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Unlimited Free Trials

We offer unlimited free trials for our most popular plugins, meaning that you can try before you buy.

One Time Payment

Our plugins are a one time payment with no ongoing or recurring fees, for more information please see our Terms & Conditions.

Convert, Upsell & Retain

Many of our plugins have a commerce heavy focus, designed to help you realise the full potential of your online store by increasing conversions, maximising revenue per customer and turning customers into subscribers.


Help funnel your users to the checkout page with our Add To Cart Pop-Up Plugin. You can add a custom message to display important delivery details or special promotions.


With our Upsell & Add To Cart Redirect Plugin you can upsell your customers to a complimentary product as soon as they add an item to their cart, each upsell can be unique or you can set-up a global upsell.


Convert one time purchases into life long subscribers with our Subscribe & Save Plugin. You can easily combine your subscription and one time purchase products into a unified product page.

Mobile & Touchscreen Ready

We’ve taken the time to ensure that our plugins scale seamlessly across devices and that all functionality is retained on touchscreen devices. In addition, we’ve also taken into consideration devices with both touch and mouse inputs.

A Plugin For Everyone

We’ve focused on enhancing your Squarespace website and bringing in new functionality that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Our plugins have helped restaurants, portfolio & corporate website as well as online commerce businesses.

Better Navigation

Our Mega Menu Plugin your users easily navigate your website and allows you to showcase your most valuable content and products. Our Mega Menu Plugin also allows you to create mobile mega menus, making your navigation consistent across devices.

Small Businesses & Restaurants

Our Store Page Add To Cart Buttons Plugin helps you create shoppable menus, perfect for restaurants. In addition, we can help you collect tips & gratuity for your staff with our Tip & Gratuity Plugin.

We’re Here To Help

We don’t want you to ever feel that you can’t contact us if you need any support, assistance or just have a question about our plugins. We aim to respond to all enquires and support requests within 24 hours.

Free Trials

We offer unlimited free trials for many of our plugins, giving you the opportunity to test our plugins before making a purchase.


All of our plugins come with comprehensive step-by-step instructions to ensure that you get your plugin working properly the first time round.

Fast Support

We’re always here to help should you ever have any questions or need support installing your plugin. We aim to respond to all support enquires within 24 hours.