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bookmark_borderIs a polyamorous relationship good for your children in Hongkong?

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Polyamory is defined as the process of loving more than one person at once, usually mistaken for an open relationship which is more sexual than polyamory, for example by usage of sex apps in Hongkong.

In reality, polyamorous relationships are different in that there is an agreement from multiple, loving partners. Polyamory is a non-monogamous relationship from a normative relationship as more than a single partner is involved.

According to New York City relationship expert and author Susan Winter, a polyamorous relationship is often “characterized by a primary couple that openly (and with mutual consent) engages with other romantic partners. These sexual liaisons may be enacted as a couple or independently.”

How does it work?

It’s quite hard getting in and maintaining a relationship with just one partner talks more of two- This is why for a polyamorous relationship to be a success, participating members have to be open and honest in regards what they need and want from the relationship.

The boundaries existing in a polyamorous relationship are quite different from that of monogamous ones, but they still exist in forms of defining who is allowed to come into the relationship and issues like how much time partners can spend with each other.

With Children! How?

The concept is a bit different when children are present, and I’d be stating a few Pros and Cons of having children in a polyamorous relationship


More Love

Kids with parent practicing polyamory have been reported to feel more love and have more fun people to be with. The presence of more than one adult may translate to more care and a more robust support system, hanging out becomes more fun and kids can decide who and who not to run to in their time of emotional need and have it catered for by adults with varying personalities.

Varying Interest

With adults with probably different careers, interest, and habits, children in a polyamorous setting have a more extensive range of interest, career, and habits to choose from while growing- This gives them a chance to explore, and then eventually stick to one that fits. In the case where their parents are very conversant children get a more intelligent insight and approach coupled with more problem-solving skills.



As children do not get to choose who their parents stay with, they may be disadvantaged in a wrong choice made by their parent. In the case the parents are in a polyamorous relationship with an abusive individual this may take a significant toll on the life of the child(ren), but this can also be existent in a monogamous relationship. Although it may be more severe as resentment may be between one of the partners and this resentment can be extended to kids who are usually defenseless.

According to a recent study, “The Puzzle of Monogamous Marriage,” the author wrote:

Much empirical work in monogamous societies indicates that higher degrees of relatedness among household members are associated with lower rates of abuse, neglect, and homicide. Living in the same household with genetically unrelated adults is the single most significant risk factor for abuse, neglect, and homicide of children. Stepmothers are 2.4 times more likely to kill their stepchildren than birthmothers, and children living with an unrelated parent are between 15 and 77 times more likely to die ‘’accidentally. (Emphasis mine)

Personality Confusion

Just as having an assortment of personalities to choose from may be a blessing, it might also be otherwise. Children may also get very confused with having to stick to a particular personality and switch as they grow due to the influence of the varying personalities they interacted with on a personal level. While it might be useful to be diverse, a personality disorder may also occur, and that can take a significant toll on the development of such a kid.

It has also been noted, according to Dr. Karen Ruskin that children whose parent are polyamorous tend to:

Put up love barriersSabotage relationshipsBe needy in relationshipsUltra-sensitive

In conclusion, just as good as polyamorous is with the wrong partners, it may be dangerous to children who are in the relationship.

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bookmark_borderSex & Dating For Single Parents (The Pros & Cons) in Singapore

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With the financial, mental, and physical stress that comes with having kids even when married, Single parents are seen to be the most strained as they have no partner to help them with going through life while raising a child (ren). However, according to research, it has been found that single parents enjoy a more social and active sexual life than couples. This goes to say that single-handedly raising a kid should deprive you or isn’t a factor against socializing and having good sex.


You wonder how single parents are getting it more. The research further pointed out that single parents with younger kids have a more active love life than ones with older kids, according to Peter B. Gray, Ph.D., associate professor of anthropology at University of Nevada, Las Vegas this is because they might be more motivated to find a partner at that phase of their life or because some parents have it easier due to the fact that when their kids are younger they have tons of after-school commitments.

