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The Bunker Club in OKC

The Signatured Manhattan Project Drink

February 5, 2021 0 Comments

One of the most popular drinks at the Bunker Club is the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project refers to America’s undertaking during the Second World War to develop the first nuclear weapons. It also offers a slightly different approach from the classic Manhattan. Not many people are able to successfully experiment with white Manhattans, as they often come out very harsh. The first thing that Glenn does when preparing the Manhattan Project is to cut the Luxardo to obtain a cherry flavor then sweeten it a little bit with Cointreau. In order to make the drink enjoyable, Glenn uses Union Horse unaged wheat whiskey that’s smoother than the usual whiskey distilled with corn.

In addition to their fantastic cocktails, the Bunker Club offers quality, fresh, local beer, as well as many world-class brews from across the United States. Bunker Club’s diverse taps enable them to keep things entertaining with a weekly rotating beer cocktail. Among these is a combination of a mint chocolate stout, root beer whiskey, and Coffee Liqueur. Essentially making a grasshopper and topping it with a float of an imperial stout. Whether you visit the Bunker Club to sip a craft cocktail, take a shot, enjoy a cold beer, or indulge in one of the establishment’s regulars such as Tiki Tuesday, you will have a delightful time at this friendly and warm bar.

If you are looking for a journey back in time to the Cold War Era, or the atomic age, you will find that Bunker Club quite takes you there. The feeling when you walk in is unlike any that you will experience when you walk to other local establishments. From the murals to the art pieces hanging on the walls, to the fun-sounding cocktails, you certainly feel like you have walked into a different place and time. What makes the Bunker Club even more attractive is the natural scenery. This makes it the perfect place to hang out and unwind after a busy day at the office. You will find the staff at Bunker Club quite a friendly bunch and most polite. They will offer you any service that you may require with a joyful face and can provide fantastic recommendations if you can’t make your mind up on what you would like to drink or eat. However, one of the main reasons you want to visit the Bunker Club is the drinks. When it comes to drinks, one thing is certain every time you make a trip to the Bunker Club — it is always a fun affair. The establishment’s nineteen taps allow the establishment to offer a well-balanced selection of beers to keep things a little exciting. The special house cocktails are also quite a treat. The foods and drinks are reasonably priced from a price-value perspective, and you will not regret a single dollar spent on any of the items on the menu. All in all, visiting the Bunker Club is a worthwhile use of your time.…

The Bunker Club’s Uniqueness

February 1, 2021 0 Comments

Visiting the Bunker Club is in some ways similar to visiting Disneyland. When you are inside Disneyland, you rarely think of the world outside. This is exactly what the owner Hailey McDermid set to accomplish when he launched the Bunker Club.

Hailey Mcdermid’s first attempt at bar ownership was The Pumpon Walker Avenue, a venture in which Hailey had partnered with her husband Ian. Although The Pump was very retro and stylish, Hailey believes the best name to describe The Pump is comfort kitsch. The Bunker Club has taken Hailey and Ian’s love for design and American History to a whole new level.

Hailey and Ian are nostalgic about a point in time that they never got to experience. They are in love with the advertising and preparedness represented by that period. Bunker Club is not a museum as many people think. It is also not a political bar or anything of the sort. It’s an ode to the preparedness, it’s an ode to the propaganda, it’s an ode to the art, the fear of what’s to come, the hope of a future, and what that inspired in the daily lives of people.

The Bunker Club’s polished novelty boasts of inspiration made possible thanks to a collaborative effort. Ian and Hailey provided a vision of what they wanted the Bunker Club to look like and evoke, and a slew of local artists created some of the art pieces on the walls and the murals. Close to the door, a painting created by Mind Bender Tattoo artists portrays several famous political activists and communists, including Woody Guthrie of Oklahoma. Fraidy Cat Signs’ Tanner Fraidy is the man behind the murals at the back of Bunker Club. These two artists are also responsible for the hand-lettering found throughout the Bunker Club.

The Pump family also contributed to the decor in the Bunker Club. Glen Bliss, who is the assistant manager at both The Pump and Bunker Club, alongside several members of The Pump family spent countless hours combing antique and thrift stores for the perfect decoration pieces, and many went as far as donating their personal items to ensure that the Bunker Club looked perfect.

Although the intention of the Bunker Club is to evoke the feeling of the atomic age of the ‘50s and space race, a keen observer will notice that there are many anachronisms. The Scenery is perhaps the most noticeable feature of the Bunker Club. However, the drinks make you want to keep on visiting the establishment. Hailey, Glenn, and some of their bartenders have crafted fun cocktails that are unpretentious yet elevated. Complementing the Bunker Club’s theme, owner Hailey describes the cocktails as creative atomic cocktails.…

The Legendary Oklahoma City’s Bunker Club

January 27, 2021 0 Comments

Have you ever enjoyed a cocktail in a Fifties-inspired establishment? Have you ever fancied sipping your favorite beer while playing a game at a vintage arcade? The slew of well-decorated and creatively themed bars in Oklahoma make your night out a memorable one.

One of the most delightful bars in Oklahoma City is the Bunker Club. Situated in the Tower Theater Building, The Bunker Club is reminiscent of the Cold War period. The establishment’s decor is retro-futuristic with black and white TVs. Themed drinks offered at the Bunker Club such as the Mind Bender Bomb are a treat for the palate. The Bunker Club is the ideal way to end your day after a long day at work. The establishment allows you to unwind while enjoying your favorite beer in a laid back atmosphere and picturesque natural surroundings. You can also enjoy a delightful bite while you’re at it. The Bunker Club is a nice place for a delicious meal before rounding off a game with a cold beverage.

Regardless of what crazy adventures your night entails, you can always relax at the Bunker Club in Oklahoma City. Tucked in Uptown 23rd a couple of doors from the Tower Theater and the Williams & Fudge, the atomic age dive bar that is Bunker Club offers a delightful selection of cocktails inspired by the Cold War period with the perfect amount of tube-driven kitsch. The Bunker Club’s drink selection features 7 specialty house beverages as well as classic cocktails. The professional bartenders at Bunker Club know how to craft a drink tailored to your mood. From the exotic Dr. Strangelove to the boozy three Mile Island Iced Tea, to the fruit-inspired Sputnik, to the Scotch-heavy Black List, Bunker Club’s got you covered.

Alongside the exciting cocktail selection, Bunker Club also features nineteen taps filled with a well-curated range of national and local craft beer and prosecco. Bunker Club is open Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 2 am and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm to 2 am. This fun-filled establishment also offers various weekly events including Tiki Tuesday, local DJs, and karaoke.

You will be served meals like chili dogs, good pies, and frita, do not hesitate to have a bite. Two drinks you do not want to miss out on are the delicious ice tea and the great draft beer. But perhaps what you will enjoy most at Bunker Club is the homely atmosphere that allows you to relax after a day’s hard work at the office. The Bunker Club is popular for its cool service and guests generally describe the establishment’s staff members as energetic. The prices are quite reasonable and you will be hard-pressed to find a similar establishment that offers a better price. The Bunker Club has a rating of 4.6 on Google so you can be sure that you will love your time there.

When you enter Bunker Club, you feel as if you have been transported to a different place and time. The building’s original heavy glass doors glide open with a firm push, taking you to a graceful and lush interior. The bar seats and curvy booths are upholstered in gold fabric, and the maroon walls run all the way to the ceiling. No minimalist decor, harsh or contemporary-style angles can be found at the Bunker Club.…

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