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Aircraft Maintenance

JAV's Maintenance team is an internationally recognized expert in the Aztec airframe and their power plants. The team responsible to keep our fleet of Cessna 172s and Piper Aztecs flying safely and efficiently. Our technically skilled, highly experienced technicians are capable to perform airframe modifications, engine diagnostics / repairs / replacements, turbo system diagnostics / repair, and extensive sheetmetal modifications / repair. JAV also supports other vendor aircraft as requested.

Custom Imagery Fleet

JAV's fleet has been custom retrofitted to support efficient, cost effective imagery capture. Customizations include camera platform airframe modifications, engine upgrades, long range tank installations, and modern avionics suites.

High Efficiency / High Volume Capture

Our maintenance team and pilots work together to ensure JAV is our client's safest, most cost effective, and efficient imagery provider.

Why JAV Imagery?

Our combined experience of over 70 years and a proven track record ensures safe and efficient delivery.


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JAV operates a fleet of 172s and Aztecs. Learn more about each of our planes and find our Gallery

Our Fleet

Comes see the planes we fly. We are adding planes to the fleet so check our gallery regularly for updates.

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A Word From Our Owners

“JAV maintains its position as one of our client’s most efficient vendors by empowering our pilots to work as a team and to make decisions in the field.”

Stephanie Painter

Business Owner

“JAV Imagery endeavors to provide the highest quality aerial imagery to our client by employing top caliber pilots and maintaining our aircraft so they stay in the sky.”

Josh Morales

Business Owner