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We are very happy to invite you to a grand premiere in 2022. In the new choral competition SING FOR GOLD, singers from all over the world are invited to fill the streets of Calella with music, in a competition for medals and, above all, for the Golden World Cup of Choirs, which will be awarded for the first time in Calella. Be part of a fusion of cultures and unite your voices with singers from all over the world in this global, impressive event. You and your choir can expect a unique experience with musical, tourist and gastronomic highlights! Welcome to Calella, welcome to Catalonia!

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR | Montserrat Candini i Puig, Mayor of Calella


Participation Opportunities

SING FOR GOLD invites all non-professional choirs of the world to participate in 7 different competition categories. The choirs will be evaluated by an international jury according to the MUSICA MUNDI evaluation system (30 points system) and receive gold, silver or bronze diplomas and medals.

The best choirs are invited to compete in a final round of competition for the WORLD CHORAL CUP.

Choirs who choose not to be placed in competition, but seek to be part of the international experience can participate in the non-competitive evaluation activities.

The Competition Category 1 Children's Choirs 2 Youth Choirs 3 Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles 4 Adult Choirs 5 Musica Sacra 6 Pop, Jazz, Gospel 7 Folklore

A detailed description of the competition categories can also be found in the booklet available for download:
Participant Information(2 MB)

The World Choral Cup

There will be a final competition for the WORLD CHORAL CUP. The category winners are invited to participate in the WORLD CHORAL CUP competition. In addition, the jury has the right to nominate another choir from each category to participate in this competition. The winning choir of the final competition will receive the WORLD CHORAL CUP.

Evaluation Performances and Individual Coachings

Evaluation Performance

For non-competing choirs

Choirs will sing a program of three pieces for a maximum performance time of 15 minutes in front of a panel of international experts. At the conclusion of the program there will be a brief internal consultation of the panel of choral experts. Finally, the program will be discussed with the choir in an open and amicable atmosphere.

Performance coaching and recommendations will be given for future participation in international competitions. The choirs will receive an official certificate of participation.

For competing choirs

Competing choirs have the chance to present their competition program (in case of several categories a selection from the program) to the jury on October 12. They will get immediate positive artistic and pedagogical advice for improvement and the evaluation does not involve preliminary decisions regarding the competition result.

Individual Coaching

All participants, whether taking part in the competitions or not, are given the opportunity to participate with their choir in a session with a noted international choir director.

Choirs interested in making use of this opportunity are required to prepare one piece of choral music. An international renowned choral music expert will then rehearse the piece with the choir to provide new artistic ideas and impetus. Choirs not participating in the competition will be presented a certificate and a recommendation for their future participation in international choral competitions.

Friendship Concerts

Participating choirs may register to perform together with other international choirs. Choirs must prepare approximately 15 minutes of their own music pre-approved by the artistic committee. The concert should be preferably a cappella or with own instruments. Piano or digital piano can be provided upon request.

The city centre of Calella offers several possibilities for performing in international friendship concerts. Selected choirs can also sing at the famous monastery Montserrat close to Barcelona and at the impressive Cathedral of Barcelona. Please be aware that several friendship concerts are planned open air. In the event that weather conditions do not allow this, some concerts may be cancelled due to the weather. The organizers will try to manage alternatives but choirs do not have any legal claim to this.

Especially on Tuesday, the choirs have the opportunity to sing a friendship concert in the church Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. The arrival must be on 11th October already and the travel costs to Barcelona are to be paid by the choir.

Choirs can also take part in friendship concerts only.

"We were very pleased and pleased to meet interesting people from different countries in the world who share everything. It's music. It was indeed a successful festival and we hope to see you at other festivals."

Moshe Novotni, Tziporey Shir, Israel (Calella 2017)

"THANK YOU for such nice days at Calella with the other choirs! We had a great time with our children and we learned a lot from others."

Crescendo Arte Children's Choir, Colombia (Calella 2017)

"I enjoyed it very much: the friendship, the new contacts, the adjudication, the choirs, the hospitality and of course the perfect organization and hosting of INTERKULTUR."

