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description:Interesting reads along with short viral videos and sketches along with India's most popular Web Series Only on Arré. Get started Now!
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Features It Has Hurt To See Shahrukh Khan Go Through This Shahrukh Khan may have been allowed a breather, but the sense of zen around him has been pierced. This push and subsequent fall has broken something in me, perhaps in all of us. It is indicative of relationship countries share with their most celebrated icons. Add to list POV And here’s to you Mr Shah Rukh Khan Add to list Pop Culture Supriya Pathak and the many faces of Anguish Add to list Pop Culture Sardar Udham Review: A film like no other Add to list Features Twinning with Ankur Rathee | Episode 4 Add to list U/A 16+ Features Twinning With Abijit Ganguly | Episode 3 Add to list U/A 13+ BLOCKBUSTERS
Books The Right to Sex: What could ethical sex look like?

In a world where we are talking about sex more than ever only to find it just as frustrating to navigate, Amia Srinivasan’s 6-part essay collection The Right to Sex serves as a manifesto on what direction this conversation can, perhaps, take.

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Pop Culture The Morning Show and the Rachel You Need to See

Jennifer Aniston’s career was largely limited to latching onto the leftover charms of Rachel, her career-defining role in Friends. But with The Morning Show, she has made the leap no one would have thought she would.

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POV How I found a way of dealing with Angst

Angst is a formless shapeless ghost that hounds our mind and heart. People, sometimes unknowingly, invent ways to escape but often struggle and eventually, even give in.

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Love and Sex The Sex Education I Never Received

For the longest time, my absurd theories on sex and intercourse were influenced by the taboos associated with it. Incredibly, even the ‘sex education’ available on paper, only held me back, as it does scores of other children in this country.

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Pop Culture Don’t Breathe 2 review: Breathable compared to the first, but equally grim and fascinating

Don’t Breathe 2 doesn’t have the urgency or the novelty of the first film, but it has enough dreary twists, hideous characters and another solid, if ugly, performance by Stephen Lang (the blind guy).

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POV What Cringing at Old Social Media Posts Taught Me about Adulting

My old social media posts, especially those on Facebook often feel like a nightmarish journey back in time. But they are also clues to the way we absorb the world and learn to eventually, navigate it as adults.

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Bollywood 20 Years on, the Hypnotic Charms of Nayak Continue to Endure

Nayak tugs at middle-class righteousness which explains its cult following on Indian television. Like any good hypnotic trick it lets you believe that come the time of opportunity, it’s only the good in us that will surface. It’s a far-fetched dream, but one worth seeing over and over again.

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Bollywood Bhoot Police Review: A Surprisingly Fun Romp with Saif Ali Khan in Top Form

Bhoot Police is anchored by a terrifically unhinged Saif Ali Khan who along with other adept performances gives us a film that though formulaic has its fair share of entertainment and memorable moments.

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Pop Culture A review of the Fast and Furious franchise by someone who hates driving and cars

I’ve never been comfortable admitting that I despise driving and lack the enthusiasm most share around automobiles in general. It has made witnessing and understanding the fandom behind the Fast and Furious franchise all the more fascinating.

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Pop Culture Black Widow: The film Marvel promised but couldn’t deliver

Superhero films are underpinned by obvious tropes. But in its first female led outing, Black Widow could have been Marvel’s opportunity to come of age with the rest of the world. Instead, it choses to retreat to formula and with it to an unremarkable film.

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Interesting reads along with short viral videos and sketches along with India's most popular Web Series Only on Arré. Get started Now!

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