Regardless, it’s encouraging to see that the sex and dating lives of single parents as a whole did not differ significantly from single childless adults.

Pros of having a partner or active sex life.

Blowing the steam off

After a long day of running from work to catering for one’s child attending school meetings, and the general ups and downs of life, the need to unwind is usually high and having a partner to spend time with or have mind-blowing sex with may be the right way to blow of the steam and prepare for the next day with heads high up.

Father Figure

Kids are usually in need of a father figure, and for a female single parent having a male lover may get the kid the right attention they need. A great boyfriend would do the job of prepping them for bullies, giving father love and all other sorts of fatherly things and dating may be the right decision not only for mother’s sanity but in the child(ren) ’s interest.

Emotional Stability

As humans, we all have our sad days, and in most cases, we need people to assure us it’s going to be ok, and this is what partners are capable of doing. Being a single parent can take a significant toll on one mental strength at times, to keep going. There’s undoubtedly a need to have a right partner, and maybe sometimes mind-blowing sex will do the trick.


Unavailability to child

In the event of getting love and finding succor in another, parents too are humans and get carried away at times with the love and care; this may lead a single parent into forgetting about their kid and focusing on the love they get. Although this is bound to happen more to a selfish parent, it’s not restricted to them. It’s advised that one knows his/her onions and shouldn’t get carried away with love while forgetting to love and care for the younger one.

Risk of inheriting habits from a spouse

Sometimes becoming a single parent came as a result of being poor at making decisions, while the pregnancy phase and nurturing stage may be strenuous it doesn’t exactly make one wise learning from it is what makes one smart. So generally a single parent that’s poor at making decisions may end up with the wrong partner who may be of the wrongest influence on the child who might still be at the learning phase. Having the wrong people around a child at an early stage rubs off on them entirely for a long time and as such its recommended that someone who makes terrible decisions stays off relationships till they can make better decisions.

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bookmark_borderHealthy Sex Life as Single Mom

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Every woman needs sex, and single moms aren’t exempted. Being horny isn’t out of single mom’s dictionary.

They still crave for sex like any other lady out there. Unfortunately, the stereotype of being a single mom makes them unwilling to do it. They often think of what people will say about them. But who cares? After all, “what happened in the bedroom stays in the bedroom”.

It doesn’t matter if your schedule is busy; with proper planning, you can have a healthy sex life as a single mom. Don’t forget that times are changing; getting a man’s attention isn’t difficult anymore.

You can start by having a profile on popular online dating websites. Examples of such sites are Tinder, eHarmony, Badoo, ChristianMingle, etc

People on these platforms are willing to mingle with you, even if they know you are a single mother. But on your part, try to be honest. Make it known that you are a single mom; this will help you attract the right date.

In the next section, you’re going to learn how you can have sex as a single mom just by using apps. See Dating Insider for more information. Keep reading…

How To Have Sex As A Single Mom

Having sex as a single mom isn’t the same as when you were married or younger. Because when you bring a strange man to your house, it will pose a lot of questions in the minds of your kids.

But when you handle the whole process the right way, your kids will adjust naturally. Below are tips that will guide you when you decide to start having sex as a single mom.

Take Things Slowly

If you decide to date again as a single mom, you must take things slowly; otherwise, you will regret your decision. Don’t make it all about the sex; try to enjoy the social aspect of it.

Try to know your potential sex partner before giving in for it. This will enable you to understand his seriousness, especially if you are desirous of a long term relationship.

During your familiarization period with him, your kids will get to know him. Even though the idea of having a partner may be strange to them, they will eventually get used to it.

Be Honest

Let whoever you are meeting, know your actual family situation. But if a man changes his mind about dating you, because you have a family, he is undoubtedly not the right person to be with.