Hans van den Brand, jury member, Netherlands (Calella 2017)

Registration Information

We are still looking forward to receiving registrations for this event.

We are happy to discuss all details around your registration with you - just contact us here.


For the participation in this event the payment of the Registration Fee (per choir) as well as the Event Package (per person) is required. Choirs that come from a radius of up to 150 km around Calella and therefore do not need an overnight stay, pay a Participant Fee (per person) instead of the Event Package. The prices of the Event Packages and the Participant Fee can be downloaded below or requested using our contact form.


To participate in the event the following Registration Fees have to be paid per choir/ensemble in addition to the costs for the Event Package:

For Early Bird registration, the fee per selected activity* is EUR 250. For registration until the regular deadline, the fee for the first activity* is EUR 500,00 and EUR 250,00 for each additional activity.

Activities refer to competition participation (1 category = 1 activity), Evaluation Performance, Individual Coaching, Festival Participation (only concerts). For choirs participating in the competitions and evaluation activities, the performance in a concert is free of charge.


With the event package INTERKULTUR offers participants of its events a special service

We take care of all the details and through authorized agencies of the INTERKULTUR event series we offer an event package that includes, amongst others, accommodation in different hotel categories as well as other local services.

Choirs that come from a radius of up to 150 km around Calella and therefore do not need an overnight stay, pay a participant fee per person instead of the event package. The booking of the event packages which includes already the participant fee is required for all non-regional choirs.


The rates of the event packages vary according to 3 country groups. They based on the United Nations' Human Development Index (HDI) and adopted to the requirements of the national choral scenes.

Please select your country to see the event package and - for regional choirs - the participant fee for your participation:

Registration Documents

Information about participation and competition rules

Participant Information(2 MB)

Registration Form

Please send the completed registration form via email to mail(at) Additionally please print it,sign it and send it via post with the other registration documents to our office.

Registration Form(590 KB)

IMPORTANT: To open the form the current version of Adobe Reader is required. You can download it at

Visa & Travel Information

Dear friends of choral music,

the issue of visas generally takes a long time. Therefore please make sure to apply for your visa as soon as possible. It is in your own interest. In case you apply too late, you risk a rejection of your visa registration!

Please contact the embassy of the host country in your country to get detailed information what restrictions and regulations apply to you!

Please keep also in mind that you might need transit visas, depending on your itinerary to the competition country.

If you do not have a valid passport yet, please apply for this immediately!

Participants of some countries need an invitation letter as well as a stamped list of participants to apply for a visa. INTERKULTUR can issue these documents.

Information on travel and health regulations of the destination country can be found on this website.

Important Information

INTERKULTUR can issue the invitation letter for the duration of the event and can stamp your list of participants to apply for visas only if you have fulfilled all the following conditions:

you have successfully applied for the event and paid the registration fee to INTERKULTUR you have paid the down payment for the event package to our partner agency you have sent us the completed list of participants (no handwriting!)

Please send the list only once and try to avoid changes of participants, as changes may delay the issue of your visa. We recommend adding 3 or 4 alternative names as a reserve for participants who may cancel the travel.

As soon as you have complied with those three conditions we will send the invitation letter including the confirmed list of participants by email and the original documents by airmail directly to the responsible person of the choir. This person shall bring the documents to the embassy personally.

Please keep in mind that if you comply with the conditions too late so that we have to send the original invitation letter per international express delivery, you have to take over the additional costs (approx. 100 – 300 EUR).

List of Participants

Please download the document, fill it in completely and send it to us as soon as possible.

To open the file the current version of Adobe Reader is required. You can download it at

You can send the file

- by sending an email, the list of participants attached, to visa(at)
- by printing it (after filling it in at your computer – no handwriting!) and sending it to us by fax (+49 6404 69749 29)

We assume no liability regarding the application and granting for visas. We do not offer this service but we gladly assist you when you apply for visa at the respective embassy in your country.

