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We produce unique, handcrafted ingredients to inspire chefs and home cooks alike.

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Maple Syrup Made Even Better.

We've perfected barrel aging, adding a layer of flavor to maple syrup and making it truly unique.

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Ingredients Built On One Chef's Passion.

Steve Stallard handcrafts unique, sustainable, naturally sourced gourmet ingredients.

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Rum Like You've Never Tasted It Before.

Our latest partnership brings our new-world barrel aging techniques to Jamaica's best traditional rum.

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Realizing there were ingredients missing in his kitchens, Chef Steve Stallard began to develop chef-driven, unique ingredients to finish his dishes. He first produced flavored domestic roes and eventually began crafting bourbon barrel maple syrup and BLiS Gourmet was born.

Read Our Story October 14 2020We explore how a craft distillery and a groundbreaking food ingredient company in Michigan got together to produce a unique Jamaican rum.Read more August 21 2020Steve Stallard has lived by the mantra “Because Life is Short” since he was a teenager, but the creation and impact of one of the most popular Michigan-made line of food products is anything but fleeting.Read more August 4 2020"With an innovative mind and a well-developed palate, Stallard and his team of ex-chefs at BLiS aren’t slowing down any time soon. If you want a secret ingredient for your barbecue or a tasty treat for your next family get-together, buy some BLiS Gourmet products and you’re sure to impress."Read moreView More Press Coverage