Be Clear About Your Relationship Priorities

Always bear in mind that your relationship has three characters; yourself, your man, and your kids. But your kids must top the priority list.

Never make your date comes first. It doesn’t matter if the relationship has long term potential; your kids must come first.

But if your date wants you to put him first, it could be a sign that he wants to take advantage of you. He could be looking for a quick one night stand. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the type of relationship you want.

Keep Your Kids Out Of the Loop If You Can

Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t mean you should be secretive about your date. But ensure that your new relationship isn’t affecting any aspect of your children’s life. This is important if they experienced what you underwent during the time you were with your ex.

Be Strategic About Your Date Timing

The timing of your date is also essential. If you want to have sex, you should decide the time and place. I wouldn’t advise you to bring someone you just met home. It isn’t a good idea.

But if you don’t have any other option, you can bring him home. It should be when your kids aren’t around.

Final Words

Never feel guilty about your desire to have sex. You have the right to have a healthy sex life. But never compromise your kids’ happiness for it. In other words, try to strike a balance.

Was this article helpful? Kindly share with your friends on social media and don’t forget to drop a comment below if you have any question.

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bookmark_borderFrom Dating App To Marriage

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Meeting Stephie on tinder wasn’t a wrong decision; after all, I’ve had several dates on the platform.

One time I went on a date with a gothic chick who thought all her lovers should have some weird gothic ritual. Crazy huh?

When it comes to dating and Finding lovers online, I had a swell time. But like I said, I have Stephie now, and I couldn’t be happier.

How Stephie and I started our relationship still puzzled me. When we started chatting, I thought she was one of those unserious ladies on apps online.

Her tinder profile created an impression that she isn’t my type of lady. To me, she was some random unserious crazy girl. But I just decided to give us a chance. And that decision changed my love life forever.

After chatting online for a few months, we decided to meet each other. Of course, I never knew Stephie would turn out to be someone beyond my exception.

Our first meeting changed everything. She was so homely, intelligent, and friendly. She knew a whole lot of things and seemed to be the ideal lady I needed in my life.

That was the day I knew it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover. If I were to conclude based on the pictures she shared on tinder, I wouldn’t be with such an amazing woman.

We grew fond of each other and spent more time together. And our affection for each other grew stronger every day.

We were always chatting, calling, messaging, etc. After a while, I soon discovered that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Do you know that feeling of wanting to see more of someone every time? That was how I felt.

Sometimes, when I spent the whole day with her, I still missed her the moment she left my house. And this was the same way she felt about me. We were just like teenagers in love.

On my 27th birthday, I decided to take the relationship to the next level, a decision that changed my love life for good.

Few days to my birthday, I made up my life to take the big step in my relationship with Stephie. This was after she met my parents, and they were so fond of her.

A day to my 27th birthday, I sat down and had a deep thought. I knew I had almost everything but Stephie. And I decided to make her a constant in my love equation.

We were by the beachside when I engaged her. I could see the joy all over her face after the engagement. And we got married after a few months.

Ever since then, our love life has been remarkable. Of course, we had our challenges, but we always sort things out ourselves.

However, when we started having kids, things were rough for us. We weren’t able to sustain that romance in our relationship.

The distractions were much, and we had little or no time for ourselves. We were living like strangers.

But we realized that we were getting afar from each other. And we were able to tackle the challenges. Today, our love life is as romantic as ever, despite having two awesome kids.

From my experience, I know raising children affects a romantic relationship. It doesn’t matter how much you love your partner. When you start having children in marriage, your burning flame of romance may quench, except you guys recognize it on time.

In the next section, I’m going to discuss the challenges of a romantic relationship when raising kids.

Challenges Of A Romantic Relationship When Raising Kids

Starting a family is great. It gives a sense of joy to see your kids running around the home. But sometimes, raising kids could affect your romantic relationship with your partner.

I’m not discouraging you from starting a family. It’s far from it. But I’m trying to prepare your mind. Our marriage suffered when we were raising our first son, David.

