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Dr. Linda D., Ph.D., USA

"The greatest awakening."

Jacqueline, South Africa

"Meditation on my own can be a struggle, but Dyads allow me to touch into depths and parts of myself I didn't know were even there."

Cyndi K., USA

"Over the past few weeks the depth and beauty of the experience has shifted - my life experience feels like it's changing some ways it is as if I never leave the dyad space."

Do Dyads work for everyone?

Potentially, yes, Dyads work for everyone, however, the depth of exploration depends on the person and where they are on their individual spiritual journey. Is there an openness and willingness to explore within?

What is the Global Dyad schedule and how long does a Global Dyad last?

The Global Dyad Meditation are offered online on zoom at the following times (Zurich, Switzerland time zone).

Daily at
7 am Zurich, Switzerland
2 pm Zurich, Switzerland with Intuitive Writing
4 pm Zurich, Switzerland (Monday-Saturday)

Tuesday at
8 pmZürich, Switzerland with Intuitive Writing

Sunday at
8 pm Zurich, Switzerland

To check your time zone click here to use the Time Zone Converter with Zurich, Switzerland and the timesaboveas well as a city of your country to find your time zone.

Download your schedule here.

How long does a Global Dyad last?
The daily Global Dyads last 75 minutes.
The Global Dyad with Intuitive Writing lasts 90 minutes.

Download the Manual for the Insight Timer

Is the Global Dyad Meditation a religious practice?

The Dyad Meditation is a spiritual awareness practice and not connected to any religion. However, people from all religious backgrounds are welcome to use this process. The nature of the Dyad, which combines the space to explore spirituality with the art of contemplation, actually helps to strengthen whatever religious practice you might have.

Where can I learn the Global Dyad Meditation?

You can watch the youtube videos and join the Global Dyad Meditation community where daily Dyads are offered for free.

A free intro is offered once you have signed up.

How can I join the Global Dyad Community? How does it work?

You can sign up here for free. Just enter your name and email address in the form below.

The daily Global Dyad Meditation are offered on Zoom for free.

Once you signed up, you will receive an invitation link to join the Intro to the Global Dyad Meditation.

Once you attended the Intro, you will receive a link to join the daily Global Dyad zoom calls.

Do I have to commit once I joined the Global Dyad?

You are completely free to join the daily Dyads as often as you want. No commitment what so ever.


Download your schedule here.

Download the Manual for the Insight Timer


Global Dyad Meditation

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