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Use our apps to schedule a plane anytime, anywhere

For Flight Schools, Flying Clubs, FBOs, Aircraft Partnerships and General Aviation

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How it works

Add all your users, Pilots or Flight Instructors – no limits

Schedule it all: Simulators, dispatch staff, headsets – anything!

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Holdshort App for Aircraft Scheduling

Flight Schools, Flying Clubs, Pilots and Student Pilots may:

Add an unlimited number of pilots or users
Add an unlimited number of instructors at no charge!
Add custom resource types
Add multiple airport locations and different time zones
Control access to resources by pilot qualifications
Enforce FAA regulations
Find the nearest flight center
Create an account with your pilot ratings and certificates
Easily join an existing flight organization
Reserve aircraft online, 24/7 via any web browser or app

Scheduling & Aircraft Management System Features


Our aircraft scheduling software offers a wide range of enforcement capabilities (Certificates, Ratings, FAA Flight Review, Medical, Organization Review, Renter’s Insurance, etc.) to ensure the eligibility of your pilots. In addition, the aircraft hobbs and tachmeter tracking system will keep you notified on maintenance inspections that come due.


The online scheduling software features a multi-tier role system that can be fully customized. This way, you can effortlessly distribute responsibilities between managers, instructors, pilots, students, etc. Apart from having default resources on the schedule such as aircraft and instructors, you may add custom resources such as staff and other equipment for complete scheduling management. Reservations for equipment can be made with a scheduled flight.


Thanks to a secure external API, the leading online credit card processing company for business,the Holdshort nowincludes an ability to issue and manage invoices for flights and specified products. As an addition to all aircraft scheduling and management features the scheduling applicationhas to offer, our payment module makes holdshort the ultimate tool to handle your flight operations – all in one place!

Talk to us

We want to work with you to advance your aviation business and solve your scheduling needs.

Our support is available 9AM - 5PM Eastern Time by Phone, and 24/7 by E-Mail.

Submit your requests, questions, suggestions, and improvement requests by phone, onlinechat or skype.

Phone: 1-775-364-0660
Skype: Holdshort.Aviation

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About Us

Our next generation online aircraft scheduling software provides a complete flight and pilot scheduling management solution to flying clubs, flight schools, FBOs, corporate flight departments, air carriers and charter operators. We are the premier online flight school software solution that has been developed with the specific needs of operators and business owners in mind. Our scheduling platform provides a complete online and app-based aircraft reservation solutions which provides the administrator complete control over their user's access and reservation authority.

Organizations may now also seamlessly manage multiple locations from a single account. In addition, the scheduling system maintains complete pilot records for verification and compliance purposes prior to flight dispatch.

The general aviation community is, essentially, a close knit community. Our cloud-based scheduling software eliminates the need for multiple user log-in accounts and passwords. Rather, users may create new organizations and join existing ones from a single log-in account. You can also enjoy any multiple levels of access from a single account - including administrator, flight instructor and pilot. Pilots that seek to rent aircraft away from their home airports will have their entire records available on the online software, which can be shared with participating FBOs and clubs that the Pilot chooses to join. This will allow aviation businesses to attract new customers, allow for a quick “checkout” of the pilot’s credentials and increase their aircraft’s utilization.

Holdshort was initially established in 2003, providing innovative aircraft scheduling and flight management solutions to the Aviation industry. The innovative features we launched during that time were quickly adopted by competitive systems. After several years of progressive updates to the classic system, Holdshort seeks to shake-up the general aviation industry through a next-generation, centralized open platform that allows seamless user addition, pilot credential management, complete resource and location management. Aviation businesses which adopt a scheduling platform such as ours for their operations will be at a distinct advantage to those using legacy scheduling solutions.

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Aircraft & Other Resources Instructors, Pilots & Other Users Locations (Airport, Office, etc.) Aircraft & Other Resources 1 Instructors, Pilots & Other Users Unlimited Locations (Airport, Office, etc.) 1 $10 per month or $110 per year Sign in & Buy now! Save $10 Aircraft & Other Resources Up to 5 Instructors, Pilots & Other Users Unlimited Locations (Airport, Office, etc.) 1 $30 per month or $330 per year Sign in & Buy now! Save $30 Aircraft & Other Resources Up to 10 Instructors, Pilots & Other Users Unlimited Locations (Airport, Office, etc.) Up to 2 $55 per month or $605 per year Sign in & Buy now! Save $55 Aircraft & Other Resources Unlimited Instructors, Pilots & Other Users Unlimited Locations (Airport, Office, etc.) Unlimited $499 per month or $5489 per year Sign in & Buy now! Save $499

Need more?

Add more Aircraft & Resources

for just $5 per month

Add more locations

for just $10 per month

All Accounts Include:

Unlimited Instructors appearing on the schedule
Unlimited Pilots & Users
FAA Certificate Enforcement (Medical, Ratings, & Endorsements)
Complete Scheduling Management Control
Complete Maintenance Management
Aircraft Dispatch Control
Live Customer Support
Initial Set-Up and Data Migration

Use our apps to schedule a plane anytime, anywhere

For Flight Schools, Flying Clubs, FBOs, Aircraft Partnerships and General Aviation


To view a demo of our system, please first sign up for a free user account

Request access to our live demo to see first-hand how our scheduling system can work for your aviation organization


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Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!

(775) 364-0660 Holdshort.Aviation

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Holdshort Aviation Systems, LLC +1 775-364-0660 Aircraft Scheduling Software for Flight Schools, FBOs, Aircraft Clubs & Partnerships. Try it free for 60 days. Top-rated flight scheduler app.

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