Stephie and I were getting distanced. It broke my heart that our son got all the attention, while I struggle to get it. But we were able to sort things out ourselves. And today, raising kids now make our relationship stronger.

Below are some of the challenges your relationship may face when raising kids.

#1. Your Partner Gives All The Attention To The Kids

When you start raising kids, you will not get much of your partner’s attention. She gives more than 55% of her time to the kids, and you may not be able to spend much time together again.

Your once romantic moment together may become a fancy memory because the chances of having such amazing moments together are slim.

But you don’t have to blame her. She is trying to fit into her new lifestyle of being a mother. The best way to get her attention is to always be with her when she attends to the kids. This way, you will be creating more bonds with each other.

#2. You May Not Nurture The Relationship As It Was

When you start having children, both of you may not have the time to nurture your relationship. Even if you want to, your new responsibility as parents may distract you.

Do you still remember the early days in your relationship? I mean those days when your partner would rest on your chest to tell you how her day went.

She may not be able to do that when you guys are raising kids. This doesn’t mean that her love for you has reduced. But the new responsibility of raising kids is now your priority.

#3. It May Takes Weeks Before You Have Sex

I know the thought of not having sex for weeks breaks your heart. But its the reality you will face. Sex will not be a priority on your list anymore. If you need instant action, use sex apps for satisfaction. You can find an overview on Dating Insider NZ.

Your sex life will be temporarily inactive. To start with, you have to wait for several weeks before having sex when your partner gives birth to a baby.

And she will probably be tired when you are in the mood, vice versa. It’s a terrible challenge. If you love sex as I do, you will understand how frustrating it was. But we found our way around it.

#4. Your Partner Will Love Your Baby More Than You

It’s normal; your wife will love your kids more than you. She will want to be with them all the time while leaving you to yourself. This is a major challenge romantic relationships face when raising kids.

When we had our first son, Stephie, was so distant from me. All she wanted to do was to be around our child. I felt terrible about it.

But I had a heart to heart conversation with her. I made her understood how I felt about the whole thing. She came to her senses and apologized. That was how I started getting parts of her love again.

Final Words

Being in a relationship is great. It gives endless joy when someone loves you unconditionally. But it sometimes your romance and love life may dwindle when you start raising kids.

Most relationships experience this, but how you manage, it matters a lot. In my opinion, communication is the key.

Whenever you think your relationship isn’t as romantic as it used to be, try to talk about it with your partner. This is the easiest way to lubricate your love life when raising kids.

Was this article helpful? Kindly share with your friends on social media and don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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bookmark_borderOpen Relationship & Raising Kids in Australia

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If you are in a polyamorous relationship, raising kids is quite a handful. There are different factors in play when it comes to managing their tender emotions on the subjects.

An uncarefully handled situation could be detrimental to the development of your kids, read on to find out some critical issues parents in an open relationship and having a hookup here and then face while raising kids (not just in Australia).

Does being in an open relationship have effects on raising children?

The family unit has since seized to be what the 60s used to be. The old fashioned conformity has stopped to be the definition of a family unit.

Before now, couples were expected to be, mutually exclusive to one another, but nowadays, most modern families come with a different structure.

Most modern families have complexities; one of such is where parents are in an open relationship. And the kids are now aware of the fact the mom/dad has a boyfriend/girlfriend and that both parents are cool with it.

However, as sensitive members of the family, a high tendency lies that they may not understand what this means and where they fall in the picture. Below are the most common effects of raising children while in an open relationship.

1. The Possibility of emotional stress on the children

Most parents fail to understand that having a new partner aside from the co-parent impacts a lot on child development, thus increasing their emotional stress level.

2. Effects of Peer stigmatization

Obviously, at some point, one of your kids will have to feel you being in an open relationship will make him look bad in the eyes of his peers. Because society hasn’t fully gotten a grasp of what open marriage is all about, they get reactions such as,” that’s so weird”, making your child feel bad.

