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What is Loyal Casino?

Today, many casino websites exist that we have the chance to pick from. Online casino gaming has exploded in recent years, becoming one of the best ways to let loose, have fun, and have the chance to make some money at the same time. We know that you have many options to pick from. That’s why we highly recommend that you check out Loyal Casino.

Loyal Casino has become one of the most popular online platforms in the industry today. Unlike many fly-by-night competitors, Loyal Casino has a major following and has done for many years. The company was first launched in 2004, meaning it’s been an active part of the online casino industry for over 15 years. With that in mind, it’s become one of the most powerful online casino platforms in the industry today.

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Deposit €250, Play with €500 + 100 free spins

Powered using the impressive Swissgame platform, they offer you various online gaming options, as well as numerous live and virtual table games. They even include some specialist options that you simply will not find on your average online casino. Capable of being enjoyed using Instant Play features, too, there’s a reason why this casino has managed to stay at the top of the industry for so long.

With a smart and slick website and a numerous range of playing options on desktop and on mobile, this is a hugely impressive online casino. But why should you choose Loyal Casino over alternatives?

Well, let us show you just why this might be the perfect place for you to turn to when you are looking for some high-end online casino gaming. What makes this casino, operated by BML Group Ltd Casinos, one of the leading names in the industry? What does it offer?

Why use Loyal Casino?

Without a doubt, Loyal Casino has built up a following worthy of such a lofty and ambitious name. But why? What makes it so special?

Loyal Casino has been around for a long time now, making it easily one of the most longest running casinos that you will find anywhere in Europe.Having grown with the times, this casino is one of the most forward thinking and regularly updated casino platforms. They regularly add new games and features to the collection.Numerous mobile gaming options are included, with a large selection of their games being delivered using Instant Play. This means you can start playing without any delays at all.At the same time, they are a major partner for two of the biggest gaming development platforms in the casino industry; NetEnt and Swissgame.An intelligent layout means that players of all ages and experience levels can enjoy using this particular casino platform. It’s got a look that makes it so easy to use.Customer support offer friendly, endearing options to make sure you can always get a good solution to any problems you might have. Issues are often solved in the same day!

Online Video Slots

Like any good online casino slots platform, Loyal Casino rewards your return to using their platform with many online video slots. As the most popular way to roll the dice and see what you can win, online video slots are numerous and varied. One thing you will likely notice about this particular website is that they tend to have an incredible range of online video slots.

Online video slots are easily one of the most effective and reliable ways for you to have a good time with a casino platform. It offers a fun, simple way to ‘roll the dice’ and see what kind of numbers come up for you as you play. That’s why you’ll be happy to know that this online casino has one of the finest collections of games that you are likely to find anywhere in the industry today.

At Loyal Casino, too, you can take part in both paid and free gaming. This allows you to get all the help that you need to really make the most of each game. Not sure if something would be suitable for you, such as Starburst Slots or Gonzo’s Quest? Then now you can try them out without having to part with a single Euro to try it out!

You can choose from the most popular videoslots from NetEnt, Microgaming and many other slots operators to play on your desktop or mobile device. Whether you like to test your luck during playing, learn more about a video slot, or want to see how the Wild functions look like, anything is possible.

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At Loyal Casino you can play all online videoslots for free. Is luck on your side?

You can play many of the major gaming and slot options out there today. However, one thing to note about this about this particular online casino website is that it has such a unique and varied selection of games to pick from. This is because alongside major names like NetEnt and Microgaming, they also work with games development giant Swissgame.

This gives them a massive platform of games for you to choose from, ensuring that even the most indecisive of gamers can find a truly exceptional experience. Just some of the most popular games include the following.

Twin Spin Slot

One of the most popular classic casino games out there to try is Twin Spin Slot. This NetEnt classic is a true gem of the industry, and one that you should have no problem at all enjoying using when the time comes. Make sure that you make the time to try this particular slot game out. It’s got a tremendous range of winning options, with over 240 paylines to try and work out.

It’s loaded with great features, including numerous side games. Add in the traditional look and feel of this slots game, and it’s easy to see why people tend to come back to it time and time again. An instant classic, and one that allows for you to enjoy a far heightened gaming experience in the classic slots sense.

Starburst Slot

As one of the most popular online slots games in the industry, Starburst Slot is a major part of the online casino niche. This is a progressive jackpot game, and it’s one that is hosted on Loyal Casino as well as other online venues. With 10 paylines to pick from, you can enjoy a spectacular experience that really does give you a solid understanding of how to enjoy slots gaming.

It’s run on the popular NetEnt platform, meaning that it’s one of their many top quality titles that you should check out if you choose to play on Loyal Casino.

Gonzo’s Quest

Mentioned above, fantasy-themed Gonzo’s Quest is easily one of the best progressive jackpot slots games to try out today. It’s another classic NetEnt game, filled with vibrant visuals and impressive bonus rounds to try out when you are playing within the game. It’s based on the story of the famous Gonzalo Pizazaro; a well-reputed conquistador.

