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The world's highest quality line of digital digiscoping adapters and optical accessories. Shop Now

Make Your

Next Shot

with the most versatile digiscoping adapter in the world. Shop Now



Rugged 6061-T6 Hardened Aluminum Construction Shop Now

Double Gripper

phone adapter
Shop Now

Camera Adapters


Single Gripper

Phone Adapter
Shop Now

Designed and Built in

Oregon, USA

Digiscoping adapters engineered, machined, and assembled in America to create the highest grade products available.


Patent pending technology securely grips your smartphone—even with a protective case—and quickly attaches it to your eyepiece.


Connect your camera to any spotting scope or binocular using the lens filter threads, turning them into a telephoto lens.


The best way to share your digiscoping experience in the field - great for families and educators who need a larger viewing screen

Popular Products

World's Best

Digiscoping Adapters
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Check Out the

Tips and Tricks

All you need to get the most from your Adapter Learn More

From Our Clients

Dan VastyanCustomer

The novagrade adapter rocks! I was very impressed! Long range video takes a very stable platform, and this thing delivers it

Robert KrauseBattle Born Clothing

Quick and versatile. good value.

Wayne Richard PopePhotography Instructor

It works great, Sharp photos. Easy to use. I recommend this product to digiscopers who want to place their cell phone on a field spotting scope and take nature photos.

J. JensenFilm Maker

Bullet Proof! Love the fact i can use any phone on all my optics!

Novagrade Blog

Articles and Expert Advice

Take Your Digiscoping to the Next Level with Tips from the Pros

by Robert Wilson

Digiscoping Yellowstone

"A scope is the perfect optic to have in Yellowstone and digiscoping just makes sense because of the extreme focal length and distance capability.

We visited Yellowstone recently and had a ball testing out the new Novagrade double gripper with the latest iPhone"

Read more

by Robert Wilson

Camera -vs- Phone for Digiscoping

"Cameras have an advantage in sensor size, but cell phone technology has dramatically improved in the past five years. Multiple cameras, fast lenses and software processing improvements have all taken cell phone image quality to a new level."

Read more

by Robert Wilson

Digiscoping: Another Tool for Wildlife Photography

"Advancements in scope, camera and digiscoping adapter technology now allow excellent photographic results. Focal lengths of 1,000 mm to 3,000 mm and more with 1.6 scope extenders are possible." Read more
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25589 SW Canyon Creek Rd.
Suite 700
Wilsonville, OR 97070
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