Crossfunctional fitness as an effective means of losing weight for girls!

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Crossfunctional fitness system for girls

In pursuit of an ideal figure, girls are increasingly resorting to a relatively new type of fitness – Crossfunctional fitness. It’s a high-intensity fitness program. It is aimed not only at developing and strengthening muscles, achieving a variety of sports goals, but also designed to train the heart muscle and respiratory system.

The key role is played not only by the constant increase in the weight of sports equipment but also by the enormous speed of the exercises. The more intense the workout, the more it contributes to weight loss. This fitness field is based on a combination of power and cardio workouts, the complementary effect of which provides a rapid weight loss effect.
Since Crossfunctional fitness exercises take place at the maximum level of intensity, they allow your heart rate to stay at consistently high values. This, in turn, allows you to use the stored calories much faster than with traditional training.

Why is Crossfunctional fitness the best for weight loss?

There are several reasons why Crossfunctional fitness is the most reliable means for weight loss:

A large choice of programs. You will never have to repeat the same thing on every training. Everyone who likes fitness knows: it is difficult not to start, and not to break down in the process. When you do the same complex from week to week, sooner or later you’ll get tired of the routine. Crossfunctional fitness workouts, on the other hand, have a lot of fun, especially in group classes. You never know what your coach has in mind today. And if you are preparing a program for yourself, then you can constantly alternate exercises, replacing them with similar ones, since in Crossfunctional fitness their choice is very large.

Your body will be in good shape. Since Crossfunctional fitness combines cardio and strength training, it keeps muscles in permanently good shape. After all, you can lose excess weight in various ways, and get quite different effects. If you do not engage in power exercises and do only aerobic fitness, then the body will gladly get rid of unnecessary muscles, in the end, although you will lose weight, you may even look worse than before.

How many calories will burn?

Burning calories is an integral part of losing weight. However, you need to focus not on weight, because when losing weight, the body loses not only fat but also water, muscles. That is why the main indicators of successful fat burning are measurements and appearance. In addition to the results in appearance, your body will be healthy after Crossfunctional fitness – metabolic processes will accelerate, you’ll eat well, and sleep soundly.
The average rate of calories burning in a Crossfunctional fitness round is 12-16 kcal per minute for girls. When training in 40-45 minutes, it turns out to be 600-700 per session. Some complexes will help burn up to 1000 kcals at a time. Not bad, right?

Top exercises of Crossfunctional fitness training

A daily Crossfunctional fitness training plan should contain 3-5 units ranked by degree of difficulty, starting with the easiest. They can be performed both in a gym with special equipment, and in home sports.

The best calisthenic bodyweight exercises include:

squats – the classic version of the exercises can be replaced with variations: squats on one leg, with jumps, or by adjusting the width of the legs.push-ups – the exercise can be complicated by performing it upside down against the wall in a handstand.burpee – the most comprehensive classic Crossfunctional fitness exercise that increases aerobic performance, including the whole body. It should be performed at the fastest possible pace.jumping rope in Crossfunctional fitness training has its own specifics – the exercise should be performed by scrolling the rope in the jump twice, which increases the pace of movements and load. The effectiveness of the exercise will increase if you land not on a full foot, but on your toes.exercises for the abdominal press (twisting, lifting the torso, plank) should be included in each training, with alternating alternation of the load on different areas.

Crossfunctional fitness exercises that can be performed in the gym are oriented toward a more intensive strength development.

Important rules for effective fat burning

Workouts are important, but we shouldn’t forget about two other basic principles of effective bodybuilding – nutrition and recovery (rest).

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is especially significant and voluminous for girls who want to lose extra kilograms. The most important thing is a daily kcal deficit. Calculate your daily allowance using special formulas. Then subtract 15-20% from it and you’ll get your kcal rate for weight loss.
Reduce your calorie intake gradually from your regular diet. No need for sudden jumps in either training or nutrition. For example, if you were consuming 2500 calories and now you need to switch to 1500, do it in 2-3 stages (weekly) and do not immediately cut off the 1000 calorie diet.
Set up the right diet – small portions, but 5 times a day.
Keep track of what foods you eat at what time of the day. Carbohydrates should prevail in the first half of the day, proteins in the second. This requirement is not mandatory, but it is desirable to comply.


In addition to productive Crossfunctional fitness fitness and a proper diet, it‘s very important to allow your body to recover. Feel your body. No need to drive yourself like a racehorse and waste the rest of your energy. Keep a harmonious balance between fitness and rest:
For trained athletes, we recommend training 3-4 times a week.
For beginners – 2-3 times will be enough. With two lessons, you can start and train like this for at least the first month, and then switch to the mode of 3 workouts a week.
Sleep is also very important. You should sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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