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Sustainable & Inclusive decision making

Welcome at the Obeya Centre of Expertise & Community

About Obeya

Obeya is a system, a concept, a philosophy, defined by a particular set of ideas (“Obeya principles”) used for inclusive and sustainable decision making.

An Obeya is a physical or digital workspace where strategy meets execution. Typical about Obeya is that it guides both behavior as well as a work environment design. It creates a so called “single source of truth”.

More about Obeya

Example Obeya by Obeya Association is licensed under CC BY 4.0

OBEYA - by the Obeya Association

Introduction to the Obeya framework Obeya Principles & Obeya Roles Setting up an Obeya Created by and for Obeya experts OBEYA booklet

OBEYA - by the Obeya Association by Obeya Association is licensed under CC BY 4.0

About the Obeya Association

The Obeya Association is the heart of all that is Obeya. A platform and a worldwide network promoting the use of Obeya methods professionally and constantly expanding the Obeya knowledge base. We are devoted to making effective Obeya practice accessible for all.

Obeya is considered a sustainable management practice or sustainable decision model. Therefore Obeya contributes to a world in which our organizational decisions positively resonate towards the world around us.


Join over 700 practitioners from around the world

The Obeya Association is a platform and a worldwide network that aims to share knowledge on Obeya easier than before. We aim to develop Obeya “from tool to philosophy”. We are a community of Obeya practitioners, discussing, creating, sharing, testing and continuously improving Obeya practices.

Become an associate

Free access to all Obeya events Free Obeya training modules Extensive Lean/Agile Obeya Document Library Largest worldwide Obeya practitioners network SIGN UP


iObeya Enterprise Visual Management Platform for Lean and Agile companies

Dolf Reijnders & Bart Bongers, founders of the Obeya Association, explain todays’ relevance of Obeya to foster Sustainable & Inclusive decision making in organizations.

Exclusive tips from Author Tim Wiegel on how to set up an effective Obeya. Improve your leadership system through this educating video.


Leading With Obeya - Maximizing human leadership potential

By Tim Wiegel


Everyone Obeya - Strategically connected and predictable improvement (Dutch)

By Jeroen Janssen



Don’t let old meeting habits ruin your Obeya Session

There is one complaint I hear in literally every organization I visit as Organization Coach: “We have too many meetings”. Upon closer inspection, it is

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Why Obeya is more than a ‘Visual Management Tool’

By bridging Obeya back to its origins we learn about the deep philosophical essence from decades of Obeya use and centuries of practice in the Art of Management

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Further professionalization of Obeya craftsmanship  

Quint and the Obeya Association have entered into a partnership, allowing them to share knowledge and build an international community that will take Obeya to the next level.

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Come on then, black belt sensei



What is an Obeya?Obeya PrinciplesObeya RolesObeya MethodologyHow to build an Obeya Room?


What is Lean Management?Lean PrinciplesLean Methodology


What is Agile?What are the Agile Principles?Is Agile a Methodology?

About Us

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