List of Participants(380 KB)

Get information by email

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Event Details

Schedule of the EventEvent Calendar

Download Event Calendar:

Event Calendar(20 KB)

VenuesCatedral de Barcelona BARCELONA

Address: Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, also known as Barcelona Cathedral, is the Gothic cathedral and seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona. It was built from the 13th to 15th century and in the late 19th century the neo-Gothic facade was constructed over the inconspicuous exterior that was common to Catalan churches. There are two chapels in each section of the naves, encircling the entire basilica.

The roof of the Cathedral is notable for its gargoyles, featuring a wide range of animals, both domestic and mythical. From 1968 to 1972 the cathedral was restored.

Photos: Fotolia, Wikimedia Commons

Església de Santa Maria i Sant Nicolau CALELLA

Address: Carrer del Raval, 1, 08370 Calella, Barcelona, Spain

Església de Santa Maria i Sant Nicolau is a church in the town of Calella that was built in 1747 after the tower of the original building from 1564 collapsed and destroyed the building. It is built in a neoclassical style and was designed by Josep Morato. After the total destruction and the burning of the interior in 1936, the church was rebuilt from 1939 and finally reopened on September 23, 1951. The church belongs to the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. The church is illuminated by the large rose window of the main facade and two windows (rear) on eachside of the ship.


Sala Mozart CALELLA

Address: Carrer Esglesia 91, 08370 Calella, Barcelona, Spain

Sala Mozart is a cinema as well as theater and musical center in the inner city of Calella. It is one of the oldest cinemas in Spain and was opened already in 1904. During the last year, the hall was rebuilt after more than 100 years of running.


Santa Maria del Pi BARCELONA

Address: Plaça del Pi, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Santa Maria del Pi, meaning "St. Mary of the Pine Tree", is a 14th-century Gothic church in Barcelona and is situated on the Plaça del Pi, in the Barri Gòtic district of the city. There are unsubstantiated claims that there was an early Christian church located in 413. For a certainty it is known that in 987 there existed a church outside the city walls and to the west of Barcelona. This was a small Romanesque church dedicated to the Blessed Lady of the Pine Tree (one of the titles of the Virgin Mary). The church was built between 1319 and 1391. The style of the church was Catalan Gothic, with a single nave almost devoid of ornamentation. The church has six bells, of which the largest is "Antònia". In 1936 the church was gutted by a fire and was later restored.

Photos: Fotolia, Studi43

Liceu Conservatory Auditorium BARCELONA

Address: Nou de la Rambla, 88, 08001, Barcelona, Spain

The Liceu Conservatory Auditorium is a privileged space for music and performing arts, located in the heart of Barcelona. It is a multifunctional equipment that houses artistic productions of the highest level, cultural and social events as well as professional recordings. Opened on November 3rd, 2009 by HM Queen Sofia, the Liceu Conservatory Auditorium favors the creation of a modernized musical, cultural activity, with specialized services and areas, adapted to the new technologies to generate greater efficiency and achieve a high artistic quality.

Considered one of the best halls of its kind in Barcelona, ​​the Liceu Conservatory Auditorium is unanimously praised for its exceptional acoustic quality. It is an area equipped with the latest technology, suitable for a wide variety of orchestras, modern music and jazz ensembles, and small-scale operas. The stage is 13 meters wide and 8 meters depth, and it can stage a dark room for theatre plays. It has its lighting for concerts and other types of shows and activities. This venue will be used for competition performances.


Jury Volkan Akkoç (Turkey)

Volkan Akkoç (born January 1983) is a choral director, composer and teacher.He is the Choral Director of Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, also conducting Cemal Resit Rey and Avrasya Philharmonic Choirs.

After his graduation from Department of Piano from Istanbul University State Conservatory (IUDK) in 2007, he earned BA in History in MSGSU, MA in Music Theory from ITU center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM), MA in Composition and Conducting from (IUDK). He is currently continuing his doctoral studies. He attended Master Classes of prominent choral directors such as Volker Hempfling, Denes Szabo, Frieder Bernius, Georg Grün and Ragnar Rasmussen.

