Augment your perception & boost your mobility

Augment your perception & boost your mobility

What is the Sunu Band?

The Sunu Band is a smart mobility aid that uses echolocation to complement your white cane or guide dog.

You simply wear it like a watch and it works as an invisible white cane for your upper body, allowing you to perceive people, obstacles, and spaces around you through vibrations.

Additionally, the band pairs to the Sunu App to provide on-the-go GPS assistance, accompanying you like a virtual sighted guide.

90% less accidents to the upper body

Removes fear & stress when moving

Increased confidence & independence

Improved agility & smoothness of travel

The Sunu App

Meet your surroundings with the Sunu App. Receive turn-by-turn directions, point your hand and receive information about places, streets and location.

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Is the Sunu Band right for you?

Thousands of users are living a stress free navigation with the Sunu Band, find out if it is the right complement for your mobility in 3 minutes with the following quiz, and join our growing community. Take the quiz

What our users say about us

-Scott B.


"Our daughter has Leber's. She wears it every time she goes out. It's a major part of her toolbox of independence and mobility."

-Ray S.

Sunu Band user

"I wear my Sunu Band on my left wrist, it enables me to be aware of and be warned of people coming up, something which used to startle me, before”

-Donna B.

Sunu Band user

“I thought I would be overwhelmed figuring out all the features, but it is very simple to navigate with the mobile app and even just to play with it."

-Jeffrey R.


“My friend loves his Sunu. He’s been completely blind for over 15 years and the Sunu Band lets him move around with more confidence than ever before. I haven’t seen him so happy in years.”

3 Reasons Why Our Community Loves the Sunu Band

Use your Sunu Band in different scenarios like walking around the city in the look for locations, strolling down the park avoiding leafs and trees in the way and being indoors at the supermarket using gap finding.

Our ultimate goal is inclusion; no one left behind!

At Sunu we create bold products to close the world's accessibility gaps of living with disabilities. Our ultimate goal is inclusion; no one left behind!

We are based in Massachusetts (US) and Guadalajara (Mexico) since 2013. Our team is small, balanced in gender, from multiple nationalities, with members of the LGTBQ+ community, and members living with blindness. Our engineering team includes robotic's world cup champions and former senior engineers at Google and Microsoft.

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Ely and Marce tell us about living with blindness, tiflotechnology and their areas of expertise.

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