Episode 113 – HMK Insurance – Todd Collins and Alan Pfizenmayer

This episode featuresTodd CollinsandAlan PfizenmayerofHMK Insurance. HMK Insurance is located in Bethlehem, PA.  The inception goes all of the way back to 1914.  In the mid 1990’s they began to focus their attention on craft beverages.  Tim Kurtz brought on a few local breweries.  Today they have clients spread out across the United States.  As… Keep Reading

Episode 112 – The Spicy Shark – Gabe DiSaverio

This episode featuresGabe DiSaverioofThe Spicy Shark. Spicy Shark was born in 2018 by Gabe by combining his two favorite things in life… Hot Sauces and Sharks. Five years ago he left behind the beer business and went pro. After spending 17 years with the Boston beer company, he decided to follow his passion. He grew… Keep Reading

Episode 111 – Method Spirits – Corey Fitzsimmons

This episode featuresCorey FitzsimmonsofMethod Spirits. Corey was a bartender in New York City for over a decade. He had the honor of being the head bartender at the new location for the Union Square Cafe. He quickly discovered the he was not able to source local vermouth that would work for classic cocktails. He began… Keep Reading

Episode 110 – Obscurity Mead Hall and Cidery – Luke Goucher and Carson Souza

This episode features Luke Goucher and Carson Souza of Obscurity Mead Hall & Cidery. Obscurity started with friends getting together and having a passion for beer. Carson had already been in the brewing industry for 10 years as a commercial brewer at a vegan brewery. Luke and Carson decided to get a little wild and play with mead… Keep Reading

Episode 109 – Proof and Wood Ventures – Dave Schmier

This episode featuresDave SchmierofProof and Wood Ventures. Dave co-founded Redemption Rye in 2010. In 2015 he sold the company and within a short time he started Proof and Wood. Presently he doesn’t distill, however, he does source some incredible whiskey and barrel aged spirits. A huge part of what they do is blending of whiskey.… Keep Reading

Episode 108 – Redwood Empire Whiskey – Lauren Patz

This episode featuresLauren PatzofRedwood Empire Whiskey. The story begins not with whiskey but, with wine.  Derek Benham started a wine company over 20 years ago.  He built the brand and sold it in 2013.  He then set his sights on starting a distillery.  White spirits flowed from the still and they began laying down barrels… Keep Reading

Episode 107 – Michael Juergens – Bhutan Wine Company

In this episode we speak withMichael Juergensof Bhutan Wine Company. Michael grew up in Southern California. He was a punk rock skateboard kid. His origins were not in wine. His dad came home from a business trip to Italy with a bottle of wine. He suggested that they drink the wine and smoke cigars. At… Keep Reading

MeadCon 2022

MeadCon is more than just another industry convention. It’s a celebration and a gathering of mead practitioners that are on their own journey. MeadCon 2022 was held in Baltimore, MD on August 22nd through the 23rd. The two day event served professionals, as well as, home mead makers. The American Mead Makers Association provided a… Keep Reading

Episode 106 – OVO Vodka – Anthony Packwood

In this episode we speak withAnthony PackwoodofOvo Vodka. Anthony andJohn Dunningtonare from Liverpool. Their studies in grad school were around the alcohol industry. They focused on the branding and marketing. The more that they saw others creating, they began to get curious on making their own product. It was important for them to have a… Keep Reading

Episode 105 – Bar Convent Recap – Jackie Williams

In this episode we speak withJackie WilliamsofRX GlobalaboutBar Convent Brooklyn2022. In 2018 BCB was launched. In 2022 BCB celebrated it’s new Brooklyn home at Industry City. Bar Convent Brooklyn took place on June 14th and 15th.  Over 3,700 attended the event over a 2 day span.  The event provided an amazing opportunity for the bartending… Keep Reading

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