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Build A Vibrant Meditation Practice

Free eCourse with guided meditations to shift from stressed out to instant inner calm.

One Mind Meditation Podcast

Learn from world class teachers, scientists, visionaries,
doctors, guides, and experienced meditators.

Featured Episodes

OM103 – Filmmaker Sanjay Rawal On Meditation, Running, and Self Transcendence

Duration: 1:05:49

OM100: Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

Duration: 16:05

OM099 – Pt 2. Dr. Dan Brown Mahamudra Pointing Out The Great Way

Duration: 1:06:50

OM098 – Pt 1. Dan Brown PhD Mahamudra Pointing Out The Great Way

Duration: 36:57

OM096 Harnessing The Power of Intention & Creating A Virtuous Habit Loop

Duration: 25:56

OM095 – Early Mornings, Intermittent Fasting, And Tips To Propel Your Practice

Duration: 24:31

OM086 – Exploring Meditation with The Iceman, Wim Hof

Duration: 1 hr 21 mins

OM075: Dr. John Churchill on Mahamudra Meditation & A Vision For Enlightened Culture

Duration: 1:02:21

OM070: Dr. Richard Miller On Healing Emotional Trauma With iRest Meditation

Duration: 1:04:31

OM063: The Science & Psychology Of Flow States with Dr. Greg Cartin

Duration: 54:26

OM062: 95 Year Old Yogi On The Joys of Life, Death, & Meditation

Duration: 42:51

OM057: David Gelles, NYT Reporter and Author of Mindful Work

Duration: 41:13

OM038: Harvard’s Guide To Tai Chi with Dr. Peter Wayne

Duration: 51:30

OM029: How To Be 10% Happier with Bestselling Author Dan Harris

Duration: 35:09

OM028: How To Practice Basic Mindfulness with Julianna Raye

Duration: 1:01:46

Meditation Courses

Meditation For Life Mini Course

How To Meditate Core Training Program

The Problem Free Meditation System

Featured Articles

How to Enter into a Meditative State

Qigong Video: Try This at Your Desk

How to Achieve Deep Meditation

Meditation for Beginners: Jack Kornfield

5 Reasons You Might Fail At Meditation

A Hidden Well of Joy: Free Guided Meditation

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