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At Ramah Sports Academy

Empowering Jewish athletes to
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At Ramah Sports Academy

Located at the beautiful
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At Ramah Sports Academy

Forging lifelong
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Who We Are

Ramah Sports Academy (RSA) is an overnight summer sports camp for children and teens with a passion for athletics and a desire to elevate all aspects of their game. With experienced coaches, caring role models, state-of-the-art athletic facilities, and a wide range of electives, RSA is the perfect mix of elite sports instruction, joyful community, and inspiring Jewish living. Enroll Now
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What’s happening at RSA

A summer home where Judaism is embraced, campers will experience Jewish ritual, Hebrew and a love for Israel seamlessly integrated into sports and the daily rhythms of life. See all ArticlesCommunityAyala Wasser
21 January 2021D’var Torah Bo

D’var Torah by Rabbi Dave Levy: Director, Ramah Sports Academy During the Presidential Inauguration, I heard a sound that stopped me in my tracks. There was a lot to take in, pageantry, ceremony, history, but it was one little sound that got my attention. In the middle of everything, the microphones picked up a small […]

See MoreReflectionsAyala Wasser
23 December 2020More than just a handshake

There are different contexts in which a handshake can be used, different messages that this simple and common gesture communicates depending on content and context. Perhaps a handshake is a simple hello between friends, a “good game” at the end of a competition, a gesture symbolizing an agreement has been made, an act of respect. […]

See MoreCommunityAyala Wasser
13 October 2020Breishit and the Tree of Knowledge

Jewish tradition likes to speak of two different types of mitzvot, or commandments. On the one hand there are mishpatim, injunctions that make sense and are rooted in reason. Absent the gift of Torah, individuals and communities hopefully would have figured out that prohibitions against murder and theft are necessary to create a civil society. […]

See MoreCommunityAyala Wasser
2 October 2020Words of Torah: Sukkot

From the month of Elul through Yom Kippur, we undergo the process of teshuva, of self-reflection and repentance. For me, this time consists of checking in with myself by asking, “how can I repair my relationship with myself, or other people?” Much of this process is people focused. As I turn the corner from Yom […]

See MoreUncategorizedAyala Wasser
9 September 2020Dvar Torah: Nitzavim Vayelech

D’var Torah by Lilli Schvartsmann This week’s Torah portion, Parashat Nitzavim-Vayelech, opens with a moment of urgency. Moshe is at the end of his life, passing off the last of 613 mitzvot to the Israelites, handing over his leadership duties to Joshua, and watching the people he led for the past forty years enter the […]

See MoreCommunityAyala Wasser
17 August 2020D’var Torah: Shoftim

Growing up, I remember thinking of two distinct times in a year where I felt my surroundings were “magical”: family trips to Disneyland or my three weeks every summer at my Jewish summer camp. Being around friends and community at camp was nothing short of pure magical bliss. Many friends and colleagues of mine also […]

See More
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Ramah Sports Academy
c/o Franklin & Marshall College
637 College Ave
Lancaster, PA 17603


3080 Broadway
New York, NY 10027


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Ramah Sports Academy
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Copyright © 2022 . Ramah Sports Academy (RSA) operates under the guidance and supervision of the National Ramah Commission, Inc. of The Jewish Theological Seminary.

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