Rice Bran Oil - Overview, Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts & Features

Web Name: Rice Bran Oil - Overview, Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts & Features

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What is Rice Bran Oil?

Rice bran is the outer brown layer of the
rice grain (rice husk) and is produced when
rice is milled.The oil extracted from this bran is
called rice bran oil. It has a mild flavour &
neutral taste.

How is Rice Bran Oil
Good For you

Oryzanol present in Rice Bran oil is an antioxidant which increases cholesterol elimination and reduces its absorptionIt maintains its nutritive quality even at very high temperatures. It contains a compound called Squalene present which gets easily absorbed in the skinVitamin E and particularly tocopherol present in Rice Bran oil nourishes skin & hair

Rice Bran Oil Health Benefits

Consuming Rice Bran oil on a regular reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseaseIt is very good for the hair & skinhealthOryzanol boosts the metabolism in the body which contributes to a healthy weight lossY-oryzanol in Rice Bran oil, is believed to be effective in curbing hot flashes during menopause.

Rice Bran Oil Nutrition Facts

Composition in 100 gms (Approximate) Energy in kcal 884Proteins in g0Carbohydrates in g0 Total Fat (Oil) in g99.99Trans Fat Content in g**BDLSaturated Fat Content in g17 to 27Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids in g38 to 48Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids in g30 to 40Trans Fatty Acids in g0Cholesterol in mg0Oryzanolmore than 1000 mg (10000 ppm)Sugar in g0Vitamin A in mcg750Vitamin D in mcg11.25

Rice Bran Oil Features

Smoke point 232 °C (450 °F)Iodine value99-108Acid value 0.5Saponification value180-190Unsaponifiable3-4.5%
(including antioxidants)Fat compositionSaturated fats:Total saturated 25%Myristic0.6%Palmitic21.5%Stearic2.9%Unsaturated fats:Total unsaturated75%Monounsaturated38%Oleic acid 38%Polyunsaturated37%Omega-3 fatty acids
α-Linolenic2.2%Omega-6 fatty acids Linoleic:34.4%

Ways to
rice bran
in your diet:

Use it for frying pooris, pakodas, papads etc.Prepare parathas, curries in Rice Bran OilSprinkle it on your salads

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