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Gaston Gutter Cleaning | Vancouver, BC

Some home repairs are easy to do yourself. Others, like gutter installation, cleaning, and repairs, not so much. Decades ago, a good gutter cleaning at the beginning of spring was a great way to start the year off and prepare for spring showers. Now, with such unpredictable weather patterns, its best to be prepared all the time. Making sure your gutters are clean and clear is essential and we can help you with that job.

About Us

Gaston Gutter Cleaning of Vancouver provides a high quality service in the cleaning and repair of your house gutters. Our commitment to you is to make you satisfied with our performance. We count with more than 5 years of service experience offering our warranty of quality on the work we do.

Our Vancouver-based company is committed to offering the best customer service to you. Our experience in gutter cleaning, repairs, and roof washing makes us one of the best roof cleaning companies in the area. We believe in three company values that have allowed us to grow and continue offering the best customer service: safety, expertise, and friendliness. Since we spend most of our time climbing up and down roofs and other high places, we place a priority on safety and expertise. We are also committed to offering the best, friendliest customer service to you.

Areas we serve : Vancouver, BC: Sea Island, Richmond, Point Roberts, White Rock, Blaine, Birch Bay, Custer, Delta, Lynden, Greenwood, Langley Twp, Langley City, Surrey, Burnaby, Walnut Grove, Whonnock, Glen Valley, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Iron Bay, Belcarra, Britannia Beach, Furry Creek, Porteau, McNab Creek, Port Mellon, Gambier Island, Anvil Island, Lions Bay, Woodfibre, Hopkins Landing, Gibsons, Bower Island, Roberts Creek, Davis Bay, Selma Park, Sechelt, Tuwanek, Gabriola Island, Cedar, Cassidy, Laysmith, Valdes Island, Thetis Island, Penelakut Island, Galiano Island, Saltair, Chemainus, Vesuvius, Long Harbour, Mayne Island

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Our Services

We’re experts on anything roof. If you need a job cleaning, repairing, or installing anything above head level on your building, we’re the people you can count on. Our team offers an array of services all focused on the roof and gutters of your building. Need a new gutter? Call us. Got your gutter clogged? Call us. Need a roof tile wash? Call us. Get the pattern? You name it, we’re on it.

Gutter Cleaning

Even though installing gutters doesn’t seem like the most complicated job to do, its harder than it seems. Climbing up a wobbly ladder while juggling equipment can be dangerous. We’re experts in the matter and can do the job for you, so you can spend your time relaxing and not worrying about falling down a flight of stairs.

Gutter Installation

Installing gutters is one of the most important tasks you can do to take care of your building’s structure and roof. If gutters are not installed properly, they can cause structural harm and even bring down parts of your walls or tiles. Our team has been installing gutters since we first started working and we have the equipment necessary to do a safe and efficient job for you. If you have old gutters you need to take off before a new installation, we can also lend a helping hand with that task.

“I realized that some squirrels had made a nest in our gutters and that our gutters were completely clogged. My roofs are pretty high, so I needed a professional job done. We called Gaston Gutter Cleaning Services and they did a great job of clearing and cleaning the gutters. We highly recommend them.” Jessica F.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are your best friend. They are to gutter what butter is to toast. A gutter without a gutter guard is like driving a car without breaks, especially if you live in the Vancouver area. No matter what the season is, there is always something flying in the air that could settle over your gutters and clog them. We can install and clean gutter guards for you so you never have to worry about climbing up a wobbly ladder and doing the job yourself.

Gutter Repairs

Even though gutters are built to be sturdy and durable, sometimes the wear and tear of every day life can get the better of them. Swinging or loose gutters are not a good scene for anyone. They could fall at any time and even bring down roof tiles or wall paint along with them. Clogged gutters can also cause larger problems, as they can fill with debris and eventually crumble under their own weight. If you need gutter repairs, we’re ready to help. We’ll make sure your gutters are installed properly so not even a strong, gusty wind pushes them out of place.

“My husband and I bought a beautiful townhouse downtown that we love. But, because its so old, there was a thick layer of dirt on the roof that didn’t look very nice. The Gaston Gutter Cleaning team used pressure washing to clean the tiles and now they look spectacular.” Patricia Wallace

Pressure Washing

Most of us spend time cleaning our floors, kitchen counters, and indoor spaces, but rarely turn to our home’s exterior to give it a good wash. Cleaning the external walls of a building can make a huge difference in its image and can help maintain the buildings structure and durability. Pressure washing is a washing technique that applies pressured water on external surfaces to clean mold, mildew, dirt, dust, and other particles that have settled on the surfaces of your exterior walls. After a pressure washing, you’ll be surprised by how bright your walls are!

Roof Cleaning

Whether it’s the turn of the fall season or spring is around the corner, its always a good time to give your roof a good cleaning. A building’s roof endures the worst kind of weather and air pollution, especially in the Vancouver area. Our crew can help you clean all parts of your roof, even hard to reach places, so it looks as good as new. You’ll be surprised how much a clean roof can change the appearance of your building.

“Our family contracts Gaston Gutter Cleaning  team once a year for small gutter repairs and routine cleaning. They always pull out loads of debris that accumulates in them throughout the year. We’ve worked for them for years because they’re always safety-oriented and really friendly. We highly recommend they’re work.” Donald G.

Call Us Today

The Gaston Gutter crew of gutter and roof cleaning is ready to answer your call at any time, any season. After years of working in the Vancouver area, we have learned how to clean old and new gutters of all kinds while always staying safe and making sure you are happy. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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