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Bucking V Outfit
Crow Country Curly Horses
Roundup, Montana
Wellston, Oklahoma
Maricopa Co., Arizona

International Heritage Horse Assn
( heritagehorse.org )
preservation of rare horses

Curly StockHorse
Preservation Project
Native American SanSan horses
rare hypoallergenic curly ranch horses

"in God We Trust"

Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory
Heritage-Cattle Directory
breeder directory for rare breeds

International Livestock Registries
stud & herd books for unique livestock
Composite Beef Registry
International Dairy Cattle Registry
U.S. Normande Breeders Organization
Native Milking Shorthorn Registry
North American Pinzgauer Breeders
International Wagyu Registry
Bos Indicus International

Prospectus: Bucking V Outfit LLC
associated with Midwest Genetics LLC

Arizona Holdout
and resumes over there...

2012 DG working cattle with friends on the high desert

About me: I am Donna Grace; I descend from a gritty old homesteader family. I raised 2 daughters that are the salt of the earth, who I love with all my heart - they are my greatest acheivement. I have been in agriculture all my life. I have been an AI tech since I was a kid; and have raised registered cattle and horses off and on my whole life. In my hayday I ranched over 6500 acres on the Crow Indian Reservation, our family running a working guest cattle ranch with grain & hay farming, commercial and registered beef cattle herds, working stock dogs and a 100+ range horse breeding operation. There we raised and trained our own ranch horses, which included fancy roan Hancock Quarter Horses, and Curly ranch horses that were hypoallergenic stockhorses (that traced mostly to origins of old foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines).

I still own a few last best hypoallergenic stock horses; including Lynx Warrior Wind (below).

*Lynx Warrior Wind - ICHO-106D / ABC-465-1/2 ---- 15 hh ---- DOB: 05-05-1999
sire: Seekers Warrior, dam: AQHA Two Eyed Twister

My late, lovely, loyal registered Border Collie, the well balanced biddable capability to work stylish & soft enough for sheep, but with the confidence, power & bite needed for cattle, my former Basin Border Collies, OR, bred Ruby (pictured to the right), who I still miss so much.

2016: I finally found the right stockdog to follow after her. This is another very special soul that needs me, and I need her. She may not be as pretty as Ruby was, but she possesses fierce herding desire, a non-stop can-do "tude" and is very odd and unusual. She lived in a fenced kennel the first 7 months of her life, until I ran across her. Winja is very weird, loving, loyal, highly wired, needy, confident, happy, worried, crazy, and a joy. She is of the old Hinton bloodline, the first BC cattledogs in Tennessee, not many left now. Oh, and if Deb Taylor ever wants a pup out of Winja, she's owed one.

"Be what you want the world to be" ~ Ghandi

I used to have a substantial Curly Horse breeding program;
now several of us are working on a Warrior Horse Preservation project

pictured in ad is Sage, full sister to Wind - photo by owner, Sheryl D'Uva, Washington
Sheryl purchased several Crow Country Curly Horse stock horse mares from me.
Visit her website: Cozy Nook Curlys; she is getting them out in public.

Here is the article about us, Michelle Thompson (Heritage Hancock Quarter Horses, Alberta) and I, about our partnership website, HancockHorses.com -- featured in April 2008 AQHA members' America's Horse Magazine (distribution: over 311,000 to all 50 states, Canada and 70 countries). The article was written and submitted to AQHA by author John Moore (see below) of Miles City MT.

article [pg one] on page 46

article [pg two] on page 47

John Moore, Brett Badgett and Wally Badgett from the DVD "Houlihan," released May 2008 by J&S Productions. "Houlihan" is the fourth in a series of documentaries on cowboys and horsemanship. The first three were "Tapadero," "Remuda" and "Hola Paniolo." "The 'Houlihan' production was filmed in northern Wyoming and much of Montana. Locally it is available at Miles City Saddlery. You will have to check in your area or order through their website or by phone. I think this is a pretty good film," says John. John is the author of the April article about HancockHorses.com in the AQHA membership magazine, Americas Horse. John is the author of a couple thousand articles and eight books including the award-winning novel The Breaking of Ezra Riley. Brett's artwork is displayed in fine galleries and his bronze, "Laying the Trip," is featured on the grounds of the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. Wally, a former NFR bullrider, is the creator of the cowboy cartoon "Earl."

"Thank you John, for such a super job with the outstanding article in America's Horse about HancockHorses.com! And thanks for all the emails & letters we have received from Americas Horse and HancockHorses.com readers! Please keep them coming, write us any time, we love to hear from you!" ~ Michelle Thompson & Donna G Vickery.

2020 UPDATE: Michelle and Donna would sell the domain and the website content by private treaty. We are discerning as to who would take over though, as the main goal should not be self-promotion, but quality bloodline preservation.

Here was Valley Maye's last best riding ranch mare:

"Maddy" Blue Maddy Hancock, 2005 APHA blue roan tobiano mare.
Maddy came from the Jim West Ranches, Nevada (buckaroo country).

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. -- Norman MacFinan


©brought to you by Bucking V Outfit, LLC.
Some Biddy, publisher
email: nobody @ phonydomain.com

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I keep this information posted as warning to others.
Read about & see proof of the theft of Trooper here.

Stolen 2014 by Carrie Freeland DBA Curly Horse Express
unethical livestock transporter and horse trader
18250 Stewart Avenue, Homewood, IL 60430
email: [email protected], Phone: 574-205-2207
webpage: facebook.com/Vaquera.XoXo
and her daughter, Nicol (Bobbi) VanderHeyden
[email protected] phone: 574-230-3355
webpage: facebook.com @BNBRanchHorses Chicago, Illinois

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