Volkan is the Founder and Choral Director of "Sirene" female choir since 2014. Sirene received many awards including "Outstanding Performance of Contemporary Choral Music" performing his composition "Bedava" in 10th International Johannes Brahms Competition in which he was also awarded "Conductor Prize". He was awarded the "First Prize" in Polyphonic Choral works Composition Competition organized by the Ministry of Culture in 2018. He won the "Third Prize" in the same competition in 2019.

He taught choral music, harmony, jazz theory and harmony in IUDK and continues to teach choral music in MSGSU. Currently he is the choral conductor of İstanbul State Opera and Ballet and musical director of Musical Theater "Amadeus". He also acts as the conductor of Cemal Reşit Rey Choir and Eurasian Philharmonic Choir.

Marleen De Boo (Belgium)

Marleen De Boo got a taste for choral music early on as a member of Waelrant Youthchoir.

After her music studies at the "Lemmens Institute" in Leuven, where she obtained Master degrees both in Music Pedagogy and Choral Conducting, she became artistic leader of this choir.

Under her leadership the VZW Waelrantkoren expanded to a non-profit organisation of 7 choirs; 3 children's choirs, 2 youth choirs and 2 adult choirs with in total more then 250 singers. She conducts 4 of the 7 choirs herself.

At the Academy of Music, Word and Dance in Lier, Marleen teaches solfège, choir and various group singing classes, both for young people and adults. In addition, she teaches at this academy 3 different classes for choral conducting, one class for amateur conductors, one for professionals and a third for conductors of children's choirs and primary school teachers.

At the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp she teaches within the academic postgraduate course "Children- and Youth choir Conducting".

Thomas Kreiling (Germany)

Thomas Kreiling started with choir singing and playing organ at primary school and was member of the school choir. He finished his pipe-organ education at the age of 16 with B-license (professional) and studied music in Frankfurt, Regensburg, Vienna and Warsaw with main focus on conducting and composing for choirs. The PhD graduation (topic: contemporary vocal music) was in 2005/2006.

2005, Kreiling has founded the mixed choir Chorona Buseck and he is still the conductor of the group. The choir has developed to an international award-winning choir and is the gold-medal and grand-prix winner in Barcelona (2014), gold-medal winner in Prague (2016), further it won several national prices and awards. Kreiling was honorary head of conductors and artistic director of the regional choir federation (2009-2015) and works on regular bases for the Dr. Hochs Conservatory in Frankfurt as guest lecturer and clinician.

His expertise was also appreciated by invitation of Assumption University Bangkok (2014/2017) by Dean Prof. Dr. Nathara Mhunpiew, University of Santo Tomas, Manila (2016/2018) by Prof. Fidel G. Calalang jr, University Shah-Alam Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2017) by Dean Prof. Dr. Ramona Mohd Tahir, NAFA School of Music, Singapore (2017) by Dean Prof. Lim Yau and San Francisco Gay Men Choir, California (2017) by Dr. Timothy Seelig.

He regularly lectured workshops at HAMU Charles University in Prague and was hired as detractor and juror at national and international choir competitions.

Anzhela Maslennikova (Ukraine)

Honored Cultural Worker of Ukraine (2009) Chief Choirmaster of Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre for Children and Youth Member of Mykola Leontovych All-Ukrainian Choir Society of the National Music Union Member of National Union of Theatre Artists of Ukraine Choirmaster–Director of International Projects Expert of the Theatre Award "Kyiv Pectoral" Daniel Mestre (Spain)

Born in Igualada (Barcelona), Daniel Mestre is one of the leading young Catalan conductors who works regulary with some of the most important choirs and orchestras of his country. He studied at the prestigious Escolania de Montserrat, the Barcelona Conservatory and he got his Degree on Conducting with distinction at the Vienna Conservatory.

He has been Chorus Master at Cape Town Opera (South Africa), Assistant Conductor at the Cor de Cambra del Palau de la Música Catalana and at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, conductor of the Coro de la Orquesta Ciudad de Granada and the Coral Càrmina and he teaches at the Liceu Conservatory and Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC), where he conducts their Opera Atelier, Chamber Choir and Orchestra. He has been invited at international festivals like the Europa Cantat Festival in Pécs (H) and Torino (I) or in Argentina and China. He has recorded several CDs and for the Austrian, South African, Spanish and Catalan Broadcasting.

