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NEW GEMS AND TREASURES: 500 SERIES SHOP NOW MIXING CONSOLE CLASSICS SHOP NOW BRAND NEW MICROPHONES SHOP NOW VINTAGE & USED COMPRESSORS SHOP NOW Recently Added used DBX 168A Stereo Compressro/Limiter € 200.00 ex. VAT vintage Lexicon PCM 91 Digital Reverberator € 920.00 ex. VAT used Genelec 1038BC Tri-amplified Active Monitoring System s... € 3200.00 ex. VAT used Great River Harrison 32EQ 500-series #2 € 590.00 ex. VAT used Manley Vari-MU Mastering € 3900.00 ex. VAT used Bettermaker Darthlimiter € 2950.00 ex. VAT used Sennheiser HD-650 Open Back Headphones € 198.00 ex. VAT new Zaor Stand Croce 42 (pair, fix) Black/Black. Height 107... € 171.00 ex. VAT used Sennheiser MD421 MK II Dynamic Microphone € 280.00 ex. VAT used Chandler Red Devil EQ 500-series € 950.00 ex. VAT See more Just Arrived to stock new Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone Modeling System € 990.00 ex. VAT new Vanguard Audio V4 Gen. 2 Three-pattern FET condenser € 680.00 ex. VAT new Genelec Monitor SAM 8320A dark grey € 415.00 ex. VAT new SPL Phonitor xe Black € 1874.17 ex. VAT new AEA N8 Active Ribbon Microphone € 950.00 ex. VAT new AEA R92 Passive Ribbon Microphone € 750.00 ex. VAT new Audeze MM-500 Manny Marroquin Open Back Pro Headphones € 1665.00 ex. VAT new UA VOLT4 € 200.00 ex. VAT new Genelec Monitor SAM 8330A RAW € 620.00 ex. VAT new UA VOLT1 € 137.50 ex. VAT See more Blowout Sale used Yamaha MY8-AD96 8-channel AD-converter card € 54.00 ex. VAT new Zaor Rack Roll Cherry 10 Units € 531.00 ex. VAT used Avid Digidesign 918029012-00 REV C DigiLink 3.60m/12ft ... € 42.50 ex. VAT used Bugera 4112-BK 4×12 Guitar Cab Stereo/Mono € 180.00 ex. VAT used Multicable AES/EBU 4m DB25-4xXLR-M & 4xXLR-F € 34.00 ex. VAT used Avid Digidesign Word Clock Cable I/O Interconnect Set o... € 34.00 ex. VAT used Lake People Octo-Bal F80 #1 € 270.00 ex. VAT used Sonic Studio Model 302 DSP I/O 2-ch Audio Interface (Me... € 490.00 ex. VAT used Otari MTR-12C 1/4 inch Stereo Master Tape Recorder w. M... € 3510.00 ex. VAT used Mackie Big Knob Monitor Controller € 135.00 ex. VAT See more Bestselling FET
microphone €1490 ex VAT Soyuz 023 Bomblet Best mics for
studio work €990 ex VAT Townsend Labs L22 Premium quality
microphones €1985 ex VAT Telefunken TF51 Highlights new SPL Mercury Mastering DA Converter Black € 2242.00 ex. VAT new Royer R-10 Mono ribbon microphone. € 458.00 ex. VAT new Maselec MEA-2 Mastering Equalizer € 7316.00 ex. VAT new Solid State Logic SSL 2 2/2 Audio Interface € 150.00 ex. VAT new Grace Design FELiX-BK 2-Channel Instrument & Mic Preamp... € 860.00 ex. VAT new Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone Modeling System € 990.00 ex. VAT new Retrosonic Pro Audio Transport Case for Apollo Twin € 60.00 ex. VAT new UAFX Golden Reverberator Stereo Effects Pedal € 320.83 ex. VAT new Genelec Monitor SAM 8330A RAW € 620.00 ex. VAT new UAFX Starlight Echo Station Stereo Delay Pedal € 320.83 ex. VAT See more Jason Hunter – Vitamin Free Jason Hunter and his band performs their original "Vitamin Free" on Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions Season 2, recorded live with the audience on March 3, 2020 at Retrosonic Pro Audio Studio and Showroom in Kultuurikatel Creative Hub, Tallinn, Estonia. Jason Hunter is a trumpet player, arranger, and composer originally from Los Angeles California. After studying music performance and composition at both Fullerton College and Berklee College of Music with jazz greats such as Mark Whitfield, Ralph Peterson and Tiger Okoshi. Read More See All
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New Vintage & Used Sales List Coming Soon List Online Catalog Sell & Trade News About Us Contact Studio Financing Social Facebook Instagram Youtube Retrosonic Pro Audio focuses on selling high end pro audio equipment – from the best of vintage gear to the new boutique equipment. We can provide complete studio projects, studio equipping projects or packages including acoustic constructions, design and project management. Looking for a good bundle deal? We are happy to help! Phone: +372 5683 5525 Email: © 2022 Retrosonic OÜ Trustpilot | See our 100% positive reviews on Terms & Conditions

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