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LitRPG Video Games

Home (or ghost town) for the new LitRPG-themed Action RPG.

LitRPG Adventures

LitRPG Adventures
Discussions: 21Messages: 105Latest: Animal Mutant Generator is Online...Paul Bellow,May 6, 2021RSS

LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game

Announcements for LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game
Discussions: 9Messages: 34Latest: Help, I Am Trapped Inside an RPG! You are my only hope!Paul Bellow,Mar 18, 2020RSS


Discussion (good and bad!) about LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game
Discussions: 14Messages: 27Latest: Launching Alpha on Friday!Paul Bellow,Dec 18, 2019RSS

LitRPG Courtyard

Welcome to the courtyard at LitRPG Forum. This is a great place for new members to introduce themselves and become acquainted with our little corner of the internet. The Tavern is an open free-for-all where you'll find a little bit of this and that. We hope you enjoy your stay. Both LitRPG authors and readers are currently members.

Help Files

Help and How-To documents.
Discussions: 10Messages: 366Latest: How-To: Get Assigned to LitRPG Author GroupPaul Bellow,Aug 12, 2022RSS


You spawn into LitRPG Forum. Introduce yourself then sit back and watch veteran forum citizens drift your thread in all sorts of interesting directions!
Discussions: 298Messages: 3,092Latest: Everything's going to be alright. I'm here now.Andrew Lynas,Feb 12, 2022RSS

The Tavern

You wander into this three-story, brick building, prepared to be unimpressed. Inside, you find music, a widescreen television, and threads full of people talking about LitRPG and all things geek. If you're here to lighten someone's gold load for them, head into the Thieves Guild in the back. "All roleplayers must head upstairs to the third floor for their games," a saucy waitress says. You grin and wonder where to go next.
Discussions: 353Messages: 3,863Latest: The Singularity Approaches!Yuli Ban,May 14, 2022RSS

LitRPG Books

Come discuss (all) LitRPG books, including reviews, recommendations, and more! We have an open and inclusive definition of LitRPG, so you'll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Our list of new releases is mostly up to date and offers a place to discuss new LitRPG novels.

2022 LitRPG Books

2022 LitRPG Books
Discussions: 407Messages: 1,766

2021 LitRPG Books

2020 LitRPG Books

2019 LitRPG Books

2018 LitRPG Books

2017 LitRPG Books

2016 LitRPG Books

Latest: Three great new books April 2022Paul Bellow,Apr 1, 2022RSS

All Things LitRPG

Discussions about all things LitRPG. Forum is laid back, welcoming, and eager to have you join us in discussing LitRPG books, novels, sagas, and more. Here you can discuss All Things LitRPG related. If you love RPG books, you're going to love our gamer community. Whether it's "What is LitRPG" or "What are the LitRPG Tropes", we can help answer your questions. You can also find LitRPG recommendations.
Discussions: 520Messages: 6,669Latest: LitRPG Author Incremental / Idle Game...Paul Bellow,Jul 17, 2022RSS

Looking for LitRPG

I'm Looking For...Don't remember the name of the series or looking for a suggestion?
Discussions: 33Messages: 323Latest: Are there any good gay or similar LItRPGs?LapinDuMort,Mar 15, 2022RSS

Works in Progress

Works in Progress by LitRPG Authors (and some readers too).
Discussions: 137Messages: 3,076Latest: Brutal. Harsh. Gut-wrenching. At The Precipice, new LitRPG.R. R. Quan,Dec 12, 2021RSS

The Geek Tower

Life beyond LitRPG Books? Does such a realm exist? Yes, we say! This section of LitRPG Forum is a place to discuss this, that, and the other. From anime to comics to gaming to fantasy and sci-fi books, we have all the typical geek/nerd angles covered.


The LitRPG Forum gaming sections is all about games and gamers. Whether you're talking RPG, FPS, console, tabletop, or VR, we want to talk about it. Join our gamer community or enjoy our antics.
Discussions: 387Messages: 1,590Latest: GPT-3 AI Dungeon Generator UpdatesPaul Bellow,Apr 29, 2022RSS

TV and Movies

All about TV and movies
Discussions: 163Messages: 1,160Latest: Which TV shows are you watching?Wuzzman40k,Jan 1, 2022RSS

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books

Books that aren't LitRPG! You know, for readers! Our fantasy book forum is welcoming of all types of readers, including dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, high fantasy, D&D books, and more. As for science-fiction, we love pretty much everything. Join us.
Discussions: 82Messages: 1,204Latest: Creatures of Light and Darkness upcoming Audiobook releasePaul Bellow,Jan 26, 2022RSS

Comics & Graphic Novels

Comics & Graphic Novels
Discussions: 34Messages: 108Latest: Let's Talk About: The Dark Age of Comic BooksYuli Ban,Aug 8, 2019RSS

Anime, Manga, Light Novels

Come discuss your favorite anime, manga, and light novels.
Discussions: 56Messages: 515Latest: Honest Trailers | Demon Slayer: Mugen TrainPaul Bellow,Jul 13, 2021RSS

Other LitRPG Realms

Explore other LitRPG Lands!

Great LitRPG

Embassy for Great LitRPG website
Discussions: 2Messages: 3Latest: GreatLitRPG Intro & FAQsDarthNerdus,May 22, 2018RSS

Kaos Seeds Exiles (Official)

Unofficial forum for fans of The Land by Aleron Kong. Home of the "Exiles." (TM)
Discussions: 309Messages: 13,557

The Land

World Mechanics

Debates & Discussions


Not The Land

Help & Housekeeping

Latest: Updates from GenevaPaul Bellow,Aug 25, 2022 at 12:07 PMRSS

The Good/Bad Guys Series

The Good/Bad Guys Series
Discussions: 10Messages: 33

The Good Guys Series

the Bad Guy Series

Latest: Any thoughts on where the shot to the neck came from?Allan Mills,Mar 8, 2022RSS

Cradle Series by Will Wight

Cradle Series by Will Wight
Discussions: 1Messages: 5Latest: Favorite characterWuzzman40k,Dec 28, 2021RSS

Royal Road Legends

Royal Road Legends... come discuss or point out your favorites.
Discussions: 18Messages: 192Latest: Who has stories on Royal Road?SamuelKKauffman,Jun 18, 2020RSS

Special Offers from Conor Kostick

Special offers from author Conor Kostick!
Discussions: 0Messages: 0(Contains no messages)RSS

Aspiring Writer Guild

Guild (forum) for aspiring writers. Citizens in the LitRPG Author group will automatically have access. Others need a Used Typewriter.

LitRPG Authors Tower

A private and spacious tower for LitRPG authors to hang-out, discuss craft, and mingle with like-minded citizens.

Paul Bellow Guild Hall

For fans of Paul Bellow, LitRPG author and publisher of LitRPG Forum. Buy the Sword of Sands to get inside.

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Updates from GenevaLatest: Paul Bellow, Aug 25, 2022 at 12:07 PMDebates & DiscussionsHow-To: Get Assigned to LitRPG Author GroupLatest: Paul Bellow, Aug 12, 2022Help FilesAll things related to the Mist Village shipyard and their “navy”Latest: Captain BlackJack, Aug 1, 2022Debates & DiscussionsWhat Spells would you like to see?Latest: Mister Bill, Jul 30, 2022Debates & Discussions

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