Hawaii Repeaters Coordination Website

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HawaiiAmateur Radio Repeater Coordination Site

coordinations updated8/28/22 Ham Radio NewsLine


COORDINATION INFO TSUNAMI & QUAKE Power Expired in RED TSUNAMI BIOENNO LiFePO4 Batteries Coordinated Repeaters PDF Earthquake USGS PWM & MPPT controllers Coordinated Repeaters XLS Japan Earthquake Tsunami LiFePO4 for Ham Radio Coordinated Repeaters NHK Live Japan TV BATTERY state of charge How to Coordinate pdf ANN Live Japan News Types of Cells & Efficiency Coordination Request pdf WORLD Radiation Map Generator Propane video Coordination Request .doc HAWAII WEATHER Hawaii Repeater Band Plan pdf Weather.com Antenna ARRL BAND PLAN chart pdf CPHC Simplex Range Chart Detailed BAND PLAN pdf Hawaii IR 2m HT Antennas Youtube CFR 97.205 Repeater Rules Hawaii Satellite NWS Understanding 5/8 antenna Hawaii Satellite NOAA DIAMOND antennas VARA & WINLINK PROGRAMS IR Satellite NOAA HRO diamond RH-205 WINLINK.org Windy GIGAPARTS diamond RH205 Winlink User program NWS forecast VARA program POWER OUTAGE MAPS Radio VARA HF 6782 bps Oahu Power outage map ICOM high quality radios varAC Chat tested works well Kauai Power outage map KENWOOD high quality radios ARES Big Is Power outage map YAESU high quality radios WINLINK QUICK GUIDES Maui Power outage map KH7O HF Winlink settings AREDN MESH KH7O VHF Winlink Settings GUIDES CHARTS WIRING HAWAII AREDN pdf KH7O MESSAGE graphic guide Radiation Safety Calculator AREDN Manual pdf KH7O WINLINK notes pdf USB connector Chart AREDN Docs Winlink crossband repeater dbm to uv chart pdf AREDN Mesh.org National TRAINING Winlink ETO-09 ARDF AREDN Field Portable Ytube Winlink Gateway MAPS VSWR Chart jpg PHONE BOOK Winlink Gateway FREQS COAX LOSS Chart pdf WH6AV Support Center KH7O HF Winlink portable package DC Wire gauge chart pdf WH6AV AREDN Map MAPS COORDINATES Topo Map Interactive AMSL AUDIO INTERFACES Topo AMSL map Mikrotik program KH7O pdf Signalink Grid Square Calculator LQ NLQ ETX pdf Signalink JUMPERS Azimuth Map MAP AREDN Signalink adustments Coordinates Calculator APRS KH7O Signalink Diagrams pdf Address to Coordinates APRS.org KH7O Signalink RED F6 YouTube DMR ID Search BYONICS trackers KH7O Signalink BLACK Youtube FCC Login APRS MAP LIVE KH7O SYBA interface pdf FCC OET device registered? KH7O SYBA interface youtube FCC Call Search KH7O Home Page

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