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Welcome to the.. (Oh...it ever! )Abstract Concrete Works? No doubt you've already ponderedthat. Don't worry about the anecdote of Fats Waller and theSociety Dame who asked him, "Mr. Waller, what is jazz,exactly?" and to whom he replied, "Lady, if you hafta ask, you ain't nevergonna know!" That's relatively irrelevant here. AbstractConcreteWorks.com is a verylong domain name (when I registered it you couldn't get alonger one), and I tried fornearly a year to stop thinking of it, but it kept popping back into myhead, so finallyI gave in and registered it. Abstract Concrete Works.Parseit: Is "Abstract" a noun, a verb, or an adjective? Yes--allthree. Is "Concrete" a noun? Yes. (But it may also bea verb. Or an adjective.) And "Works"--is it a noun or averb? Uh-huh. Put them all back together again and youhave--well, you can't just state it in a simple declarative sentence. Whatever Abstract Concrete Works is,it does appear at first to be self-contradictory. But I don'tthink it's an oxymoron. It's more an enactment of "synergy" andsomething like what Bucky Fuller had in mind with his term"dymaxion." Here's a definition of sorts. (By the way,Fuller once declared, "I seem to be a verb." I won't trouble youwith a parsing of that--what "seem" means, and all, which wouldhave to include an explication of what Hamlet says to his mommie:"Seem, lady, nay, I know not seem," and why.) Does that help? Just put itall into the right side of your brain, let it go for a while, and thenwhat oozes over to the left side, where the language stuff is. If you'd like to write me aboutit-- (Sorry--I've been getting alot of SPAM. Please type it into the "To:" line of an emailmessage.) Seen enough of this? Here's Don Maxwell's Home Page. The fanfare you may have heard whenyou got here is attributedto Henry VIII of England. Play itagain if you like. It shouldsound like abrass choir.

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