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Coming Soon! Need automated test selection powered by code coverage data? Learn more.

Ship healthier code faster with less risk.

Join 1M+ developers worldwide in shipping healthier code with code coverage from Codecov.

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Development cycles are spinning faster than ever...

With everything from doorbells to rockets running on code, it's more important than ever to ensure quality code is being delivered with every release.

Code coverage is one of the most important metrics companies rely on to ship healthier code, faster, and with less risk.

Codecov gives companies actionable coverage insights when and where they need them to ensure they are shipping quality code.

How Codecov helps...

Flexible / Unified Reporting Seamless Coverage Insights Robust Coverage Controls

As long as your code has tests and your coverage tool can output coverage results in a compatible format, you can use Codecov.

Source Code Coverage 20+ Languages and CI/CD Agnostic Report Merging Coverage Isolation

Codecov meets users where they are whether that is a pull request, through our online platform, or in your CI/CD workflow.

Pull Request Comments Browser Extension Notifications Badges

Codecov can accommodate the most complex development environments with robust controls built into the platform and integrated directly into your code host / repos.

Github Checks Commit Statuses Coverage Controls Conditional Coverage

Code Coverage For Any Tech Stack

Codecov provides highly integrated tools for developers and engineering leaders to gain actionable visibility into their code coverage.

Python JavaScript Ruby Java C Go PHP Scala Apex Bash C# C++ Clojure Kotlin Dart Rust F# Elixir D Erlang Fortran Groovy Powershell Haskell Julia Lua Objective-C Perl R Swift Typescript Vala Xcode Xtend
CI Platform
GitHub Actions Travis CI CircleCI Bitrise GitLab CI Jenkins Bamboo AppVeyor Azure Pipelines Bitbucket Pipelines Buildkite Codefresh Drone Shippable TeamCity CI Semaphore Wercker Buildbot
Test Suite
Cypress Pester Xcode HUnit Jest CUnit UnitTest TestNG JUnit pytest PHPUnit XCTest RSpec Rails Catch2 ScalaTest SimpleTest
Coverage Tools
Coverlet NCover dotCover Parasoft Jtest Coco Testwell CTC++ Devel::Cover LuaCov Tarpaulin Grcov test_coverage coverage Cloverage OpenClover Bach Bullseye Cobertura gcov JaCoCo kcov lcov llvm OpenCppCoverage pcov pytest-cov scoverage SimpleCov Slather XDebug
Code Hosts
GitHub GitLab Bitbucket GitHub Enterprise GitLab CE / EE Bitbucket Server
Cloud Platforms
Google Cloud Platform Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure
What We're About...

At Codecov we believe in creating a culture of coverage, where tests are valuable and coverage metrics are used to ship healthier code.

Who else is covered?

Over 29K organizations and 1M+ developers trust Codecov to gain visibility into their code coverage.

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Want to learn more about code coverage? View our library of resources to start building a culture of coverage at your company.

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What should my code coverage goal be?

Learn More

2020 State of Open Source Code Coverage

View Infographic
Blog Post

8 Factors Influencing Your Approach to Code Coverage

Mathew Setter Read Blog Post

Ready to get covered?

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