Hand & Heart is a
business consultancy
on a mission to
Build Better Businesses

– in a way that celebrates a passion for business values and its people (theheart), and the skills it takes to evolve and nurture them (thehand).

To us, better business means that every aspect of your operation is optimized for efficiency in a mindful way that nurtures people and fosters harmonious workplaces.

In our work, we help you fully realize your goals and values and enhance the benchmark and deliverables on your profitability. We deliver sustainable solutions for your long-term. And to make it achievable – we teach, rather than tell.

Hand & Heart also offers the HOSPOHOTLINE, a specialised food business management program and the world’s first full-service digital food consultancy.

The Hand & Heart Business Ecosystem

The six foundations on which we base our expertise

With a decade of experience in building better business, we developed the Hand & Heart Business Ecosystem (HHBE).

This ecosystem compliments and derives thinking from our extensive and diverse experience in organisational psychology, lateral & simplistic thinking processes and decision making, and common approaches such as SCRUM and design thinking.

The HHBE has six interacting, detail–oriented foundations on which we base our expertise.

We work with these six foundations to guide your business to a robust macro understanding of how your day-to-day functions support the realisation of your goals and values. Then we set you up to achieve those goals and values in a sustainable and consistent way.


Every business is unique – that’s why we tailor our services to suit your needs.

We can offer you short or long-term support and deliver it via workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, team sessions, management sessions or as pre-defined education modules that can be delivered digitally or in-house.

We work interactively as we believe that the best way to learn is by doing, supported by expertise.

We also design our solutions with your long-term in mind – our work together is delivered digitally in reusable formats, so you can revisit it when needed and share our solutions when onboarding new employees.


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