3. Emotional Instability

According to Dr Karen Ruskin, a marriage and family therapist, “As children age and these significant adult figures in their life come and go (due to adult breakups with one’s polyamorous partner/partners), children don’t feel so loved, they no longer feel stable nor at peace. What do they feel? They feel abandoned! They feel rejected! Children who feel abandoned and rejected are emotionally wounded, hurt, and in turn feel unworthy of love”.

Parents have to guide their kids on all they need to know about life and relationships, be it as complex as it seems; here are a few tips to raising children while in an open relationship:

1. Be entirely honest to your children

According to Margaret E. Jacobsen in her Romper series states that “depending on the age of your child/children, being honest in an open relationship shows them that they can be entirely trusting of you”. Honesty to your children helps them see what love can be, different from the definitions of society.

Similar, to help your kids adapt to the changes in your love life, you need to help them understand the path you’ve chosen. This act will go a long way to strengthen your relationship.

2. Be dependable

Most parents in open relationships learnt the hard way. Kids react to your attitude and responses differently. Their needs must come as a priority before your emotional attachments, and this is because most kids interpret “maybe” as “yes,” so it’s better to say “no” if you’re not sure that you can follow through.

Why is this point important, being dependable means you are disciplined and trust me kids can only understand, love and respect parents who exhibit a high level of discipline and dependability.

3. Be present

You don’t have to miss out of significant activities in your kid’s life all because you have the liberty to date more and have fun. When they say, “Dad, I want to spend this time with you. Come look at this project I’m doing.” Please be there for your child.

4. Select partners that understand parenting

Not everyone understands what is required to raise a child. Hence, go for partners that recognize the position of your kids in your life, and is willing to help out in their upbringing.

Selecting a partner isn’t that difficult anymore.  Recent dating and sex app is a current source of selecting partners while in an open relationship. And because there is an extensive database of possible dates, you find it very easy to choose through various people until you find someone that suits both you and your kids.

5. Hear them out

Most times, children have complaints and worries about you or your partner. As silly as they may sound, never overlook their grievances. It assures them that they still have your attention even though a new person is in your life.

To sum it up, parenting and having an open relationship is complicated, hence it takes a lot of patience, understands and immense love to balance both.

If you find this article very helpful, please drop your comments below.

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bookmark_border4 Success Factors for a polyamorous relationship in India

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Polyamorous relationship, as the name suggests, is a romantic relationship involving more than two persons. Just as anything “poly” tends to be more complicated than it’s “mono” counterpart, having a relationship with more than one person would come with a lot of stress. Think about it, having a boyfriend/girlfriend is hard work already, then imagine if there were two or three of them. How do you cope with that?

Irrespective of how a lot of people feel about polyamory, a lot of people are curious and wish to explore it. However, before embarking on a polyamory relationship, there are core factors necessary to maintain respect and mutual understanding between you and the partners involved.

1. Understand what polyamory is all about in India

Most books on polyamorous relationships will tell you it’s best to balance affection between your partner, make equal time and other stuff, mostly stressing on equality. However, none addresses the main issue, which is: being poly is not something you are forced into.

Most people disguise their perverted intentions behind the mask of polyamory to coerce, guilt-trip and threaten others, into non-conscientious relationships. There’s a very thin line between polyamory and abuse which is why you’ve got to make this clear with your partner from the onset.

In light of this, once your partner uses any form of threat to get you into doing this, you’re not comfortable with, then it’s time to go. Remember you own your life and body at all times.

2. Define your boundaries

Most polyamorous result in conflict when cheating comes in play and boundaries are not respected. Irrespective of what mainstream media and the tabloid can say. Free sex, also in polyamory, cheating is defined as dishonesty or going to a new lover who one partner doesn’t feel comfortable with.

