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Singapore CEI exam preparation and certification

Online mock up Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (CEI) exam that follows the format of MOM.

I bought your CEI KAH study notes and also access to your exam simulator, and just passed my CEI KAH test at NTUC today. Just wanted to say thank you for the very useful materials. Your test questions were the best ones I came across.

Mr KT Khoo


We offer free trial to our online exam questions.


Study for CEI exam anywhere and anytime

Our system provides online mock CEI exam to any devices installed with a modern web browser. This gives you great flexibility to your learning and CEI exam preparation. To date we have successfully imported over few hundred questions  on topics covered in CEI (KAH), CEI (KAH) – non FDW, CEI (KAH) – without EFMA, CEI (Basic), CEI (Basic) – non FDW and CEI (Basic) – without EFMA. With questions contributed by students and answers updated in Sep 2021.

Getting help from other CEI?

You didn’t pass your CEI Exam and couldn’t understand where to find the correct answer? Don’t worry. Our supporting CEIs will gladly help you unfold the area of weakness if you can simply recall the question and send it to our Sensei email. Our respond time is typically within 2 business days.

Mobile Ready

24/7 Accessible

Help in your questions

Track your progress

Simple payment

Online and email support

FAQ about Us

Where can I find my downloads or Exams?

1. Click on 'My CEI Account'.2. Click on 'Downloads' to find all your downloads. There is no expiry.3. Click on 'Exams' to see the list of Exams available to you. However, you can only access to them only if you have made a purchase in the Shop.

Why didn't I receive my activation email

Check your email software’s Junk or SPAM folder If you didn’t receive any email from us. If you still don’t receive anything after waiting for 24hrs, drop us an email or WhatsApp.

Can I download the questions?

You cannot download the questions as this system is meant for you to try all the questions online. It simulates the actual exam you will be going through. The questions are pulled out from a database that consists of a few hundred questions. If you require help in studying for the exam, do drop an us an email or whatsapp to us.

Where can I find the correct answer?

The correct answer will be revealed to you at the end of the test. If you cannot find the answer or think it is incorrect, please send us an email attached with the screenshot of the question and answer. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

When were the questions updated?

We try our best to update and refresh our question bank as and when there are changes published on the MOM website. The last time we updated our database was 1st Jul 2020.

Where do the questions comes from?

The questions comes from various sources. A large part of them comes from CEIs who has passed the exam recently. Questions are picked randomly from a pool of a few hundreds and place into each exam each time they are taken.

Can I ask questions from my actual CEI exam?

If you have questions regarding your actual CEI exam, you can email your questions to our support. Our CEI will try their best to answer them as soon as possible.

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