Follow the story and head through the old ruins of Peru and see what kind of historical treasures you might find. A vibrant and endearing online game with plenty of reason to come back and try it out for yourself later!

Of course, these are just a minor selection of what one should expect if they were to try their hand at this online casino. They offer many awesome online games for you to try out which are part of the slots industry, allowing you to really enjoy the rich and endearing nature of this particular online platform. If you are looking to enjoy the art of playing an online casino, then few options are going to be quite as exciting as this.

Loyal Casino has built up a reputation for having some awesome games to try out, as well as a fantastic online website to navigate. Why not come along and try it out for yourself today, then?

Getting started with this site really could not be any easier. All that you need to do is come along and check it out for yourself. With so many games to try out and some awesome bonuses given out both on sign-up (see below) and for long-term loyalty, this is a casino that really lives up to the name of Loyal Casino!

So, why not give it a try for yourself and see why this might be the best online casino for you?

Visit Loyal Casino

Deposit €250, Play with €500 + 100 free spins

Classic Slot Machines

Classic slots are the predecessors of the popular online slots. In contrast to videoslots, these slot machines have a classic look and feel. Many of these slots also show the entire slot machine instead of just the reels with symbols.

Classic slot machines have been on display for decades in bars, gambling halls and casinos. Nowadays, many of these slots also have an online version. Classic slots are different from video slots mainly because they have no fancy animations and offer no bonus symbols like Features and Wilds. This does not mean that playing on these slot machines is boring. Many can be just as extensive as video slots, with different functions that can be adjusted.

Finally, classic slots distinguish themselves from videoslots by the symbols they use. While, today, videoslots are mostly based on themes such as fairy tales, famous (rock )bands or popular movies, the old slots have more common themes with the same symbols including the lucky sevens, jokers, and the cherry theme; the classic slots are similar. A number of classic symbols include the ‘seven’ symbol, the lemon, the joker, cherries and other fruit symbols.

Random Winner Slot

If you are looking for a properly cool online classic slot to try out, you might just find that the Random Winner slot makes it much easier to get started. This is packed with numerous ways for you to go and win, and it’s got a load of interesting little jackpots that could see you win some major sums of cash.

It’s a great place for you to start, and the fact it’s produced by up-and-coming developer Leander lets you know that this is a game that you can enjoy trying out. It’s even got their impressive double reel feature, which is becoming one of the most popular skills for an online gamer to try out.

Club Reno Wild

Club Reno Wild is another very popular online classic slot and is one of the most impressive RTP games out there to try out. It’s got a lot of interesting little side games to try out, too. From within the game, you have numerous chances to win big thanks to the numerous amounts of ways to try and reach your jackpot and make a major win.

With an RTP of 96.1%, this is a fantastic gaming slot to try out if you are looking for something a bit more unique. This is made by the popular developer Betsson and should show you an example of how fast and slick online casino gaming can be. It’s a classic style game with an impressive range of Wild side-games and other features to tap into when prepared!

Mega Joker Slot

With a ridiculous RTP rate of 99%, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give impressive online slots platform Mega Joker Slot a chance. This is one of the most enjoyable 5-line slot games that you are going to find. The bombastic layout, the impressive attention to detail, and the outstanding number of game options allows you to really take the game to this particular slots platform!

It’s a progressive jackpot, too, meaning that the winnings can stretch into the thousands if you are able to land the right kind of kit.

Visit Loyal Casino

Try your luck with classic slot machines like Random Winner or Club Reno Wild today.

Loyal Casino Bonus

As everyone knows, the main benefit of using an online casino today is that you can get some pretty tremendous bonuses. As we mentioned above, you can pick up a tremendous online bonus if you choose to come along and try out the online casino through their sign-up option. But that isn’t all that you get for signing up. While the welcome bonus is brilliant, it would open you up to having access to more loyalty bonuses as time goes on. After all, a casino named Loyal Casino would need to live up to that particular name wouldn’t it?

A popular bonus that you can get is if you join their Loyal+ program. This loyalty program is one of the best ways for you to personalise the whole experience for you. Not only will you get to spend a lot of time enjoying their weekly bonus drops, but you’ll also get some amazing regular bonuses and deals which are fully tailored to the kind of player that you are.

Today, one of the most immersive and impressive things is the fact that it rewards you with so much. Few VIP programs in the online industry can live up to the rich and full standard that one can enjoy when they come to check out Loyal Casino. With their VIP program, you’ll also get to enjoy some very exclusive deals and bonuses that come along for major promotions and seasonal events.

If you are looking for a casino that will actively reward you for your return custom and business, be sure to check out Loyal Casino. With a regular enough usage of the platform, you could find yourself spending far less and saving far more as time goes on. Play now, deposit €250, Pplay with €500 and get 100 free spins!

Mobile Gaming

Like many other popular online platforms today, you can find it very easy indeed to pick out games on a mobile option. The majority of games – both slots games, table games, and live games (see below) are going to be Instant Play. This means no downloading of space-stealing software onto your mobile device or your computer. Instead, you just log in using your chosen device and then start playing however you wish.

