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Years have passed of poor management, underperforming schools,

lack of accountability & transparency, financial waste, and abuse of citizens.

That must change, and Darren Lombardo will fight for what's right.

Our public schools are no longer identifiable as schools. They have become indoctrination factories of personal and political bias when a student should be proficient in the core subjects of English, Math, Science, and History. Proficiency is not happening today, and our schools have abandoned Traditional Learning to be replaced by Progressive Learning under Common Core, which has proven to be a failure. In attempt to hide this failure, testing has been suppressed, grades have been inflated, skewed, and manipulated to pass students through in the name of Equity. All of this is happening while the school system works to create an illusion of a performing school system, while pursuing more grant funds with this deception. This has resulted in a societal laziness, as the school system has catered to feelings rather than facts. The performance statistics of Wicomico County Public Schools demonstrates this story. We can either put lipstick on a pig and pretend we're living in a utopian wonderland, or face the facts and address reality.

There's nothing to sugarcoat here. When our students graduate, most of them cannot write a paper, are confused, struggle in math, end up in financial trouble, and ill-prepared for the workforce. Students are far from "College Ready" as defined by our disconnected Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), which assumes that all students are college-bound. More of a focus needs to be on vocational tech, which accounts for 70%+ of high school graduates who either don't attend or make it through college. In addition, dependencies on computers and electronics in the classroom have negatively impacted learning and continues with denial. Our students need to learn and be proficient in English, Penmanship (including cursive), Reading Comprehension, Writing, Math, Financial Literacy, and last but not least, unaltered American History, Civics, and Ethics.

In addition, we must preserve the Pledge of Allegiance wholeheartedly- "One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty & Justicefor All," promote human dignity and student respect toward teachers, adults, and their classmates. We must maintain disciplineand order without dividing people or allowing double standards to exist for some and not others. We must unify and mentor each student to reach their full potential no matter what it takes, and we need strong leadership. It is also important to provide our teachers with the necessary support and optimal learning environment in order for them to safely and successfully teach our students. With all of these things in mind, Darren Lombardo is committed, and has a vision to make our educational system excellent.

Foundational Principles:

No Critical TheoryEnd Discriminatory Practices
Curriculum IntegrityNo Politics In The Classroom
No Forced MandatesMask & Vax Choice
Educational TransparencyFrom Curriculum to Operations
Parent InvolvementInclusion in Education
Support School ChoiceMoney Should Follow Student
School SafetyWork To Improve Safety
No Obscene MaterialsEnd Sexual Exploitation
Educational EqualityEducational Opportunities For All
Teacher SupportEquip For Classroom Success
Special EducationAll Necessary Supports
Respect & DignityPromote Unity, Not Division
Promote Vocational TechTrade Opportunities For All
American HistoryFoundation on the Constitution
Financial LiteracyMoney Management Education
Policy ReformProtections For The Citizens
Grading IntegrityAccurate Grading Practices
Fiscal ResponsibilityIntegrity & Accountability
Anti-RetributionEnd Retaliatory Practices
Conflict ResolutionMediation Before Litigation
Public CommentsCitizens' Right To Be Heard

The Mission

To provide a corruption-free public school environment that's not only safe, but excels in school performance. Each child should have various opportunities to discover their greatest potential that's inside of them, as we help them to develop and channel their greatness. We must help students to cast aside any excuse that hinders the path forward in order for them to succeed. This is fostered through opportunity, patience, and encouragement.

EPICORE = Equality - Parents - Integrity - Civics - Opportunity & Respect in Education

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Critical Race Theory (CRT) really in our schools? I was told that it wasn't?

CRT is absolutely there. CRT is an ideology, not a curriculum. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the mechanism to integrate CRT into the curriculum to implement the ideology. The foundation of CRT/SEL places a person in one of two categories - you are either a victim or a victimizer, resulting in a person being either oppressed or an oppressor. SEL is designed to manipulate a student into accepting this ideology and way of thinking. CRT/SEL is a religious system. We are not to be critical of anyone's race.

2. Does the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) dictate what the school system must teach?

The first line of defense is our elected school board to determine the county's own curriculum. Certain requirementsmust be met by the state for Maryland College and Career Ready Standards, but the MSDE's recommended framework to get there is not required. School systems use it because they are too lazy to design their own, and personal political bias of administrators exists. Thisneeds to be neutralized, and we must return to the basic core subjects.

3. Does the Superintendent of schools have authority over the elected school board?

No, just the opposite. The school board has authority over the Superintendent, which they can hire and fire. The Superintendent reports to the board so that they can make informed decisions provided that the truth is presented to them. The board has the final say, not the Superintendent.

4. Who do the board members represent? The school system or the citizens?

The elected board represents the people who elected them in their districts or county-wide if elected at large. They must thoroughlyunderstand their roles and responsibilities as board members. They must be careful not to represent the school system, but specifically the citizens. Right now, they have relinquishedtheir authority to entertain administration as jesters. They are serving the queen in the castle, and the citizens are treated as peasants.

5. Why do school policies seem to protect the school system and not the people?

In the world of liability, everyone seems to be out to sue. To protect the school, policies were written to first protect the school system, and last addressthe citizen (conditionally). Although it's importantto address the roles and responsibilities of the school and to have protections in place for the school, policies should be ultimately focused on protections for the citizens.

6. Why does the school system perform at less than half of what it should?

Becauseof political control. Political propaganda has been injected into the curriculum of each core subject. Since there's only so much time in a school year, these fillers have consumed valuable learning time by replacing necessary teaching material with trash. In addition, content has been reduced in order to fit block scheduling in a semester model, instead of teaching core subjects throughout an entire school year.

8. Is our school system cutting-edge now that all students have a laptop computer in the classroom and at home?

Not so much. Laptops can actually create a dulling-edge when students become dependent on technology. Devices can be good if used as a supplement in learning, but should never replace paper and pencil. Instead, we see computers used as the primary source for schoolwork, assignments, and testing. This impedes a student's ability to take notes, read, write, think, work out solutions, and could be harmful to one's eyesight and brain function as to how they process information. It can be detrimental without carefulregulated use.


1325 Mt. Hermon Road Salisbury, MD 21804



©2022. Authority: Citizens for Darren Lombardo - Shannan Brinkley, Treasurer


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