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by {0}Wuhan J.H. Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.CN13YRSCustom manufacturerMain Products:Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor, Compressor Nebulizer, Self Testing Devices For Pregnancy, Self Testing Devices For OvulationTest Machines (6)Total Trading Staff (4)Have Management CertificateTotal Floorspace (39,321㎡)HomeProductsSee all categoriesHOT SALESFertility testSperm count testPregnancy testOvulation testInfection testAnimal TestFeline testcanine testhome medical deviceOxygen concentratorInfrared thermometerCompression Nebulizerblood glucose monitor systemblood pressure monitorMedical imaging machinesDigital x rayENT treatment unitUltrasoundcolor doppler ultrasoundPhysiotherapy machinesESWT unitMonitoring machinespatient monitorECGVeterinary EquipmentVet Infusion PumpVet Ultrasound ScannerProfileCompany OverviewBusiness PerformanceRatings & ReviewsTransaction HistoryContactsVideoPromotionFeedSupplierThis supplier has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,SGS Group

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