Aris Sudibyo (Indonesia)

Choir conductor, vocal teacher, music minister, music and church music educator, choir coach for many choirs in Indonesia, national and international adjudicator Founder and director of "Wakhu Bhim Choir" of Papua, Indonesia Pioneer of choir movement in Papua, Indonesia Provincial Committee Member of the Foundation for the Development of Choral Music in Indonesia Member of the INTERKULTUR World Choir Council Ints Teterovskis (Latvia)

Ints Teterovskis has been the Artistic Director of the award-winning Latvian youth choir BALSIS since 1998 and has been a Principal Conductor of the Latvian National Song Celebrations since 2008. He is also the Principal Regional Conductor for over 20 choirs in Latvia. As a conductor, he has recorded twelve CDs to date.

In particular Ints is recognised for his interpretation of the musical repertoire of Baltic composers. His imaginative and passionate approach to teaching choral technique and interpretation has him increasingly in demand as a choral workshop clinician, guest conductor and adjudicator in Latvia and abroad. Ints has led choral workshops in America (2000, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014), Canada (2010, 2011), Sweden (2013), Australia (2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2020), China (2015, 2016) and has coached students attending the International Masterclasses for Young Musicians project in Latvia. Ints is well known as a creative and inspirational conductor who is always seeking to find new ways to bring choirs and audiences together and to introduce choral singing to as wide an audience as possible. In recent years this includes virtual choral concerts (2020), light and sound performances (Glass’ "Sounds of Liquid Days", 2020), and vocalised photo performances (2021) as well as working on new recordings with youth choir Balsis. In addition to an active conducting career, Ints, a gifted baritone, also performs as a soloist. He is also closely involved in many music festivals and mega concerts (the Ancient Music Festival, the Great Music Award, Youth Choir Song Celebration concerts etc.).


We are happy to welcome 27 choirs from 22 nations to the SING FOR GOLD!

Children Choir "Horal" (Bulgaria) | 1
Female Chamber Choir "Banjalucanke" (Bosnia and Herzegovina) | 7
Coro Academia Scala (Bolivia) | 7
Makuli Ma Nlima (Cameroon) | 6, 7
Ondrasek Czech Youth Choir (Czech Republic) | 2, 7
Det Ny Kammerkor (Denmark) | 4, 5
Copenhagen Girls' Choir (Denmark) | 1, 5
Akademisk Kor Århus (Denmark) | 3, 5
Ungklang (Denmark) | 2
Ballet Nuhungu (Democratic Republic of the Congo) | 4
Veus Calermian (Spain) | Festival
Coro Juvenil del Conservatorio Superior José María Rodríguez (Ecuador) | 4, 7
Ron Petah Tikva Choir (Israel) | Festival
Parse Choir Group (Iran) | 3, 7
Tonal Choir (Iran) | 3, 7
Tonal Children & Youth Choir (Iran) | 1
Children's Choir of Kekava Music School (Latvia) | 1
Bel Chorus (Norway) | 4, 5
Cgals Chamber Choir (Namibia) | 4, 5
Kathmandu Artist Club (Nepal) | 4, 7
Vocal Group Just us (Netherlands) | 6
Antigos orfeonistas da Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal) | 7
Academica Bucovina (Romania) | 7
SBS Choir (Republic of Korea) | 6
Quava Vocal Group (South Africa) | 4, 6
The Bangkok Voices (Thailand) | 3, 6
Still Voice Oratorio Chorale (Nigeria) | 5, 7


3,5 kilometers of sandy beach, its location directly at the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to Barcelona make Calella a popular European destination. During the choral festival singers can wonderfully make music, stroll and relax in the contemplative old town with its Catalan and Mediterranean charm.
Since its 650 years of history Calella has developed from a small fishing village into a favoured resort of all nations and age groups. This mixture of modernity, hospitality and Catalan traditions add a special touch to Calella and thus make it an appealing travel destination.

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