Transforming resources to power a more connected, sustainableworld.


A leader in the collection, recycling, production, and distribution of resources essential to modern life.

From the batteries used in vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure to the backup power systems that support hospitals and data centers, the lead and polypropylene we recycle and produce are essential components in the technologies developed to meet our energy storage needs. With the rising adoption of electric vehicles and their reliance on lithium batteries, we are also continually expanding our lithium collection and recycling management services. It's part of our commitment to protecting the planet for all.

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We play an essential role in the closed-loop supply chain through the recycling and production of lead used in energy storage solutions, the collection of end-of-life batteries, and the distribution of new batteries. We apply the same mindset and approach to lithium batteries, as we continue to develop and support this evolving technology with goals of reaching the same closed-loop recycling rates of lead. 


Ecobat Resources is the leader in the responsible recycling and production of resources essential to modern life, including lead, polypropylene, precious metals, and other commodities.

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Ecobat Logistics manages the collection of end-of-life batteries as part of our commitment to supporting the closed-loop management and recycling of energy storage solutions.

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Ecobat Battery manages the procurement and sale of energy storage solutions, supplying batteries for a range of uses, including automotive, commercial vehicle, marine/leisure, motorcycle and industrial applications.

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Ecobat Solutions leverages our global network to develop innovative, bespoke products and solutions. We also drive advancement toward greater sustainability, including our expanded and now turnkey collection and recycling management services for all advanced battery chemistries, including lithium batteries.

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Our Locations

Local presence. International impact.

Our operations extend throughout Europe, the United States, and Southern Africa, creating a vast network that powers industries worldwide. We have 12 secondary smelting facilities, a primary smelting facility, three lithium-directed facilities, a collection truck fleet, and 65,000 battery collection points, offering seamless service for battery collection and recycling.

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Driving sustainable success.

Lead is a key resource that connects us to modern life today as well as tomorrow. Managing the production and recycling of lead responsibly is essential to making all of this possible. At Ecobat, our operations are centered around sustainable processes and practices for the safe, effective handling of lead. Recycling and resource recovery comprise more than 80% of our business.

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Why Lead?

Lead is a useful resource with unlimited possibilities. It can function in many different ways, and it serves as a key component in innovations and technologies that improve quality of life.

Why Lead?

Lead impacts virtually every area of our lives from the moment we wake up. It’s part of many solutions and has multiple benefits.

Lead Powers the World

Lead works across multiple industries, including renewable energy, medicine, transportation and more.

Lead for the Future

Lead is a key component in energy storage with lead batteries helping to provide a safe, reliable, and sustainable solutions.

Responsible Management

We are a proponent of lead in countries where it is highly regulated, but we do not support it where it’s unregulated.

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Transforming passion and potential into purpose and fulfillment.

The lead industry has the potential to deliver power to so many with innovative and sustainable practices—and this is where your potential comes in. You can make a difference, because everyone’s role at Ecobat helps to support recycling and sustainability, while providing jobs and driving a global economy that benefits people around the world.

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