At the time of writing, major classic mobile gaming options include roulette, blackjack (both classic and live) as well as popular slots games such as the aforementioned Gonzo’s Quest and Twin Spin. The rich variety of mobile games should make it much easier for you to enjoy your gaming experience when you come along to this platform either on a desktop or mobile device.

Table Games and Other Games

Of course, when you come to an online platform like Loyal Casino you are getting a full casino experience. If you were to come and visit a land-based casino, you would expect to find far more waiting for you than simply slot games. And at Loyal Casino, you do get much more to play with. You have numerous table games to try out, giving you a chance to play some old-school classic games that you might normally not have had the chance to interact with.

Can you imagine a casino without the well-known table games? Roulette, blackjack, caribbean stud poker, games where you slide your chips to the center facing the dealer. All these games are also available in our online casino. Often even with live dealers, with whom you can have a chat.

Live Casino

Like most popular online casino groups today, Loyal Casino has a line-leading range of live casino games for you to try out. The live casino industry is as close to being in the land-based thing as you are going to get. You’ll be actively up against a real-life dealer; someone who is actively present and drawing out your results. Whether they are pulling the cards out for you or they are spinning the wheel in roulette, live games allow you to enjoy an experience quick unique to the gaming scene. Without doubt, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy what Loyal Casino has to offer you.

At the time of writing, you can enjoy a range of high quality live games through their online service. This includes various forms of roulette, including Lightning Roulette and Speed Roulette. These rapid-round games mean that you can keep playing until your heart desires, meaning that you can keep trying until you hit it big. So, what’s your lucky number when it comes to roulette? Do you follow superstition, family history, or a sign in the room? Whatever your choice, the live roulette games at Loyal Casino are spectacular!

The same goes for their varied blackjack lobby. Players can enjoy various forms of blackjack, including Infinite Blackjack and Blitz Blackjack Silver. Both forms allow you to enjoy blackjack in a way that you might be familiar with, or indeed in a way that you have never come across before. The live games on offer means that you should be able to find a playstyle and a rule set that suits your personality.

At the live casino there are both male and female dealers. Of course these are all trained employees, who know the rules of all casino games. The nice thing about playing at a live casino is that the dealer you can find will also speak your own language. For example, you can discuss the game via chat. Talking about any other topic or talking against other players at the table is also possible. Just like in a real casino.

With World Roulette we take it even one step further. Let’s say you want to play in a real casino but also stay at home at the same time. This is now possible thanks to the invention of World Roulette.

What else can I play at Loyal Casino?

At Loyal Casino, you also get an interesting range of other games to come and try out. Some very popular options include their Speed Baccarat game, which is a kind of baccarat that can absolutely fly by. It’s a great way to put your skills to the test with a live dealer, though, and see what kind of impressive wins you can come up with!

Other popular games in the live casino section at Loyal Casino include the likes of Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal, and Dream Catcher. These are all based on the famous games of similar names and should offer you a very interesting way to really test your skills. If you are looking for something a bit more abstract than standard slots gaming, then, be sure to look at the numerous live gaming options that you can find on Loyal Casino!

Do you prefer other games like Oasis Poker, Baccarat or Casino Patience? These games and many more are also available at our online casino. Just always be sure you know the game rules and know how to play these games. Your chances of winning will be much higher if you know what you are doing and know what you can expect during the game.

Play now for free or register at Loyal Casino!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Loyal Casino Trustworthy

Yes they are. With both licenses from the UK Gambling Commission (licence number 39305) and the Malta Gaming Authority: (MGA/CRP/108/2004) you can say that this is a truly trustworthy online casino.

Is There a Loyal Casino No Deposit Bonus

No there is no such thing as a no deposit bonus at Loyal Casino.
In addition, there are regularly other bonuses for the players which you can find on the promotion page.

Is There a Loyal Casino Welcome Bonus

Yes! The welcome bonus is: Deposit €250, Play with €500 + 100 free spins.
In addition, there are regularly other bonuses for the players which you can find on the promotion page.

Can I Get Loyal Casino Free Spins

Yes you can! When you register and make a deposit of at least €10 you will be rewarded with 100 Free Spins on the Book Of Dead videoslot. These free spins will be activated automatically after opening the game Book Of Dead in your account.

How Do I Contact Loyal Casino

That's pretty easy. If you have a question or need help you can chat with us, email or call the customer service. Details can be found at the Loyal Casino Contact page.
In 2004, the government of Malta issued an official gambling licence to Loyal Casino. The first online casino for the company was thus a fact. Since February 2014, the company have been taken over by Betsson AB, a Swedish company listed on the Swedish stock exchange that specialises in online gaming services.Loyalcasino.games is an informative website about Loyal Casino. We will try to provide you with additional information if you decide to play at this online casino.

This site is for informational purposes. You cannot wager or place any bets here.

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