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Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills Bishop - Owens River Gorge, Buttermilks, and Volcanic Tablelands Rhyolite - Ghost Town and the Goldwell Open Air Museum June Lake Mono Lake - Panum Crater and Black Point Fissures Lundy Canyon Travertine Hot Spring Buckeye Hot Spring Salt Point State Park ???? Lolo's Extreme is a place for adventurous families to explore ideas for their own RV road trip travels across the USA and Canada. Do it now, before the kids don't want to travel with you anymore! Cross Country RV Road Trip Planner - Plan Your Route!!Crossed the country 12 times in 19 years, covering 114,000 miles in our Lazy Daze motorhome Traveled through 49 states and 10 Canadian Provinces Visited 61 National Parks and over 50 State Parks Hiked, mountain biked, fished, and rafted in some of the most beautiful places in North AmericaMade enough memories to last 4 lifetimes!Contents of this 1000 + page site include... Index of Cross Country, East Coast, and West Coast TripsBest Cross Country Driving Routes and Itineraries - with stops and mileages for each tripTravelogues - our personal experiences at each stopOverview Map - of the USA and Canada with push pin links to each stop we've been toActivities - that we have done (such as hikes, mountain biking, etc.)Best Cross Country Travel Books - references we've used in planning our trips Photographs Videos - of the various places we've visited Motorhome Rentals - Why and How you can rent a motorhome of your ownTop Highlights - places and activities not to be missedTips - to maximize your travel experienceJune 2021 - "Post Pandemic?" UpdateFortunately, our family and friends have all survived the Pandemic of 2020 in good health.While all our travel plans for 2020 had to be cancelled, and Tommy's scheduled September wedding postponed a year to 2021 we are grateful that things were not worse, and that we now have an heightened appreciation for the freedom to travel that we previously would have taken for granted.Another dubious milestone was achieved as Lorry and I turned 65, and are now on Medicare. It's hard to believe that it has been over 21 years since we picked up our new 1999 27’ Mid-Bath Lazy Daze from the manufacturer in Pomona, CA. Sometimes I’m not sure who has weathered the years better, Lorry and I, or our Lazy Daze.Our boys, who were 8 and 10 years old when we started our journeys have grown up as well. Andrew is now married and living in the eastern Sierra, Tommy is in San Francisco with his fiancée, and both have converted their Dodge Promaster Cargo Vans into custom campers for themselves. Everyone is dedicated to rock climbing, other active outdoor pursuits, and both boys have motorcycles as well. Even today we share outdoor time together whenever possible albeit in 3 separate campers.Despite the lockdown, Lolo and I found a way in the past few years to continue our travels to a variety of destinations and in multiple travel modes.In July of 2020, we took a road trip to the Eastern Sierra to visit Andrew and Tommy in Bishop and reunite for the first time as a family. We took the 4Runner and did some off-roading as well on White Mountain and Mono Lake.Early September of 2020 found us returning to Lake Powell in Utah with our 20" Grady White boat for a week of "social distancing" by camping in the coves of my favorite western lake.The Lazy Daze was getting lonely from lack of use, so we took a trip to Yosemite Valley in mid-November.With the new year, and fully vaccinated Lorry and I took the 4Runner for a trip down the California Coast, and then over to the deserts of Anza Borrego and Death Valley before reuniting with our son in Bishop.Finally, in May of '21, we took the 4Runner for a few weeks to Utah Off-Roading which in this case, included 2 nights camping on the "White Rim Trail" in Canyonlands National Park. Lorry had been lucky to get a few campsite cancellations for this trip that had been on my bucket list since we first visited this park in 1999.So, as the years seem to fly by, we will continue to try and fill them with travel adventures in whatever style best suits the destination.On a personal note... something that this website has given our entire family that was not part of the original goal is an awareness of how documenting one's travels will both preserve and enhance your appreciation of the experience, for years after the trip was taken. I am regularly amazed at how little of our previous travels we can recall, unless they were preserved with photos, videos, and hopefully a compelling narrative. While it might initially seem a bit of bother to pose the family photos or stage a video shoot, the value of these moments seems to grow exponentially with the passage of time. This is especially true when the subjects include children that rapidly evolve into adolescents and adults with the passing of every year.Finally, if anyone is reading this, we would love to hear from you, especially if you are planning your own road trip adventure. Comments from experienced travelers on each of the stops are also greatly appreciated. We plan on revisiting many of our favorite locations, and if you could add a bit of local knowledge beyond that which we have already included, it would help us to continue our explorations.A word of warning This mode of travel is not for everyone. Some of the daily mileages are well above what many would consider recreational, and the pace of activities could be described as frenetic, so you might want to add a few days or remove a few stops to make your trip more relaxing. Still if you like..Exploring natural wonders Being physically active - hiking, biking, swimming, etc.Getting away from the crowds Bonding with your offspring or significant other then you might find something of use in this site. Check out the routes we traveled by hovering your mouse over the year links on the map, and then select one that might be of interest. From that trip's itinerary, select a place of interest.Go to About to learn more about our setup and who we are. Thanks for visiting!!Herb

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Travel Cross the USA with Herbert Gaidus and Family in a Lazy Daze Motorhome with Kids. Visit 49 states, most of the National Parks and key outdoor attractions along the way.

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