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Sensor Computers Intelligent and independent sensor computers.
Sensor Computing DETECT ANALYZE

HitSeeds SC1 and SC2 are intelligent and independent sensor computers. They collect, analyze and store huge amounts of sensor data completely autonomously using on-board “small data analytics based on machine learning, minimizing the need for data transfer and reliance on external infrastructure.


Computed results are transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth LE or cellular data for further processing in the cloud. Sensor Computers can also form a mesh network to communicate with each other.

100x productivity boost

Sensor Computers enable development@Internet speed. Sensor Computers are programmed using extremely powerful and flexible LUA-based script-system, reducing the code development time from months to days.  

Our modern tools and software assets allow seamless and automated interplay between the local intelligence, mobile devices, and a cloud-based back-end. 

Superior, differentiating customer products

Sensor Computers minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and enable superior, evolving product experience. Sensor Computer hardware is designed for commercial products and can be extended easily for various needs. Sensor Computers based products operate years on batteries and are reprogrammed wirelessly, so they do not require physical interaction, interruptions, or software installations.

Sensor computing and wireless script-based updates allow advanced offline features and changing the functionality dynamically. Sensor Computers based products can evolve with app-like feature updates without changes in the hardware.


An example of superior customer products is SeedNodeOne Duty Cycle Monitor, developed in tight collaboration with HitSeed’s partners based on the Sensor Computer platform. It measures the utilization and other operational characteristics of industrial equipment and can be tailored for different purposes. The device is wireless, intelligent, and battery-powered. SeedNodeOne can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment and its analysis and functionality can be dynamically modified based on evolving needs.

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