Maximize quality of life with a custom designed and built ADU or family compound.

We believe that ADUs and family compounds empower people and enrich lives.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Founded over a decade ago to build ADUs, New Avenue has the experience you need to create an amazing ADU that is nothing short of life-changing. We manage the entire design, permitting, and building of accessory dwelling units. We specialize in custom ADUs and creative whole-house remodels that turn your home into a compound. We are a proven and experienced leader in all forms of ADUs and whole-house transformations. Recent projects include detached cottages, internal apartments, basement conversions, house lifts, JADUs, studios, SB-9 subdivisions, custom homes, and family compounds.

Every ADU is an independent single-family home while also being part of a larger compound. How you use the ADU can change many times during your homeownership journey. Long-term or short-term rental, office space, parents, returning children or grandchildren, an au pair… everything is possible with an ADU. This versatility enables a revolutionary change in your own quality of life. New Avenue is here to design and build you the life you want to live.

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‘Plex it!

Reinvent An Old Home

Many old homes are just too small, too out of date, or too unhealthy to meet our modern way of living. Create a duplex, a triplex, offices, workspaces, creative spaces or any type of compound. Our team is passionate about creating beautiful and sustainable homes that are ideal for the work-from-home, multigenerational, entrepreneurial, career-changing, (and let’s face it, chaotic) way we live today. Our diverse team includes experts in all styles of design as well as net-zero and passive-house design standards. Created by our talented designer and crafted by our experienced builders, your home can be a smart investment and the perfect place to live a wonderful life.

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What Sets Us Apart

Experienced & Diverse Team

We have finished hundreds of custom projects, mostly ADUs. Our diverse team members have from <1 year to >50 years of experience and have successfully completed projects of all styles and sizes and in almost every city around the Bay Area. We provide a better client experience and final product because of our deep experience and dedication to teamwork throughout our design/build process.

Use our platform to hire our professionals and add any designer or contractor of your own. With New Avenue, everyone is part of the team, and the door is always open.

A Passion for a Healthy, Sustainable & Dynamic Future

We are visionary thinkers who see the need to expand beyond the rigid, lonely single-family homes of yesteryear to achieve a more dynamic, diverse, equitable, and inclusive future!

We understand that a home is often the most powerful resource for improving quality of life, and we are committed to working together to unlock the potential of home ownership for you.

Technology Tames The Chaos & Unlocks Your Vision

Let’s be honest: In construction, achieving the level of excellence that you deserve is hard, slow, and expensive. It’s controlled chaos, and an Excel spreadsheet just can’t keep up. That’s why we built the leading design/build app to manage administration, legal, and financial tasks and keep track of the 300+ milestones in your project. Our transparent, turnkey process and industry-leading technology allow you and your team to focus on creating an amazing space. By enhancing collaboration and flexibility, New Avenue makes your entire project easier.

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1000+ Projects. Experience Matters.

We’ve been there, done that, and we’re passionate about using our experience to benefit you! The New Avenue team has a successful track record across the Bay Area. Our experience guides us as we create world-class designs, navigate the most complicated red tape, and build beautiful, healthy homes and ADUs.

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What People Are Saying

“New Avenue has been a joy to work with and we couldn't be happier with the incredible result. Our experience with the New Avenue architect, contractor, as well as New Avenue management has been fantastic from start to finish.

We knew that New Avenue were the experts in this area—plus they came highly recommended from friends who had worked with them. We ended up with a gorgeously designed and built one-bedroom house that anyone would be thrilled to live in. It's energy-efficient, has hardwood custom cabinetry and built-in bookshelves, gorgeous tiling, and a beautiful kitchen, lovely polished concrete floors. The style is mid-century modern, inspired by the style of the mid-century architect Rudolph Schindler...

