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Nutrient Management

Correcting Nutrient Issues with Real-World Soil Tests

By Laura BarreraNeal Kinsey has heard some people say that the purpose of a soil test is just to point you in the right direction.

No-Till News

No-Till Highlights: Oct. 6, 2022

No-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's realm from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web. No-Till Farmer's Best of the Web is brought to you by Sound Agriculture.

Tell The EPA What You Think About Its Proposed Atrazine Rules

The proposed rules would reduce the concentration equivalent level of concern equivalent from 15 parts per billion to 3.4 parts per billion, reduce atrazine usage to a maximum of 2 pounds per acre per year, prohibit aerial spraying, and ban atrazine applications to saturated soils, as well as within 48 hours of forecasted heavy precipitation.

Top 10 No-Till Stories in September 2022

In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from farmers in the past month.

USDA Expands Split-N Benefit to Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin

USDA’s Risk Management Agency rolled out PACE earlier this year to support stewardship of fertilizer, and it will continue to be offered in select counties of Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Dakota. View More

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5 Pillars for No-Till Farming Effectively, Efficiently Making the Precision Basics Even Better with Implement Guidance Focusing on Smarter, Sustainable Fertilizing Strategies How No-Tilling Can Help Growers Ease Flooding Issues View More

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No-Till Farming 101

Feeling overwhelmed?

Start with these information-packed articles hand-picked by our editors:

Focus on Biology for Better Soil Health
For farmers aiming for sustainable and profitable crop production, optimizing soil health and function is the ultimate endgame.

What You Should Know About No-Till Planters
For no-tillers, the planter is the most crucial piece of equipment on their farm. This article will take you through the basic components of a no-till planter and provide you with tips for no-till planter maintenance from experienced pros in the industry.

Digging Into the Principles of Regenerative Ag
Based on the principles of building healthy soil, regenerative ag aims to not only sustain farm productivity but to actually work with nature to regenerate the soil, increase biodiversity and enhance the farming ecosystem.

Join topno-tillers, agronomists and researchers for 3days of unrivaled learning and networking!

Build and refine your no-till system with dozens of new ideas and connections at the 31stannual National No-Tillage Conference in St. Louis, Missouri January 10-13!Experience an energizing 3-day agenda featuring inspiring general session speakers, expert-led No-Till Classrooms and collaborative No-Till Roundtables. Plus, Certified Crop Adviser credits will be offered. Just as important is the chance to profit from unlimited hallway networking with the most innovative, forward-thinking minds in no-till!


No-Till Passport Series

Ecological Farming Proves Beneficial for Farmers in Africa

An international team of scientists has found that eco-friendly practices such as growing a range of crops, including legumes such as beans or pigeon peas, and adding plant residues or manure to soils can raise food crop yields in places such as rural Africa, where small-scale farmers cannot apply much nitrogen fertilizer.

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Read more from the No-Till Passport series.

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Mechanical Weed-Control System Slashes Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Fertilizer Ban Trims Yields by 30-60%

View More

Industry News

Beck's Expansion Covers All of KansasA Year Without a P Application Might be a Good IdeaSyngenta Launches Digital Tool to Detect Nematodes Through Satellite ImagesTessenderlo Kerley Plans New Ohio Fertilizer PlantZasso Releases XPR Electric Weeder ConceptView More
No-Till Videos

No-Till Columns

Ralph Martin: Has Fertilizer Canada Given Up on the 4Rs?

Recent Fertilizer Canada lobbying has morphed the fourth principle from Right rates to holding the line at rates without “a mandatory reduction in the use of fertilizers.” These are 3R and STIR (same to increased rates) principles. Is this right?

How to get No-Tillers on Board for Carbon Contracts

A group of companies called the Agricultural Climate Market Collaborative believes that lack of “transparency” is one of major road blocks to acceptance. To address transparency, the Collaborative developed eleven principles to guide carbon ecosystem marketers when forming these new contracts with growers.

Who's Afraid of Regenerative Agriculture?

Whether regenerative ag continues to be a term talked about, or some other terms takes (eg: “biodynamic agriculture” or “climate smart agriculture”) its place, it’s useful to break down and understand not just the definition, but the principles that go into that definition.

A Shocking Study About Glyphosate and Worms

Based on the headlines, you might expect the experiment to have been fairly simple. Get some worms. Spray the worms with Roundup. Observe seizures. You would be wrong. View More

No-Till Farmer Podcast

[Podcast] Steve Wilkens Overcomes No-Till Corn Adversity

For this No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by SOURCE by Sound Agriculture, we're joined by Steve Wilkens who farms about 1,000 acres of Wisconsin ground that his family has worked since the 1850’s. In 2021, Wilkens recorded a yield of 315.4 bushels per acre, enough to claim second place in the Wisconsin No-Till Non-Irrigated category for the National Corn Grower’s Association Corn Yield Contest.

No-Till Farmer podcast series is brought to you bySOURCE®️ by Sound Agriculture.

More from this series

SOURCE from Sound Agriculture unlocks more of the nitrogen and phosphorus already in your fields, so you can rely less on expensive and hard-to-find fertilizer. This foliar applied chemistry has an low use rate and is tank mix compatible, getting a free ride into the field. Check out SOURCE it's like caffeine for microbes. Learn more at

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Planter Maintenance with Precision Planting

Could Your Parallel Arms Last Longer?

The parallel arm linkage makes sure that your row-unit is riding smoothly. If you have slop in your parallel arm linkage, that's going to cause a chattering effect of your row unit as you go through the field. That chattering will impact your seed drop.

Read More

The Planter Maintenance series is brought to you by Precision Planting. Precision Planting, LLC is the leading provider of practical and effective precision ag technologies to help make farmers smarter every season.

Product Roundups

Vertical-Tillage Product Roundup 2022

Check out the latest vertical-tillage products from some of the industry's leading suppliers.

Farm Progress Show Product Roundup 2022

Check out the latest offerings from these 2022 Farm Progress Show exhibitors.

Fertilizer & Soil Amendments Product Roundup 2022

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No-Till Corn: Pushing the Boundaries of Yield Potential

This 16-page special report offers tips and guidance from growers at or near the height of their talents. Learn what challenges they face, from managing equipment to self-control, and find advice and valuable information to help you reach the same level of success that they have.

No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook

Transitioning from conventional farming to no-till and incorporating the use of cover crops requires a higher level of management, but with No-Till Farmer's new No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook, you now have easy access to the critical information you need on field preparation, equipment requirements, how no-till and covers impact other agronomic practices and more.

Understanding Soil Fertility for Higher Yields

This special report was put together to help farmers understand soil fertility and the connection with crop yields. From Neal Kinsey’s explanation of how to nurture soils so they become a thriving, productive system to the importance of sulfur to identifying nutrient imbalances on real-life soil tests, the topics covered illuminate today’s generally accepted understanding of soil fertility.                                                                                                                                        

Fine-Tuning No-Till Performance with Better Planter Technology

This 24 page special report is designed to bring you practical information and tips on how to improve each and every facet of your no-till planter, from attachments to GPS systems to evaluating various setups. Expert advice from long-time no-tillers, no-till researchers and planter consultants offer valuable insights into modifications and adjustments that will help you achieve better stands and ultimately better yields.                                                             Visit Store
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