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ALBANY EASTERN NEW YORK GENEALOGY CliffLamere Albany, NYAbout this websiteThis website contains over 1300 links and ABOUT 175 webpages.It is a catalog (index) of many of the local records and genealogical aids availableonline. Its geographical focus is Albany, NY and surrounding counties (Albany, Columbia,Rensselaer, Greene, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Montgomery, and a smallamount of Herkimer. Also there is a bit of Berkshire Co., MA, the westernpart of which was considered to be in NY at one time).Thelinks are most completefor the counties of Albany, Columbia, and Rensselaer. On this website, ifa link leads to information for more than one county, Iusually haveplaced it in the category of New York State. You should not ignore thatcategory. I usecurrent borders when assigning a link to a particular county.Aftereach link on this website, I list one of the following in parentheses: the transcriber of the records, the author ofthe article, the site owner, or the site sponsor. I prefer to cite the person who transcribed orcomputerized the records if I can tell who it is. Thelinks on this website bypass the home page of most other sites. Otherwise, you would haveto spend too much time looking for the records which my links will take you todirectly. If the webpage that you are visiting has an option such asHome, you should take time to explore that site for valuable additionalinformation (I do not attempt to includeevery webpage on every local genealogical website). If a smiley face precedes alink to a webpage, that webpage was posted by me andwill be included in the results of this site's search engine. For and items, a date at the end ofthe entry will show when it was added to this website, or when it was updated last.Thiswebsite was put online in Aug 2000 as a single webpage. As the websitegrew, thehome page was divided into three parts in Aug 2003. In Feb 2007, it was divided intomany smaller pages that will be more convenient for dial-up users.________________________________________________________________SEARCHENGINESSearchengines are provided by many NYGenWeb or RootsWeb sites. Before looking through 30cemeteries on a county website, check tosee if the site has a search engine. Be aware, however, of the followingproblems.1)For many reasons, search results can be very unreliable.Read my webpage UnderstandingWebsite Search Engines .2)Search engines onlysearch through records physically on a website. For example, links on this site maytake you to other websites, but my search engine cannot search the records onthose other websites. You will find a smiley face image at the left of all linksthat will take you to one of my own webpages. Those are the only webpagesthat can be searched by my search engine.Sincesearch engines can miss a lot of data that is present on the website, it wouldbe wise to look around each website. You may uncover things that thesearch engine missed. For example, as you know, you can't copy and paste text thatis on an image (.jpg, .gif, etc.). Search engines can't read that text either, so that text can't be included in search results. As an example, somewebsites have maps which show the locations of houses andshow the names of the property owners, which the search engine can't read. My website has several of these maps, but a list of all of the names of property owners on each is also provided so that my site search engine can include those names in the search results.________________________________________________________________Reportingproblems or suggesting new linksTo reportproblems on this websiteclickhere. Please do not write for genealogical advice.I am very busy with my own research. I suggest that you subscribe to a mailing listand ask your questions there.Some thingscan only be done locally. If you cannot do that, then consult the list of localresearchers that I have posted.________________________________________________________________ErrorsPleasebe aware that transcription and typing errors are not uncommon on webpages thatyou visit. Wheneverpossible, you should check important data in non-internet sources, or ininternet images of those sources.TABLEOF CONTENTS(Broken links were repaired June 2016 for sections of Records whose titles are followed by *** in the table below.)RECORDS CHURCHES PASTORS (lists of churches, their histories, pastor information, etc.) CEMETERIES (lists of cemeteries; tombstone graphics and abbreviations, etc.)(for this website only)Thissearch engine will search about 175 webpages on this website. If youfollow a link to another website, this search engine cannot search thatwebsite.Search engines give you quickresults, but in reality they miss more than theyfind. Greatly increase your odds of success by understanding search engines and howto improve the effectiveness of your searches. Read my webpage, UnderstandingWebsite Search Engines The FreeFind search engine below was installed June 9, 2016. The Advanced Search increases the likelihood that you will find that for which you are looking. Visitorsto this home page since 14 Aug 2000 Lookat my webpage of USFlags.______________________________________________________MYWEBSITES1)Albany Eastern New York Genealogy2)GrandpaCliff's Science Website for Teenagers - Although written for teenagers,it is also quite suitable foradults. Begun in Oct 2005 for my grandchildren who were studying treeswith me, the webpages use many photos and give detailed, easy-to-understand explanations oftopics in Science.3)Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Bandplaying dixieland and traditional jazz in the Albany, NY area since 1956. There aremore than 50 webpages of photos of the band and its members.4) Bethlehem Central School District - Delmar, NY - where I taught science for 23 years.5)Choir of Albany ReformedChurch - Includes photos of social gatherings and a catalog of this Albany,NY church's anthems (where to hear them on the internet, how to learned thevoice parts, church season when each is sung, etc.). You can hear thechoir sing, listen to part of a recital of one member, read a spoof of afictitious recital of another, and more.______________________________________________________[The wild Rose at the top of this page is the StateFlower of New York State.]Thisgenealogy website first went online14 Aug 2000

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