And it came in on budget. And as quickly as could be expected considering the COVID supply issues… our team was communicative, friendly, and affordable. ”

— Jenn G., Accessory Dwelling Unit in Berkeley, CA

“We did a major renovation on our house in North Oakland. With full-time jobs we don’t have the time to do much of what it likely takes to project manage at this level, so that’s one of the first ways New Avenue has been an incredible partner—the software and the way the project is managed are intuitive, and it’s easy to keep all stakeholders on the same page, keep all docs in the same place, simple billing, and probably more that I haven’t needed to use yet. Working with New Avenue has been a huge help to us in that our designer and builder are both extremely vetted and we don’t worry for a second about their respective experience and expertise. I take a lot of comfort in knowing I’m working with people and a system, combined, that are going to be transparent and consistent—informed by lots of data—and keep the surprises to a bare minimum. It’s a LOT of trust to literally tear your home up with someone, and while I can’t say it’s as cheap as piecing everything together yourself if you have the time for that (and manage to get good people), I’m very happy with the trade-offs that leave us feeling very confident in our bids and schedules.”

— Lucas and T.R., Victorian Remodel in Oakland, CA

“Thank you very much for getting the project across the goal line together. You have done a fantastic job and we couldn’t be happier. The team at New Avenue really came through for us on a tricky project. We had no experience with renovation projects. I definitely recommend working with New Avenue and will be requesting their services for the next project!”

— Robert K., Remodel in San Rafael, CA

“My husband and I are really happy with New Avenue. The team did an incredible job building a backyard music studio on our property in San Francisco as well as transforming an underutilized space into a laundry room. The team was professional, and they moved very quickly to complete the job. We found the prices competitive.

We're now well on our way through the design phase of our next project designed and built by New Avenue. We're very happy to continue working with New Avenue.”

— Sara B., Music Studio, Internal ADU and Remodel in San Francisco

“From the start New Avenue Homes made my life easier, helping to understand city permitting and inspection needs while being a great crew and managing the sub-contractors effectively. We rehabbed an old Victorian in Oakland that needed a lot of love. Not only did we rehab the house, we were able to add an ADU and a garage—for a great return on initial investment.”

— Mary R., Victorian Restoration, Houselift and New ADU in Oakland, CA

“My cottage is like being in paradise. I love it. It’s very spacious. The thing I really like the most is being close to my grandchild and being able to watch her grow up. They can help me when I need it and I can help them when they need it. Economically, with home prices being so high, we combined our resources.”

— Peggy J., Detached Accessory Dwelling in El Cerrito, CA

“We are super happy with the outcome of my mom’s cottage… so much so that both my husband and I would like to move in there! We truly recommend New Avenue to those who are interested in building a small dwelling or remodeling an existing space.”

— Vanessa O., Accessory Dwelling in Concord, CA

Thank you to New Avenue and the crew for designing a beautiful ADU. You all might love to hear that so, so many people stop us when we're outside to tell us how much they love the ADU. One man told me he's so tired of all the new designs that just don't belong in Albany, and that ours elevates the whole neighborhood by blending in so well with it. One of his exact quotes was: "I've seen a lot of these, but this is the best one" (pointing with one finger while walking his dog with the other hand)...and that's a common sentiment amongst the foot traffic on Marin Ave walking by the ADU.

— Golden K, Accessory Dwelling in Albany, CA

One of our oldest and dearest friends, a lifelong activist for disabled rights and social justice was in need of a new home. In 2011, we began working with New Avenue to design and build a new home for her.

The result is a stunning 950 sf addition/ADU that is 100% accessible including, redwood wheelchair ramps, a hoist system, room for medical equipment, radiant floor heating, high ceilings, a loft with dormers that lets in lots of natural light. Gorgeous woodwork was beautifully incorporated into the design.

Our friend, lived happily in her cozy abode with 2 full time attendants, 2 cats and a daily procession of friends, family, activists, researchers and visitors.

We found New Avenue to be helpful, reliable, responsible and trustworthy. The Trade’s people who built our ADU have become life long friends. Their commitment to the project was both felt and appreciated and we will be forever grateful for their contributions to the building.

- Lorrie Beth and Larry (4/26/22, built 10 years prior)