sookioSeptember 26, 2011Do I do it? I admit I have been known to retweet @timesnewsdesk without checking the link – especially if they’re breaking a story.timesjoannaSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Matt Drudge – the mother of all retweeters – puts links up much faster than he could have read themTomWhitwellSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Never with one exception: opting in to @TheNextWeb’s function for Twitter news #retweetinglinkssuellewellynSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I’ve retweeted more than than once based on a headline!jackyhoodSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna not without at least skimming itcatnipSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Sometimes, but only if I know the person tweeting has a reliable track record of posting solid stories.BigTastyBurgerSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I very very seldom retweet without reading (usu. trusted source). Virtually always I’ll read thoroughly before RTing.ElrikMerlinSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Yes, sometimes – but only If I’m sure the source wouldn’t link to garbage..johnhenrySeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I very very seldom retweet without reading (usu. trusted source). Virtually always I’ll read thoroughly before RTing.ElrikMerlinSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna perhaps once or twice when I was young and guileless.. especially if the comment tickled a funny bone. Or my wife asked me to.myphonedealsSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna YES! I trust the individual, recognise the validity of the story and happy to endorse their reputation, they posted orig tweet!MattWarrenerSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna No but I have retweeted a quote without checking it was genuine. Felt very embarrassed.nicgibbSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Never. No way. I’d always read the link first.jeremyheadSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna my biggest mistake, only read top part of article, retweeted, end of it had nasty content was notified deleted tweet right awayMaziSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I haven’t made the retweet without reading mistake for some time. I’d rather check it over first.Sarah_BookerSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I have occasionally if I trust the tweeter and I can read the URL – don’t tend to do it any more though – not good practicesleepydogSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna very rarely, but I have done it…patrickhadfieldSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I did it once and that @jonathanhaynes gave me a right telling off.malcolmcolesSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna all the time. of course.brianwhelanhackSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I do it all the timeSophieCamSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna guiltily, perhaps once or twice, from trusted sources. That’s bad I know!shellbrysonSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Puffles does it all the time, but only frm sources Puffles reasonably trusts & under House Rule 3 – 26, 2011@timesjoanna Yes. I felt shame.flashboySeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Yup, definitely guilty of thatkaty_birdSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna yeah I have – *shameface* – but from ‘good’ people if you see what I mean. I do generally go back and read afterPatrickRiotSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna yep guilty as charged! But usually know & trust authorLouiseTeboulSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna yes but only from trusted sources (eg newspapers etc)Petercampbell1September 26, 2011I have never done that @timesjoanna – which is why I always end up working late, I spend too much time reading articles!NeilSmallwoodSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Surely if anyone says they’ve never done that then they’re lyingpatrickjprSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Occasionally but usually only from trusted friends and with loose prior knowledge of the story, but trying to kill the habit.alexwaltersSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna Genuinely never. Will always at least have a cursory read to make sure it’s what I think it is, or looks a bit silly.katbrown82September 26, 2011@timesjoanna I have I fear. #smackwristMontagueBrenchSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna I haven’t, but I think it’s fairly common.JosephStashSeptember 26, 2011@richardtuffin @timesjoanna Sometimes because by the time I validate the article, I’ve lost the original tweet in my timeline.Wolfie_RankinSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna When I first started. Rapidly learned not to. Happens to me all the time tho. RTs happen within seconds of me tweeting.edyong209September 26, 2011@timesjoanna I haven’t, but I know many people do since I’ve had a lot of RTs on headlines with broken links on a work account before.minifigSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna It amazes me someone hasn’t taken advantage and done a rickroll.carolinehonourSeptember 26, 2011@timesjoanna You’re suppose to click on the links?

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