Before going into a polyamorous relationship, it’s essential to have a good discussion with your partner, defining the boundaries and setting guidelines to Forster an honest relationship. A few steps to take to ensure boundaries are defined, respected, and a mutual relationship is achieved include:

•    Have interaction with your partner’s other partners and let them know your limits. So you can enjoy free sex.

•    Always use protection when with any partner to prevent STDs.

•    Have a safeword to help keep your partners in check against exceeding your boundaries.

3.  Ask questions and speak freely about your needs

The ability to communicate your feelings to your partners is the bedrock to having a lasting polyamorous relationship. Most times, polyamorous relationships hit the rocks because one partner harbours hurt, desires and resentments, which they haven’t come out freely to express.

Talk things out. Endeavour to relate to your partner’s partners. The more you discuss your needs, the fewer problems there will be.

4. Be discrete

Not everyone deserves to know you are poly. This is one of the smartest poly dating tips to keep you happy in your relationships. People are very judgemental, uncaring and meddlesome; hence keeping some details to yourself is the best resort.

In all honesty, most polyamorous relationships have packed because of what people said and thought of the couples. If you cannot handle the negative comments, then don’t give people a reason to.

Lastly, polyamorous relationships need more than these four points to succeed. A more significant commitment between the involved parties, coupled with mutual understanding is part of what is required. Where to find the right partner in India? You can fin loads of reviews here.

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bookmark_borderCasual Sex while pregnant?

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Most pregnant women always ask the question “is casual sex safe for pregnant women”? It’s a common question that is begging for answer.

Don’t forget that pregnancy is a very sensitive period in the life of any woman undergoing the stage. And having sex during pregnancy doesn’t affect the development of the fetus, it’s very safe.

There are different situations that may necessitate having casual sex while you are pregnant. It could be that your husband divorced during the first week of your pregnancy, got pregnant out of wedlock or the person who impregnated you is dead.

In situation like this, casual sex is necessary to balance the pregnancy hormones in your body. Trust me, pregnant women are always horny. If you have undergone that process before, you will understand what I mean. Having casual sex can help to satisfy your unquenchable sexual urges during pregnancy.

I have mind blowing stories of women who gave account of their casual sexcapades during pregnancy. Some even confessed to the thrill and excitements casual sex brings to pregnancy journey. You see, the adventure is never ending (

I know by now you are fantasizing on the idea of casual sex during pregnancy. It’s actually great, but don’t forget that you most play it safe and healthy. So, before you satisfy your urge for casual sex, keep the following things in mind.

1. Look out for understanding partners

Hey you’re already pregnant with the bump, the last thing you need is someone fussing because you aren’t slender like a runway model. Your body is changing and so are your moods, trust me you don’t need to feel sad for any reason.

2. Keep it very exciting

This applies not only to your partner(s) but also to your own personal experience. Don’t restrict yourself when engaging in casual sex that why it’s called casual, you get to explore. If you want to have a fling and there isn’t any partner, why not try the numerous dating apps and sex dating apps available.

On the other hand, during the affair, always keep things exciting, try out several positions that you feel comfortable for you. Do not be afraid to express yourself and let your partner know how you feel.

3. Play it safe

Do not forget that pregnant women can also contact STDs, which is why you have to always have safe and protected sex. Having casual sex is no ticket to recklessness, always put your health and safety ahead whatever desires take hold of you.

4. It’s okay if develop feelings

Sometimes something casual could turn into something great and amazing, we’ve all seen the movie’ friends with benefits’. There is no need feeling awkward about it, feel free to express your feelings and know how your partner reacts to it.

5. Keep to yourself

Obviously some people will judge your decision of having casual sex, this is why you need to keep your affair totally to yourself. You have the right to do whatever you like with your body.

To cap it up, pregnancy is beautiful so is sex, being pregnant is not a restriction to living your life. If you have been having sexual urges feel free to follow my above stated guides to have the best pregnancy experience ever.

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