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Golf Bag History

In the early days, the players would usually carry their clubs in different ways or connect them with a leather cord, or strap.

In the early 1900s, a modern golf ball was developed along with the first golf bag with a club. The bags of the past were roughly the same size and shape as our current bags. The original golf bags were made of canvas, with metal edges to protect and create a shape, and had a tiny 4 inch opening at the top.

As the game gained popularity and spread from the grazing field towards an actual course, special clubs were developed and golfers began carrying more clubs and required bags that were larger to transport them.

The USGA (United States Golf Association) in 1939 introduced the rule of 14 clubs that limited the number of clubs the golfer can carry in competition. This created an undisputed standard for determining the size of the golf bag.

In the 1970’s Rick Reimers, a golf professional from San Jose, California, identified the need to improve how golf bags were designed. In the early days, golf bags were a bit heavy and were constructed of vinyl and cotton. Reimers’ search for an improved, light golf bag has led him to the material and techniques employed by manufacturers of backpacks. The first golf bag made by Reimers Sun Mountain, his company Sun Mountain, was the groundbreaking BACK 9 golf carry bag. This bag BACK 9 was made from nylon, resulting in an item that was tough as well as less heavy than standard golf bags.

Over a decade later even more improvements were made to make the bag even more durable and lighter. Designs were created when Golf Carts became popular along with the need to fit two bags side by side. The invention of the Cart Bag was created.

The year was 1986 and manufacturers made what is believed to be the biggest innovation in the design of the modern golf bag by introducing the concept of the world’s first golf bag to have legs that were built in. It was the Stand Bag that was invented.

A number of industry firsts and patent improvements were made: the drop-top that makes it easier to access shorter irons as well as the ability to pull several clubs at the same time and also the bottom stand roller mechanism, and the Y-spring which allows the legs to retract into the bag, elliptical-topped bags that fit more closely to the body and much more.

Today leading industries such as CaddyPro (Canada’s ONLY NHL Licensed Golf Merchandise Supplier) have taken the opportunity to improve the use and look of the bag by standardizing it with your favorite NHL team. We have come a long way.

Hockey Golf Bags

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