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Product Recall


Bottle fillers and water coolers manufactured between May 2 and June 22, 2017.

What will my serial number and model information look like?

Your unit should have at least one of the tag versions shown below including the serial and model information. Please locate the information shown outlined in red for the type of tag on your unit.

Learn How to Locate the Serial Number

Elkay is recalling certain water coolers and bottle fillers, sold under the Elkay and Halsey Taylor brand names, that were manufactured between May 2 and June 22, 2017. These units may pose a shock hazard related to the potential breakage of internal grounding screws.

Remedy: Repair by replacing potentially defective screws.

First Step: Check Your Unit's Serial Number

Owners of units received after May 2, 2017 should check the serial numbers using the search tool below. Impacted serial numbers will all start with the first two digits “17”; the third and fourth digits will be either “04”, “05”, or “06”. If your serial number begins with these four digits, you should continue to check the full serial using the check my serial number button below. To find out how to locate the serial number, refer to the the "How to Find Serial Number" document.

*Note – serial numbers are 9 digits – all numerical (EX: 170523456)

To identify whether your unit is affected, enter up to 10 serial numbers in the field below, then click Check my serial numbers. You may re-use this search tool as many times as necessary if you have more than 10 serial numbers to check.

Check my serial numbers

Please unplug the units until repairs can be scheduled. Fill out the form below, and an Elkay representative will be in touch shortly to arrange repair. Should you have questions, please contact Elkay at 800-260-6640 or

Check More Serial Numbers

Please provide your contact information below. If any serial numbers are noted above as needing repair, one of our team members will reach out shortly to discuss options.

Repair involves replacing the unit’s grounding screws. Elkay will send a free repair kit to the owner of impacted units, including replacement screws and instructions that will allow them to replace the potentially defective screws. If the owner is unable to make the repair, Elkay will send out a technician, at Elkay’s expense, to repair the unit(s) at the unit’s location.

NEXT STEPS: If your units are included in the recall, please unplug the units until a repair can be arranged.

If you have questions, please contact us at 800-260-6640 or

Thank you for submitting your information. An Elkay team member will be in touch shortly to arrange repair.
Please unplug the units until repair is complete.
Click here for additional information about the potential safety hazard.

Check More Serial Numbers

Potential Safety Hazard

As part of Elkay’s standard quality audit process, we discovered a small number of broken screws which are used to secure the grounding wire to the power cord and, in some models, a second grounding wire at the solenoid. We have determined that the screws may have experienced a metallurgical condition called hydrogen embrittlement, which could cause the screws to break. If a screw were to break from this condition, the grounding wire may come loose and the unit will no longer be grounded. Although unlikely, if a unit is not grounded and a separate, unrelated issue arises involving the electrical components, the unit could pose a shock hazard. Elkay has contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding this issue.
PLEASE UNPLUG THE UNIT(S) until a repair can be made.


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