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Call Daniel on 020 3411 4445 for telephone technical support
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Welcome to Digital Red

Digital Red specialises in professional and friendly technical support for small businesses, homeworkers and individuals. It is based in Ruislip Manor – 15 miles north west of Central London with customers locally, throughout London, around the country and all over the world.

Professional and friendly technical support

Digital Red is run by me, Daniel O’Neill.  I have over 35 years’ experience in IT and 25 years’ experience of working with the Internet.  I am a sole trader and have been working full-time in Technical Support and Internet Development since 1998.  I am assisted by Georgiana Poppy for office administration and social media support.

If you are planning on replacing some of your IT equipment, want to start doing some proper backups, need help setting up new email addresses, or would just like some plain-speaking jargon-free technical support to help you get started with using a new program, mobile phone or even computers for the first time, please call me on 020 3411 4445 or send me an email.

Digital office administration and social media help

With the increase in home- and remote-working brought about by the pandemic, office administration processes need updating. As we work differently, bookkeeping and accounting is also moving towards the cloud.

The rise in importance of social media networks mean that they’re now important business tools, and are no longer simply entertainment.

Georgiana Poppy Giurea has taken care of all of the social media support queries Digital Red received for some time. She can also help with digital office administration. She is Digital Red’s second responsible adult and is our own millennial. Ask for her help now!

Living in Ruislip Manor, working from home, and don’t have a printer?
Email me whatever you need to print, I’ll print it out and post it through your door within 24 hours. Read how.

Pay your invoice online securely
You can pay your invoice online using your credit or debit card, or by using internet or telephone banking. See the paying your invoice page for more information.

In memory of Timothy
Timothy was Daniel’s best friend and Digital Red’s apprentice. He travelled all over the country and visited hundreds of homes, offices, schools, surgeries, museums, warehouses and factories. He travelled on foot, by bike, car, taxi, bus, train, and in his later years, by bag. He made national news and had his own website. Sadly, he died in February 2018.
Timothy O’Neill – 2006-2018

About Digital Red

Digital Red provides small businesses, home workers and individuals with friendly and professional technical support on all aspects of IT and PC use.

Digital Red is based north west of London in Ruislip.

Remote Support

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Telephone Support

020 3411 4445
+44 20 3411 4445

Hours of business
Open 9am – 5.30pm UK time, mobile number available for out of hours tech support.

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