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GE IP - EmersonField ControlGenius I-OQuickpanelQuickPanel+RX3i PacSystemRx7i PACsystemSeries 90-30Series 90-70VersamaxAllen Bradley Motors100 Contactors103 IEC Starters104 IEC Safety Contactors105 IEC Reversing Starters106 IEC Combination Starters107T IEC Open Starters109 IEC Non-Reversing Starters1100 Contactors1102C Vacuum Contactors112 IEC Combination Starters1326 Motors1329 Motors1365 DC Controllers1370 Modules and Accessories1388 DC Servo Controllers1409 Arcing Ground Fault Detection140M Circuit Breakers1410 Motor Protection1414 Humidity Transmitter1450 Enclosures1494 Disconnect Switches1497 Transformers154 STC156 Contactors170 Wye-Delta Contactors1718 Ex I/O1792D ArmorBlock MaXum I/O1799 Embedded I/O190 Starters191E Starters194E Switches194R Switches198E Enclosures2090 Cables405 Starters407 Spare Parts500 Contactors592 Overload Relays609 Switches700-P Relays700DC Relays800H Push Buttons800T Push Buttons800Z Zero Force Touch Buttons801 Limit Switches802M Sealed Limit Switches802PR Proximity Sensors802T Limit Switches808 Speed Sensing Switches809 Relays810 Relays813S Relays815 Relays836 Pressure Controls837 DBU840 Switches842 Encoders844 Encoders845 Encoders847 Encoders849 Timing Relays8500 Motors852S Timers871D Proximity SensorsArmorPowerCenterline 2100DataSite ControllersE1 Plus RelaysF Series Servo MotorsFLEX I/O 1793GuardShieldH SeriesHPK Servo Motorsi-Sense Voltage MonitorsIEC Mounting SystemsKinetix 6000MKlixonMDF Integrated Drive MotorsMotor StartersMP-Series Electric CylindersMPF Servo MotorsMPG Integrated Gear MotorsMPL Servo MotorsMPM Servo MotorsMPS Servo MotorsN SeriesNEMA Controller Operator KitPowerMonitor 1000RDB Direct Drive MotorsReliance 411027Reliance Electric Spare PartsSafeZone ScannersSMC ElevatorStratix 5410TLS SwitchesTLY and TL Servo MotorsUltra1500 Digital Servo AmplifiersVPC Servo MotorsVPF Food Grade MotorsVPL Servo MotorsVPS Servo MotorsXMY SeriesAllen Bradley VersaView6189 CE Logic ModulesVersaView Computer 6155FDisplay 6181HDisplay 6182HDisplay 6183HMonitor 6176MMonitor 6186MComputer 6155RComputer 6177RComputer 6181PPlus 6180PPlus 6181FPlus 6181PPlus 6181XVersaView 5100Versaview CE Displays VersaView ComputersWorkstationEaton Cutler-Hammer PLCD100 Micro Programmable Logic ControllersD320 PLCD50 PLCFP5000 Feeder ProtectionRepairsContact UsAbout UsCompany DescriptionPoliciesSupportFAQSell Your SurplusShop by PartBlog1-919-205-4392sales@dosupply.comProduct LinesRepairsContactAboutAbout Our CompanyPoliciesSupportFAQLine CardSell Surplus Fast Quote 1-919-205-4392Call Now

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PanelViewAllen Bradley

We have many of the obsolete Panelviews in stock! Including the Panelview 300,Panelview 550,Panelview 600,Panelview 900,Panelview 1000, andPanelview 1400 are allstandard operatorterminals that have been designed in a variety of configurations and sizes to fit aspecific need orapplication. Our most popular models include the2711-M3A18L1and 2711-M3A19L1.

PanelView PlusAllen Bradley

The Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 6 Displays are Operator Interface Panels that rangein size from 4inch to 15 inch Displays. Popular Panelview Plus Touchscreen models includethe2711P-T10C4D8and the 2711P-T6C20D8.KeypadModels include the 2711P-K4M20D8.

Flex I/O 1794Allen Bradley

The Allen Bradley Flex I/O series include parts that start with the prefix 1794. This series consists of distributed i/O system that allows the user to communicate with many different network types. The communication modules can control up to 8 input/output modules. The 1794-ASB Remote I/O communication module is part of this series and is in stock.

MicroLogix 1761Allen Bradley

The Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 start with the part number 1761. These programmable controllers are built with a processor, inputs/outputs, and a power supply. They are available in 10, 16, and 32 Input/Output DC models as well as analog models. Popular part numbers include the 1761-NET-ENI, 1761-l32BWA, and the 1761-L32AWA.

CompactLogix 1769Allen Bradley

The Allen Bradley CompactLogix start with the part number 1769. This series features a rackless design which allows the modules to be din rail mounted. This series has a variety of processor, analog, thermocouple, RTD, and digitial I/O modules. Popular modules in this series include the 1769-IF8 or the 1769-L35E.

Component PanelviewsAllen Bradley

The Component Panelviews start with the part number 2711C, they are panel-mountedHMIs that areeither Color or Monochrome. They come with built in communicationports. They includethe 6 inch Color 2711C-T6Candthe 10 inch Color 2711-T10C.

DrivesAllen Bradley

The Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4, PowerFlex 40, PowerFlex 400, and PowerFlex 700 are just some of the Drives that we carry. Other drives include AC, DC, VFDs, and Servo Drives. Including parts such as 22A-D4P0N104 and the 22B-D4P0N104

Obsolete PanelView PlusAllen Bradley

Some of the PanelView Plus Terminals are obsolete, however we still have many of themin stock-Including the 400 to 1500 terminals (series 400,600,700,1000,1250,1500) which usemodular components withvalue-added options for flexible system configuration; display module, logic module,and optionalcommunication module.

QuickPanel ViewGE Fanuc

The GE QuickPanel View is an touchscreen interface module. The QuickPanel isavailable in differentconfigurations to suit your requirements, either as a full feature HMI, or acombination of HMI andcontroller for local and distributed control applications. Parts starting with IC754includingIC754VSI06STD and IC754VGI06STD.

Servo ControllersAllen Bradley

The Allen Bradley Servo Controllers or Servo Drives that start with the part number 1394. These servo drives are multi axis control and drive systems that can be integrated in many different drive systems. This system can be installed with up to 4 axis modules. Popular models include the 1394-AM03, 1394-AM07, 1394C-SJT05-C-RL,or the 1394-SJT05-A


The Eaton Cutler-Hammer PanelMate User Interface Panels operate with touchscreens or keypads and allow users to control their machines. These HMI Displays are industrial grade and can be installed in harsh environments. Popular models include the 7685T-8 and 7685T-10C.


The Eaton Drives include the SVX 9000 and theHVX 9000 drives. These drives weredesigned for manydifferent applications from HVAC to fluid control. They are suitable for multiplemotor drivesystems and many other systems.

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Thank you for visiting! We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina and specialize in obsolete Allen Bradley, Eaton Cutler-Hammer and GE Fanuc parts. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call or email us.
-Do Supply Team



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